Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Brian H | 13 juli 2013

It's just s/w update glitches. Ignore.

Benz | 14 juli 2013

About how many Tesla Model S EV's (both Signature and non-Signature) are to be delivered to customers in Norway in Q3 2013?

Notre | 14 juli 2013

Those numbers are unknown, but based on info from Norw. forums maybe appr. 6-800 in Q3 (first deliveries mid August) and 12-1400 in Q4.

GeirT | 14 juli 2013

Tesla has not given numbers of course but the local rep has been quoted that more than 2,000 cars will be delivered in 2013. How many for Q3 I don't think anyone knows besides Tesla - and they won't tell.

Benz | 14 juli 2013

Well, I think 2,000 Tesla Model S EV's is a significant number of cars for first year of deliveries. Very good actually. How about the next few years? Do you guys in Norway see a further annual sales increase of the Tesla Model S? What are the Norwegian expectations for for Tesla Model S sales in 2014 / 2015 / 2016? By the way, the Norwegian government is doing great, that must be said. Congratulations to all the people in Norway for that.

Notre | 14 juli 2013

No indications that reservation rates are slowing down. Rather the opposite. For the future much depends on incentives. No news about that currently, so still good. Multiple SC's under construction. Big bonus.

Maybe sales will pick up even more when MS's are actually visible in the streets here. Lots of people are still ignorant. Model X will definitely be an even huger hit.

Cattledog | 14 juli 2013

Saw lots of cars, sig reds too, in various stages of assembly on the floor during a factory tour on Friday, July 12th. Happy for you guys. This car will change your country's car purchase habits faster than any other car (until gen3).

Notre | 14 juli 2013

Thanks for that info, but I hope those Sig's are destined for the EU market as the Norwegian Sig's are assumed to be already at sea in transit.

Benz | 14 juli 2013

@ Notre

OK, that's great. So, when do you expect them to arrive in Norway?

Notre | 14 juli 2013

Still according to forum rumors Tesla plan a first delivery event in Oslo on or about Aug 15.

Benz | 14 juli 2013

OK, then you can start counting the days, I would say. Good luck and cheers to all the people in Norway.

Notre | 14 juli 2013

Thanks. Looking forward with great excitement like everybody else. My own VIN is 174xx expecting delivery late Sept. or early Oct.

Benz | 14 juli 2013

@ Notre

You now have the highest VIN number that have been reported here.
What are the last 2 digits?

ppape | 14 juli 2013

My guess for Norwegian sales is they will follow a similar pattern as in the US. Our Service Center told us that there was a direct correlation between cities where Model S was first delivered and increased sales in those same areas followed. We all know what happened. We got our cars, gave rides to our family and friends -and they turned around and ordered their own!

Some early owners bought cars and never drove one prior to delivery! I give those owners lots of credit! Thanks for having the faith to believe. Now that we have thousands of cars out there that people can touch and see and drive, there is no stopping it!

Europe has even more incentive with their cost for gas.


GeirT | 14 juli 2013

@ ppape

+1 - and tax incentives. As noted many times before but a joy to repeat: no import tax, no VAT (25%), no road tolls, minuscule road tax and even free parking (where not privatised) and ferry crossings.
This results in MS price less than 50% of a comparable ICE car. With the looks to go, the MS success is guaranteed. And once MS on the roads here my prediction is as yours, the numbers will skyrocket.

Notre | 14 juli 2013

Sorry. My VIN is 167xx.

Benz | 15 juli 2013

Would it be possible to find out which ship carries the Tesla Model S's? Where in Norway will this ship deliver these Tesla Model S's?

psirnes | 15 juli 2013

the car cargo port in Norway i traditionally Drammen harbour wich is 50 km south of Oslo. On the Nowegian forum we have had info of car tranport company which has a contract of delivering Teslas from Drammen to Oslo in trailers.

Would be nice to know the name of the Vessel, which can then be tracked alive on apps like "marine traffic"

Benz | 15 juli 2013

@ psirnes

Well, how many vessels come from San Francisco and go to Drammen? Not many I think.

psirnes | 15 juli 2013

it has been indicated in various forums that they transport the Model S in containers (4 in each) first on a railroad across the US to the some harbor on the east coast and then a vessel to Europe

Jolinar | 15 juli 2013

In Europe there is also completing facility in Tilburg (Netherland) so the boat is not going directly to Norway but to Netherland first to complete Model S.

tobi_ger | 15 juli 2013

Are there any news (facts) about Superchargers in Norway (or any EU country) thus far?

CalDreamin | 15 juli 2013

@ Jolinar, I thought it was only Tesla cars destined for EU countries that go to Tilburg for final assembly. I thought that because Norway isn't part of the EU, Tesla cars destined for Norway bypass that and go directly to Drammen.

Jolinar | 15 juli 2013


interesting point... I don't know about that...

Benz | 15 juli 2013

How many times per week/month does a vessel that came from the US, arrive in Drammen?

petmoell | 15 juli 2013


According to Telsa Norway all Model S for Europe will be offloaded in port in Netherlands. The EU cars need some further assembly at Tilburg in order to avoid EU taxes. Cars for Norway (non-EU) are completely assembled already in US and will be not go to Tilburg but directly transfer in port to another ship destined for Drammen.

