Please take a few minutes to write your representatives in NJ - I got a reply

Please take a few minutes to write your representatives in NJ - I got a reply

I've wrote to them yestesday morning and they have replied... I didn't expect a reply, but i think if everyone who is in NJ writes to their rep's this may get reversed!

below is the reply:

Jasey, Asw. D.O.
9:35 AM (19 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Mr. Moy ~

We only recently became aware of the Tesla situation involving MVC and
we are looking into it. Assemblywoman Jasey has concerns about this and
we expect that the Legislature will be advised as to the details
shortly. I apologize for our not having more information at this time,
but we certainly appreciate your expression of concern.


Mary Theroux

Mary M. Theroux, Esq.
Chief of Staff
Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey
District 27 - Essex & Morris Counties
511 Valley Street
Maplewood, New Jersey 07040
(973) 762-1886
fax (973) 762-6118

ryan.luurtsema | 12 marts 2014

Sent, thank you for the refrence.

eddiemoy | 12 marts 2014

thanks ryan.

oh, make sure you check all the representative of your district! it sends them the same email...

NomoDinos | 12 marts 2014

Go get 'em, Eddie.

RedShift | 12 marts 2014

People power. If such a thing still exists.

Captain_Zap | 12 marts 2014

No state is immune to this dealership attack. I heard one media outlet frame it this way, "17,000 Dealership Millionaires up against one Billionaire".

That is just one reason the issues are being initiated by Dealers front line artillery at State, Local and Regional levels.

The same thing happened in Washington State. The legislators were blindsided by two bills that were rushed through as if they were urgent. My Representative, who is usually on the ball, thanked me for putting it on his radar just a couple days before it went up for the unexpected afterhours vote. He hadn't even heard of the bill prior to that time.

The bills still passed by a landslide. When we talked to the LAs and Legislative members the day of the unanticipated vote, it was clear that they still had no idea what they were really voting on because of the spin that the dealers put on the bills.

There was no chance to educate the legislators of the unintended consequences as it was pushed through both the House and Senate in a matter of hours. The way the bills were worded cleverly hid the real intentions of the bills.

They whole process reeked of dealer tactics. Tesla prevailed, but any new manufacturer that might come along later would be subjected to the unfair, wasteful and unnecessary dealer model.

We have live in a Tesla friendly state. Our Governor, Jay Inslee, greeted the BC to BC Tesla Supercharger team at their finish line party on a Saturday afternoon. We have more Teslas per capita than any other state. Our Governor understands how valuable the BEV is to the State's budget in terms of cost reductions for the State.

If it can happen here, it can will happen everywhere.

Out4aDuck | 12 marts 2014

The dealership laws affect all manufacturers; not just Tesla. Were it not for the dealership laws, all manufacturers would be offering direct internet sales. The cost of overturning legislation in every state makes it prohibitive.

Mel. | 12 marts 2014

Out4aDuck, What are you trying to say?

sellnout | 12 marts 2014

Apparently the people of NJ are not allowed to pump their own gas. How would they plug in a Tesla at home or use a supercharger?

Out4aDuck | 12 marts 2014

What I'm saying is that the dealership associations have a very strong lobby. For decades, they have pressed for some kind of legislation in every state to protect their interests. I'm not arguing whether the laws are good or bad. The bottom line is that they exist to some degree in every state.

In many states like NJ and OH, Tesla is operating in defiance of the laws. My guess is that they will win some and lose some. They certainly have the attention of the dealership associations.

AmpedRealtor | 12 marts 2014

Tesla does not have to fight a battle in every state. Tesla only need sue one state over anti-competitive behavior, appeal the verdict to the federal district court where Tesla should prevail based upon federal interstate commerce laws. Once that verdict is handed down, similar laws in other states banning direct auto sales would become unenforceable.

Tesla only needs this to escalate to the federal courts, once that happens it shouldn't be too difficult to get a favorable decision. State auto dealer lobbies have no influence in federal court.

jk2014 | 12 marts 2014

It's funny when the state reps become aware of the real facts... Tesla sells 500 cars out of 490,000 sold in New Jersey and Tesla's threatening to put dealers out of business? Secondly, Tesla has no franchises. Tesla (the manufacturer) is not competing with dealers for customers, so how can they be breaking any franchise laws? Even if GM, Ford, etc... wanted to do what Tesla's doing, they have franchises, exactly why the decades old law exists today. So, when the dealers say allowing Tesla to go direct will cause the rest to do the same it's a hollow argument. Ultimately, Tesla will win, and they know it. The real mastery going on right now, is Tesla's ability to parlay the fight into highly effective gorilla marketing at a fraction of the cost of a national(international) advertising campaign.

thranx | 12 marts 2014

@jk2014; nice point. Think how many folks who would never have heard of Tesla know about it because of these fights with dealer organizations?

"Damn, that must be some car, if they want to ban sales of it! Let's go have a look at it."

exPGAhacker | 12 marts 2014

I'm renouncing my Republican party affiliation. First, Romney was anti-Tesla, which I understood because he was pining for votes. But now, if the quacks on the far right of the Tea Party weren't enough, it's the Republicans that are bought by Big Oil and lobbyists for the Dealer Associations that are downright pissing me off. To hide behind consumer protectionism in this instance is a clear misunderstanding of consumerism.

