My tesla won't charge at all!!

My tesla won't charge at all!!

After updating to 4.3 my car will not charge at all. Not with my high powered wall charger or my mobile charging connector. Needless to say this leaves my car virtually unusable. I have alerted the Chicago service center but they tell me because I alerted them on Saturday that it will be at least Monday until they try an resolve the issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have 65 miles left on my battery range which is not even enough to get to the service center and back. Help!

Brian H | 17 marts 2013

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amirm | 17 marts 2013

Had same problem. tesla send someone who found out charging cable was faulty and replaced it.

alfafoxtrot1 | 17 marts 2013

Rich28 - check out my post on the TMC site about passing on a virus. We have 3 cars that won't charge all in Deerfield, all soon after downloading 4.3.

pk1589 | 19 marts 2013

Same problem with my car. Tried with a different cable and port but same result :( I have a ticket open for Chicago service center.

jat | 19 marts 2013

@alfafoxtrot1 -

Oaktowner | 19 marts 2013

@jat: +1

shanahan | 20 marts 2013

My car had faulty charger. Luckily, this was discovered when I had just returned home from a road trip. I needed to get it towed to the newest service center and got it back a week later. Apparently, it ran out of power completely in the shop, so the techs couldn't do anything with it until a replacement was installed and they could turn the car on to look at it and also fix a few other issues it had. No details yet on what happened with it, but I'm waiting.

pk1589 | 20 marts 2013

Still waiting for a fix for V 4.3 charging problem. Hope they have a fix by this weekend. The car only charges when plugged in for more than 4hrs at a time. Service team is nice and helpful but they are at the mercy of CA software guys.

This begs the question for service plan. Its a must buy for the early adopter as these things are going to happen again. Would something like this be a service issue or would be covered under the standard coverage? Tesla should offer the service plan for free to the early adopters...Hope George is reading this...

Carefree | 20 marts 2013

Free isn't going to happen. But this would be a warranty issue I would think.

richb28 | 21 marts 2013

Just to bring this to completion. Some problem with 4.3 was found and today I downloaded the patch and all is well. Thanks to Chris in Chicago service center who went above and beyond and my fellow tesla owners who constructed a test to identify the problem.

riceuguy | 21 marts 2013

It sounds like the latest patch is indeed the solution to this mysterious charging issue...

RonaldA | 26 marts 2013

They teach medical students to never be the first or last person to prescribe a particular drug. The same could be said here for software updates. Let it age a little before downloading. Download no upgrade vbefore its time


santoshgor | 19 juli 2019

Recently when I tried to charge my Tesla Model 3. Charging brick turn red and after resting it is staying green for few second and goes back to red. Can anyone help please. What you think causing the problem?

steveg1701 | 19 juli 2019

you have resurrected a very old thread! How about a bit more information, charging at home or SC? if at home, what kind of setup? if at SC have you tried a different stall?

TranzNDance | 19 juli 2019

@santoshgor, You probably didn't realize this was the Model S forum. Check out or contact Tesla through your account.

Mathew98 | 19 juli 2019

There's been a slew of so called errand users who resurrected 5+ years old threads and never came back after a single post. Troll time?

TranzNDance | 19 juli 2019

Or they expected to get notified of responses to their threads, and didn't expect to have to re-visit and search for the thread?