Benz | 16 juli 2013

But nobody can try to find out on which vessel this first shipment of Tesla Model S EV's might be transported to Norway?

GeirT | 16 juli 2013

By the way, how long from VIN issued until we pay?

Notre | 16 juli 2013

@ Geir T: "By the way, how long from VIN issued until we pay?"

I guess you pay when you get your car.

@ Benz: "How many times per week/month does a vessel that came from the US, arrive in Drammen?"

Not so often. Drammen is a specialised harbor for cars and receives appr. 100.000 vehicles per annum, but quite few from the US. Probably the containers with the TMS´s are unloaded ïn the Netherlands though and reshipped from there.

Notre | 16 juli 2013

@tobi_ger: "Are there any news (facts) about Superchargers in Norway (or any EU country) thus far?"

The first wave of superchargers in Norway this year will include six locations in Southern Norway connecting the four largest cities.

Three of the six are already under actual construction and expected to be ready for use later this summer. There will also be another SC connecting the capital cities Oslo,Norway and Stockholm,Sweden.

tobi_ger | 16 juli 2013

@Notre : happy to hear that, thanks!

GeirT | 16 juli 2013

@ Notre

I read Arnebjarne's NOK 702,000 set back as being the actual payment, but maybe he described the commitment. You are likely right, that we pay when we get the car.

Notre | 16 juli 2013

Somebody in the Norwegian forums quoting Elon Musk himself claims that the first vessel crossing the Atlantic with Tesla cars will go directly to Norway. I guess that is plausible as he said in Oslo earlier this year that the first batch of EU-cars would be reserved for Norway. No logistical reason for stopping in the Netherlands other than separating cars destined for the different markets. Maybe also the facilities there are not ready yet.

Benz | 17 juli 2013

It would make more sense if the vessel would directly go to Drammen, Norway. As the first shipment includes cars for Norwegian customers only, right?

Notre | 17 juli 2013

The first shipment could also be the complete batch of European Signatures. It would be controversial if Norwegian R and particularly P cars were to be delivered to customers here before the EU Signatures, but this is all mere speculation and I think we just have to wait and see.

Kjartandaddy | 17 juli 2013

Family of 5, getting rid of our big diesel 7seater. We have now jumped on the electric bandwagon. The parts are getting sourced, and the MS should be delivered late december here in Trondheim. Pretty excited! This will be our only car, (except my BMW e3 -75(Bavaria), so I'll still be visiting the fuelstation from time to time). Ordered with everything except performance+, 21" and alarm. Anyone else ordered a red one? Hope not...

Notre | 17 juli 2013

Happy for you Kjartan. The club is growing day by day. Do you have an invoice number?

Most people here in Norway seems like you to buy the car with almost all available extras. Makes me believe the car would sell well even without the tax incentives. Some rumor here today that politicians are proposing to extend the zero tax and other incentives from 2017 to 2025. Elections this fall, so it may well be possible.

"Parts getting sourced" for delivery late December. LOL. That is Teslaisk for "you get your car when it´s ready and you don´t need to know what happens until then".

Zebuf | 17 juli 2013

My status changed today to "parts getting sourced" after beeing blank for a couple of days. My shceduled delivery is Sept/Oct...
But I share Notres view on delivery: It'll get here when it gets here!
(den som venter på noe godt... ;-)

Kjartandaddy | 17 juli 2013

Thanks! Not worried about deliverytime. I can wait till spring 2014.

Year 2025 sounds nice, we use almost 20' nkr on roadtaxes, just for commuting.

HaraldH | 17 juli 2013

My status changed today: !! :)

Production Complete

Your Model S Signature is being prepared for pickup or delivery.

Benz | 17 juli 2013

@ HaraldH

Congrats, your Tesla Model S will soon come to Norway.

Roger_NO | 17 juli 2013

New status yesterday; Production Complete. Being prepared for pickup or delivery.

But the stange thing is that the App went from "switch on remote access..." To "No vehicle linked to this account"

Anyone else?

Mark K | 18 juli 2013

To our Norwegian friends -

I was in the factory a few days ago and saw many cars on the production line marked "Norway".

You will love this car. It is so good, I personally bought two of them.

GeirT | 18 juli 2013

@ Zebuf; What is your reservation number?

@ Mark K; your impression is that they do batch production of cars to Norway or it was random cars in the production line with Norway tags?

tobi_ger | 18 juli 2013

Based on the recent Wired video with factory footage I'd say that as a visitor you couldn't make the difference of batch processing unless you're working there. E.g. different colors are not an indicator as painting is done very early on the core body.
Just my EUR 0,02.

Notre | 18 juli 2013

@ Mark K

Thank you. That information is very encouraging. Did you see any cars marked for other countries, or only for Norway (and US)? Any Sigs marked for Norway? Shouldn't be if our assumption that they are long finished and shipped is correct.

Car-El | 18 juli 2013

Got ours VIN: 17XXX

A small step for Tesla, a giant leap for me.

GeirT | 18 juli 2013

@ tobi_ger

We are on NOK not EUR ;-) But your O.O2 is good anyway

Adrian Thomson | 18 juli 2013

Finaly got my vin number: 17398 ;-)

tobi_ger | 18 juli 2013

I know, I have to live with EUR every day. lol