NY Times New Article

NY Times New Article

Not really sure what the point of this is - rehash of various posts from all over...

cloroxbb | 22 februar 2013

why did this need a new thread? And not even a link?

Electron | 22 februar 2013

Sigh. Henry Blodget.

mikeadams | 22 februar 2013

We should just get rid of cell phones. If I don't charge it up all the way or plug it in overnight, it ends up just dying the next day. If I travel, I have to find someplace to plug it in. They are just too complicated!

Sudre_ | 22 februar 2013

Funny thing is everyone I have talked to about the car... even a labor on the construction sight, understands that like a cell phone you "simply" plug it in every night. I don't get the reviews making that sound difficult.

They all also understand that when the car says it has 31 miles that means it can not be drive OVER 31 miles. I think a 5 year old would get that. The adults understand <31 rated range is what is meant.

They also understand, after asking me, when the car is looking like it will be a few miles short of my destination I can pull over at any gas station (in an emergency) and there is a 99% chance that for cash money they will let me plug in and charge. It might be inconvenient for me but I am not stuck on the side of the road. It's not like the car suddenly goes from 20 rated miles to zero then shuts down.

mallynb | 22 februar 2013

Years ago a friend, a sitting judge, was assailed in print by a reporter. The article misstated and distorted events, and excoriated the judge for strong action he took against family members of a convicted felon who tried to help him escape during a hearing in court. I asked my friend when his letter to the editor, setting the record straight, would appear. He said, "It won't. When you start a p_____g contest, you don't choose a skunk for an opponent." The New York Times stink continues to spread.

L8MDL | 22 februar 2013

Guess the NYT hasn't run out of ink yet. I suppose those who believe all press is good press are happy. Waiting for EM's tweet...

Joyrider | 22 februar 2013

But it does seem they have run out of "all the news that's fit to pring."