New Video of Model S Test Drive

New Video of Model S Test Drive

Found a video from someone following a Model S (Alpha or Beta?) that is on a test drive in the hills of Palo Alto, CA earlier this week. Best video I’ve seen demonstrating real life handling and acceleration. Click

Note the passing acceleration at 2:02 into the video. Awesome! Also cornering throughout.

Very informative.

If the car handles like it does in the video, I’m going to have a lot of jealous friends.


discoducky | 24 august 2011

OMG, this video is awesome! Even my wife was saying, "Wow, he's really moving"

I wonder what car was chasing as you can hear it rev up several times just to keep up.

At one point when the Model S overtakes another car it takes quite a while for the chase car to catch up.

Very, very, VERY impressed!

David M. | 24 august 2011

Thankfully, no bicyclists were injured.

Timo | 25 august 2011

Apparently the chase car is BMW M3 E92 V8.

It doesn't look to me that they are driving particularly fast, just accelerating fast at some points. Especially the Model S driver seem to keep things safe, chaser not so much, but not going extremely insane either.

Volker.Berlin | 25 august 2011

It's an Alpha.

I filmed this video myself. A friend and I were going on a drive and ended up behind the Model S. Unfortunately I only had my cell phone to film it with. We spoke with the driver and he said there aren't many Model S Alphas around right now but the Betas should be showing up in the next month or two.

Timo | 25 august 2011

Chase car obviously isn't alpha, it is a ICE car (you can hear the engine). The car they are chasing is alpha.

Volker.Berlin | 25 august 2011

Timo, you make me curious. What do you mean "apparently"? I am sure you can recognize the BMW 3-series bonnet, but where did you find a hint to M3 or V8? To the contrary, to me it looks like a regular E91 (face-lift) or E92, because I cannot discern any "bump" in the center of the bonnet.

The E92 M3 looks like this, does not seem to match the video:ß.JPG

Volker.Berlin | 25 august 2011

Chase car obviously isn't alpha, it is a ICE car (you can hear the engine). The car they are chasing is alpha.

Timo, you type faster than you read today. ;-) Of course it's the chased car that is an Alpha. As opposed to Beta, which it is not. I was replying to the original post.

Timo | 25 august 2011

I trusted someone else that was very confident about it being M3 V8. Engine sounds like V8 or V6, but now that you mention it I don't see that M3 bump onto hood either. I'm not sure that is even BMW, it can be something else entirely.

Soflauthor | 25 august 2011

With all due respect to those of you who are debating the make/model of the ICE chase vehicle, I think the video is important because it demonstrates performance in a way that I haven't seen elsewhere. Although nothing can substitute for an actual test drive, the Model S cornering appears to be very stable, steering appears tight and responsive, acceleration is impressive (regardless of the speed the cars were going when the video was made), there's no discernible nose dive on braking, etc.

If the betas improve on the performance of this alpha, the Model S is going to be a very impressive car indeed. Even if they don't, the S will be quite competitive in its class.

Brian H | 25 august 2011

I noticed the alpha was absolutely level during hard cornering. Looks like it would drive like a dream!

Volker.Berlin | 29 august 2011

The uploader of the video, who also claims to have taken the video himself, has commented again. I'm a little careful in my wording b/c I cannot verify his claims, but to me it seems plausible enough to post it here:

The vehicle chasing the Model S is a 2011 Z4 sDrive35i. Following the Tesla in Sport+ mode was a challenging event, even for our trained driver. The Tesla handled very well, especially considering it was only a test model and doesn't have all the final tuning that the production version will have. I look forward to seeing this vehicle again when it finally hits the market. (bmgeller)

Z4 sDrive35i: V6, 225 KW (306 PS), 0-100 km/h 5.2 sec.