Need advice on planning road trip: Orange County to Fresno

Need advice on planning road trip: Orange County to Fresno

Model S, 60 kw, 2 adults/1 child

How should I go about this as far as charging and where?

TFMethane | 27 juni 2013

Just make sure you charge to max range at hawthorne, drive straight to the lebec supercharger (don't go 80mph over the grapevine), then go straight to fresno on the 99. (only 137 miles from lebec supercharger).

Check out (and their smartphone app) for chargers in Fresno. My guess is you might have to take your universal mobile connector and your Nema 14-50 adapter with you and charge at a mobile home park in Fres-yes. Be sure to charge to max range everywhere. Recognize that even supercharging slows down as your battery gets near full charge, so budget more than 30 min at the superchargers.

Gas suxx | 27 juni 2013

@TFmethane: do you think I'll make it the 137 miles to Fresno in 1 charge? Kind of nervous since people are saying that sometimes the range isn't exactly accurate depending on external factors

drgrantwilliams | 27 juni 2013

As you have less range with the 60 kw battery, you have to be more careful about range. The hawthorne station is usually available, and I have charged there. quickly make sure it is charging as one of the stations did not work for me, and I had to move. There is a Chipotle, frozen yogurt place, and a starbucks really close to the supercharger station at Lebec. Again, I did not have it plugged in properly for the first 20 minutes I was there, so make sure your car is charging before you take off to wander around. If you have difficulty with finding a charging station, I had a 14-50 installed at my mother's house near belmont and clovis avenue, and she'd be happy to let you charge for several hours so that you could make it back to lebec. I should ask her if she is willing to be listed as she has solar power, but is retired with a limited income... a few bucks would help her to cover costs. Use recorgo also as there are several charging stations at hotels, and other locations in town... usually 30 amp stations that are a bit slower at 20 Miles per hour charging. If you want to have a near full charge when you get to Fresno, you could head up the 5 instead of the 99, and there is a supercharger station at Harris ranch (near Coalinga) and then cut across after you get to a full charge. Then on your way back you could head that same route to insure that you'll never get too low. Also trailer parks have Nema 14-50 and will charge a nominal fee for charging, and if you are nice, sometimes they will let you charge for free if you let them check out your super-cool electric car!!

JohhnyS | 27 juni 2013

Get a full charge at the Tejon ranch supercharger. I had a client that was talking to us about a project in Fresno. I checked plugshare and recargo and there are not many charging options in Fresno. Check how far it is to the Harris Ranch superchargers and consider charging at a RV Park.

shs | 28 juni 2013

The best opportunity to charge in Fresno is at the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. They have two 230 Amp J1772, but they are only available during business hours and are often occupied. You can check with the Nissan dealers as well.

DennisM | 28 juni 2013

I recently took a trip to Fresno and can confirm there are few public chargers. APCD only open M-F but said their gates open at 7. I was able to plug into a 110v in my hotel's parking lot each night and that added about 30 miles per, but I have an 85 and so was able to make it back to Lebec. Harris Ranch is only about 70 miles from central Fresno so that's a good option. Regarding the range question, the valley is quite flat, as you know, and that's a big help. My return trip from Fresno to Lebec was 144 miles. I set the cruise to 72mph and had the A/C running the whole time. I used 145 miles rated range. Hope this helps.

Gas suxx | 28 juni 2013

Thank you for the advice. We will probably take the 5 after charging to max in Lebec, and then SC in Harris Ranch just to play it safe.

thomas2V | 28 juni 2013

Oh btw am sure there are numerous threads on this but try coasting behind 18wheelers and you can easily do 70-75 and still keep it at 215-230kwh which is a huge saving. Tested it out on a 215m trip yesterday going one way avoiding highways and another using highways and literally averaged 228kwh!

Brian H | 29 juni 2013

Heh. Here's a little puzzle: does getting drafted add any drag to the front vehicle?

David70 | 29 juni 2013

What distance were you behind the 18 wheelers, and did you feel secure at that distance?

Without attempting any actual analysis, I'd say that on general principles it would. However, percentage wise it would be too small for them to notice.

Any aeronautical engineers want to do an analysis?

Brian H | 29 juni 2013

The energy you save is coming from somewhere. No free lunch.

David70 | 30 juni 2013

That's the general principle I mentioned.