New to your forum

New to your forum

I'm new here starting today and haven't even had a chance to be a lurker yet.

I hope to visit the facility in Austin, Texas for a test drive in the next few weeks. I own a 2012 Chevrolet Volt, called "Dusty" on Voltstats and after a year of ownership, 15,000 miles and have never stopped at a gas station to buy gas. I decided I was hauling around dead weight with the engine and unused gas. (I built an airplane once, started flying lessons when I was 12, and "dead weight" to me is unwanted baggage.

The Volt served it's purpose well, is a fine car and never had a single issue.

I'm looking forward to learning about the Tesla Model S in the coming weeks.

Easy Rider

SamO | 23 maj 2013

Easy Rider,

I don't think you will ever turn back. I had my first test drive 4 months ago and am just waiting on the X.

The Model S is so good, it's really not worth naming the superlatives.

Enjoy the test drive and let us know what you think. Hope to see a Tesla grin. | 24 maj 2013

Easy Rider from Texas, from your description, it certainly sounds like you are NOT 'big hat, no cattle.'

You sound self-made and entrepreneurial, you're going to love Tesla Motors.


TI Sailor | 24 maj 2013

Hi Easy Rider,

I agree you appear to be a self-starter and will truly enjoy Tesla Motors (TM), the Model S (MS) and this forum.

When I came to this site a month or two ago, I made it my mission to read almost all the posts under both the General and Model S tabs, and the last year or so of posts under the Model X tab. Yes, I went back several years and yes it took many hours. I did this as well on the Tesla Motors Club site.

Although I found many threads and posts overlap and are frequently duplicative, each provides a different perspective, often from new members, and most benefit from 20:20 hindsight and ownership experience. I highly recommend this approach before posting new threads. I've discovered time and again the vast majority of my questions have already been asked and answered.

olanmills | 24 maj 2013

You're in for a treat.