My husband's really tall Will he fit?

My husband's really tall Will he fit?

My husband is 6'6". He doesn't need to drive (tee-hee!), but it would be nice if he could ride with me. He's slim, so that's not an issue. If not, can the car be retrofit for a big guy?

Timo | 9 september 2010

Roadster is small. That big fellow will have a difficult time to get into that car, but I believe that after he has managed to fold himself there he can fit there. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear did and he is 6'6" tall. At least with roof off.

dsm363 | 10 september 2010

This may help

Shows a tall Tesla employee getting into a Roadster.

rugbymonk | 11 september 2010

My brother is 6'6" and he had no problem as a passenger or a driver in my roadster. He could totally function, see clearly, stretch his legs, etc. (P.S. He really wants one now, too.)

Earl and Nagin ... | 11 september 2010

My father and I are both 6'4" and can fit comfortably in the Roadster. It is a bit of a stretch getting in and out but quite doable. I've driven long 400 mile days in it.
A not particularly flexible, 6'6" friend of mine does have problems getting into a driving position and a 6'9 person rode in the passenger seat once but didn't appear to have a chance of squeezing behind the wheel.

Phil-206L3 | 13 september 2010

I'm 6"1 and fold the top back to get in. Once in, it's very comfortable. Oppening and closing the top while inside is not hard once you get the knack of doing it.
Of course, without the top, weather permitting, it's no problem.
I doubt that I could use the car if I had bought the hardtop.

ggr | 14 september 2010

My wife keeps joking that she'll make a "Yoga for Tesla Owners" video. But seriously, I'm also 6'1", and find that once you develop a knack for it there's no trouble. (I'm 55 and not very flexible any more either...) I do use the hardtop in winter.


Rrroger | 6 december 2010

The tall person youtube video above, seems to make it become very easy after a few practice tries, to develope a routine, just like everything else in life, we get it right after awhile!

PhilipM | 27 januar 2011

I actually find that once you are in the car, the hardtop provides a bit more headroom than the soft-top.

Dragon | 28 januar 2011

I am 6"3 tall and had minor problems of visibility of the street. A problem is, I can't see the speedometer. No space issues, there is enough leg- and headroom.

Jfields | 14 november 2012

Your husband will fit in perfectly. And that is a great video @dsm363, it really shows lots of ways to get into the vehicle. I love my Tesla, I bought this car because I wanted to contribute to the environment but also I wanted a higher end vehicle. It is great that you are purchasing this vehicle as opposed to vehicles that require petroleum. This car won't let you down, I have had my Tesla Roadster for 2 years now, truly a driving experience.

Brian H | 14 november 2012

No, he will need to have a few vertebrae removed. Fairly cheap in Mexico.

bigbill | 19 november 2012

I'm 6'7" and I do fit into my Roadster, albeit just barely. I have found it far more comfortable to take my shoes off so my feet fit in the deep but very narrow footwell.
I don't normally pop the top to get in and out, but it's essential at the drive up espresso!
I think the hard top has just slightly less head room. The soft top can be pushed up a bit to stretch out for a moment on a long drive. I really wonder what that looks like from outside.
It's also possible to bend up 2 new stays just slightly longer to get a little more headroom.
The biggest problem is the steering wheel. It's way too low, and there's no way to adjust it. Makes getting in and out far more difficult than it needs to be, and I can't see the speedo without bending down. I use the digital speedo on the touchscreen a lot!
I used to be asked "How tall are you?" a LOT. Now it's always "How do you get in that tiny little car?"
Butt first!

Alex K | 19 november 2012

@bigbill | NOVEMBER 19, 2012: The soft top can be pushed up a bit to stretch out for a moment on a long drive.

Aren't you concerned if you were to have a rollover accident?

bigbill | 20 november 2012

The soft top can be pushed up a bit to stretch out for a moment on a long drive.

Aren't you concerned if you were to have a rollover accident?

If I were to stay that way, yes, but not if it's just for a moment.