New Service Center in Minneapolis - Charging?

New Service Center in Minneapolis - Charging?

I hadn't checked in a while so maybe Tesla added it a while ago, but I see that Minneapolis has a Coming Soon for an Eden Prairie service location. Does anyone know if Tesla usually adds an external charging station to the service centers? (Here's hoping to 'yes' as it would really solve range issue for most of us in the MN/West WI area who head into the Twin Cities every so often).

Mark22 | 17 februar 2013

I suspect not, but I don't know for sure.
However, there are a number of public chargers available in the area.
Mall of America has four, there are a couple at Como Park, a number of the local Goodwill stores have free chargers, as does the Minneapolis library.

thxdude | 17 februar 2013

Thanks for the heads up. I saw for example the Denver store lists that "Tesla owners can charge their cars using the High Powered Wall Connectors in the Tesla Charging Bay located on the upper level of the mall across from Valet adjacent to Dick’s Sporting Goods." so I was curious if Tesla tries to add a public station to the services centers (or stores). Looks like a few have them at least. A HPWC would be sweet to thrown down miles at quick clip for the return trip home. I do plan on using the chargers in the parking ramps by Target Field during Twins games. Should be a great setup to hit a full charge while taking in the game.

kenliles | 17 februar 2013

A number of the stores do have charging stations (not Supercharging) because they need to charge the test ride vehicles. The store here in Bellevue Mall has them available for use by Tesla owners.

Not sure where it would be in Eden Prairie but if they combine it with. Store in Mall, might have chargers. Is there a store in the Mall of America? If so, they may have chargers there

thxdude | 17 februar 2013

No store in MoA (technically in Bloomington). The Service Center is listed at 6801 Washington Ave S, Eden Prairie, so it's less than 10 miles from the MoA (should be just off 494). Hopefully they have a HPWC outside for access - just adds to the options available if needed (plus free would great). I also see that the MSP is due to install chargers in the park areas this spring. Even without those those it relatively cheap and easy to just MoA park, plug in and grab the Tram to MSP International. Should be a great selection of options for charging this year - and just getting better. I'm about 130 miles south so generally speaking my plan would be top off with a charge for 30-45 minutes just to ensure no issues in getting back home. Superchargers off from I94 would also do the trick ;-)

kenliles | 17 februar 2013

Yeah that's a good spot for service center and should have charging there. I'll be shocked if they don't eventually have a MoA store. Perfect locale given the huge international traffic and as you say proximity to airport, not to mention the light rail. MoA charge would be perfect. Lots to do and places to eat and easy to airport and downtown on light rail as u point out.

Open comment to Tesla. Store and charging at MoA covers a lot of ground for you. Highly recommended

Superliner | 17 februar 2013

Available HPWC's at Service centers / stores made available to travelling owners make a pretty good case for checking the "trin charger" box on the configuration screen.

drp | 17 februar 2013

I know the Oakbrook Illinois store allows owners to use the charger. They have two chargers but only one car. I don't know how it works after hours because the parking lot is open and one could get to the charger but I just don't know. I also wish Tesla would list the stores with Tesla chargers, unless it shows on the vehicle display when we are in the area. Anyone have any insight?These are hearty chargers are much faster than j1772.

JoeBadge | 5 marts 2013

Great comments/suggestions. Also, if the Grand Ave service center could have a supercharger for owner use, that would be awesome. Why not have every SC have an accessible super charger for us city dwellers not near a highway...

DouglasR | 5 marts 2013

If you are traveling somewhere that has a Tesla store or Service Center, just call ahead and ask about charging. They are usually very accommodating. I know Tesla Washington Square near Portland OR has several charging stations or outlets, and they are in a garage open 24/7.

Brian H | 5 marts 2013

Because SCs are not for incity charging. Their purpose is to facilitate longdistance travel. Maybe someday, after the Continental and World networks are complete, they will indulge city travelers.

Vawlkus | 5 marts 2013

Actually Brian, I think the plan always was to have SCs that close EVENTUALLY. Right now, the focus is on having them for road trips, but there's no reason Tesla & Solar City would ever stop deploying SCs, provided they can find spots to place them.

Brian H | 5 marts 2013

The constraint might be on Solar City, since its business model requires having more than enough arrays to match user demand. Offering free long distance is one thing. Offering free commute power is another.

kenliles | 6 marts 2013

no comment...

For those in Seattle, the Bellevue store has charging available in the downstairs parking ramp. They told me a few months ago it would be available for owners- I assume that hasn't changed

RyanMN | 6 marts 2013

I got my car this week, that is only 15 miles from my house and roughly on my way to work if I need to drop it off in the morning.

egan.rzonca | 17 oktober 2013

I work for a foreign imports dealer in Eden Prairie, the owner is a family friend who offered me a job (im only 17), but he's been talking about partnering with Tesla to get some trade ins or something like that