Need a financing program for the Model S

Need a financing program for the Model S

Here in Sydney, if I walk up to a dealer to buy a car, they can finance me for interest less then 3%!!!

And the Model S? Nope. upfront cost of about $75000 (here in Australia) after a $5000 deposit.

All I can do is stare and drool over the Model S, watching youtube clips of the car and dream, because that upfront cost is a killer. I want a Model S. Dont get me wrong, im willing to pay the full price for one, but to raise that amount of money for me to buy one? it would take me 4 years!

If Elon is listening, we need a leasing program not just in America, but in other countries as well.

If i get a loan from a bank, the interest will be so high, I will end up paying more then $20000 more for the car over a 5 year loan! the cheapest i could find to finance is 10% interest.

Get rid of that upfront cost, and ill put down a $5000 deposit right this very second. PLEASE! I really want a Model S. Ill get down on my knees and beg if I have to. And I really dont want to wait for the BlueStar to come out.

FLsportscarenth... | 6 maj 2013

Hope they rollout a programme for you on OZ, maybe towards the end of the year when they start shipping RHD for UK, Japan and China (OZ is a smaller RHD market that will have country specific requirements, so you may have to wait till early 2014?) they will get to you eventually, for now you can get a Holden Volt (took 2 years for them to get to offer that - and GM has been doing business in OZ for decades) so give TM some time they are just starting out...

matter45 | 6 maj 2013

thanks FLsportscarenth.

I came pretty close to buying a Holden Volt, but when I heard about the Model S, my heart changed.

Which is more fun to drive? Model S or the Volt?

GeekEV | 6 maj 2013

@matter45 - Which is more fun to drive? The Model S hands down... There's no contest.

FLsportscarenth... | 7 maj 2013

The Model S is the ultimate driving experience (and I have driven Ferraris, Vipers and all manner of sports cars - the Tesla staffer who rode with me on the test drive said I looked like a kid at Christmas), it is the absolute best performance you can get in a car that is practical to own. Sure the Veyron has better acceleration but it is not practical to own unless you are Gina Reinhart. It IS the car you really want...

Still, I drove the Volt about a year ago and I was very surprised, it is a very good car for the price! Performance was excellent for a midsized sedan and it is a sturdy and good offering. Jay Leno, a serious 'car guy' loves the Volt and it is his daily driver, and he could drive ANYTHING he wanted to...

That's why I say ditch the ICE car (unless its a classic or holds sentimental value - if so keep it for weekend driving) and get a Volt, it really is a nice car. When the S becomes available get one for yourself and let your wife or younger brother drive the Volt and keep it as a backup. I remember reading an article in a South African magazine gushing over the Vauxhall Ampera (UK twin of the Volt) and lamenting on how there was no plans to market it in South Africa, see, at least in AU/NZ you get the opportunity to buy it, even if delayed...

Warm regards to our friends down under!