Mel. | 12 marts 2014

exPGA, The Governor of New Jersey is a Republican.. He hates the tea party as much as the other side.. All Democrats and Republicans hate the tea party. Have you ever listened to the Speaker of the House. Rand Paul is tea party and pro Tesla.

jvs11560 | 12 marts 2014

exPGA REALLY??? The New York Political scene is mostly democrats but Tesla is getting the boot there too. There is a bill in the legislature that will specifically ban the sale of cars from the manufacturer. In New Jersey, it's about Chris Christie, not the law. Why does New York get a pass and not New Jersey? Doesn't make any sense????

exPGAhacker | 12 marts 2014

Mel, I know the guv of NJ is Republican. Well, at least that's what his gubernatorial application states. His actions... not so sure. And trust me, not ALL Republicans hate the Tea Party. Far from it.

jvs11560, let's see.... the Tea party extremists. That's enough to get me to walk as it is. The splinter in the Republican party is painful and I'm too old to stick around or to help in fixing it. New York gets a pass from me because I EXPECT NY to act like fools. They're Democrats. I had just hoped the Repubs could get their act together so 2014 would be a banner year at the polls. It ain't going to happen. So when I see the GOP splintered and in shambles AND many of them talking against Tesla, I want out.

It makes great sense to me. That's what counts in my household. I won't change my daily habit of driving one of two terrific Teslas, both powered by the man upstairs. I just won't be voting Republican anymore... at least until they can show they actually have a collective brain.

NKYTA | 12 marts 2014

Nobody who takes campaign/lobbying/PAC $$$ should get a pass.

Quite honestly, we need to go back to first principles on how we enact/repeal laws.

This is all so depressing. Time to go for a drive.

Velo1 | 12 marts 2014

Ask them to bid on the Tesla battery factory, too. They won't get it, but it might get their attention that perhaps there is more to Tesla than they apparently think.

PapaSmurf | 12 marts 2014

This is not a Republican / Democrat thing. This is just a pure political payoff issue that both sides are guilty of.

I am a right wing conservative Republican. I would likely vote for Rand Paul if the election were held today.

I don't see this as a Dem vs Rep issue. Both suck.

minervo.florida | 12 marts 2014

They are all controlled by the big money.

Who benefits from the 70,000 pages of tax codes, could it be big business and the super rich? That is correct, 70,000 pages of US tax law.

Of course. Just follow the money if possible.

AmpedRealtor | 12 marts 2014

I asked Rachel Maddow to take up this issue, but apparently the social injustice against those wanting to buy an $80,000 car didn't really resonate with her. Oh well.

kenj | 12 marts 2014


I am in New York and we are fighting on both sides of the aisle.

Tesla has their lobbyist working on the Legislature. There is no eminent bill on the floor in NYS it is in committee.

NY is not getting a pass.

NJ legislators can and should pass legislation reversing the action of NJ DMV. Correcting their legislation.

sule | 12 marts 2014

I am not from NJ ... or NY ... or the "States" at all - Canadian here. But, as a soon-to-be Tesla owner I'd like Tesla to succeed as well. I think that your letters may be approaching this from a slightly wrong angle.

They don't want to hear that dealerships are obsolete and should disappear. Stating that only adds fuel to the fire and plays well for them. Depending on how good, honest or corrupted the politicians are, they care about (in any order):

How much they are paid
How many jobs are preserved or generated
How much tax they are going to collect

I personally don't care about dealerships. They are neither good, nor bad. They are simply there. Like stores selling other goods. You can buy a TV from Best Buy or from Sony directly, for example. Simple market economics. The more they sell, the better the price they can get from the manufacturer.

Neither option should be forbidden or dismissed. Neither one should be favoured either. Dealerships *can* bring value to all (be patient, read below). They make the product visible and accessible to many more people as no manufacturer can truly open so many showrooms. They provide more service centres and can take advantage or local specialties a manufacturer cannot easily. There can be more superchargers, HPWCs around, etc.

The problem between Tesla and dealerships is that dealerships are not generally interested in what still is a specialty item. Nor are they well trained in any sense. We know more about Teslas than they do. That may be true of any new car manufacturer. Thus, requiring that a new manufacturer must sell through a dealership may very well be a death sentence as both interest and expertise would be low. In essence, Tesla presently has no real choice. Whether TM wants to cooperate with dealerships or not they can't rely on just that. And today they can't rely on that at all.

Just based on that, Tesla (or any other car manufacturer) should not be prevented from selling directly. Market will adjust itself. As Tesla matures and interest grows, I see no wrongdoing from any side if TM would introduce service training and volume discounts off of which future dealerships could feed. It is the consumer's choice where to go.

If you present this kind of picture to your politicians, two conclusions may be drawn. One is that TM is not presently harmful to dealerships at all, but dealerships are to TM. Thus no jobs lost. Only additional revenue (and tax) from selling the car TRULY made in your country to a consumer in your state. Local showrooms employ local workforce and pay local real-estate - that wouldn't be present at all if Tesla were not allowed to sell directly and is, at present, equivalent to what any *NEW* Tesla "dealerships" could do. Over time the conditions may form that will allow Tesla dealerships and that is OK too - in fact that is what they want and good for everyone.

You can add to this all the eco/green stuff, (no) reliance on mostly-imported gasoline, etc. But don't play it like they expect you to, you'll only fall into a trap.

akikiki | 12 marts 2014

I wonder what TM is waiting on before they sue in at least one state. I certainly support their effort. I've already bought my MS. But I would donate to a direct sales legal suit fund if it would help.