Someone in LA, showing off his custom wheels, has a picture of white painted nosecone. Can anyone help me find the source?
SoCal Burt

ccbldg | 19 marts 2014

"painted nosecone"

NKYTA | 19 marts 2014

+1 on that answer @ccbldg!

mclary | 20 marts 2014


Bonlaw | 20 marts 2014

Not ugly at all. I wrapped the nosecone. Volkerize by my name to see picture. Not for everyone, but those that see it in person really like it. Also a wrap is fairly inexpensive and easily removed. I've had it for almost nine months and it looks just like the day the wrap was installed.

chrisdl | 20 marts 2014

The search only returns this very thread :-)
The search only returns this very thread :-)
The search only returns this very thread :-)

ccbldg | 20 marts 2014

Search showed correct last night, hrmmm, anyways link

chrisdl | 20 marts 2014

It's the search gnomes who come out at night and mess things up. Happens all the time. Not to worry.

Jonathan 123 | 20 marts 2014

It's My car. White MS p85+ white nose cone..

Burt Court | 20 marts 2014

123, did you get the job done in SoCal? One source says he can't get exact match to Pearl White.
Sure like its look...

DallasTXModelS | 20 marts 2014

Link just looked up this thread for me too. After serious searching I did find the white wrapped nose cone photos.

It does nothing for me, I don't know if it's just because it's white but to me it looks like a football mouth guard.

I love my grey and black Model S just the way it was designed.

zero mpg | 20 marts 2014

I immediately saw a double stuffed Oreo ... looked away and then looked back. I still see a double stuffed Oreo.

chenglo1 | 20 marts 2014

How about carbon fiber? Someone will make it sooner or later.

jordanrichard | 21 marts 2014

To me it looked like a shark with a seal in it's mouth.