Q2 Shareholder letter says Model X deliveries in September!

Q2 Shareholder letter says Model X deliveries in September!

The shareholder letter for Q2 says they are producing model X on the assembly line and that Model X deliveries will start in September. Read for yourselves the letter and make your own jusdements but it looks very positive to me.

ken | 5 august 2015

Judgement that is.

ken | 5 august 2015

You can read for yourself at

ken | 5 august 2015

It is encouraging to see that they have produced a limited number of MX's from the new assembly lines and will be increasing the production substantially in Q4.

primetime98 | 5 august 2015

It looks like they will be delivering a "small number" of Model X cars. That sounds like maybe 200 on an optimistic scale. They also couched how many deliveries they could have by making it dependent in large part on suppliers coming through. It's not the great ramp up I was expecting. I mean as a Signature owner I will be getting one relatively soon, but probably not till the 3rd week or 4th week of October whereas I had been hopeful to get it maybe 3rd week of September or earlier. At least they are getting produced though!

Sig X #911

ken | 5 august 2015

It's kind of hard to be negative when we see that they are coming off of the assembly line, even if it is not as fast as we all hoped.

TeslaFanz | 5 august 2015

When do you think Signature Orders will get to place their order for color and options?

ken | 5 august 2015

Hard to tell but if they are in production is September they have to know what they are building soon.

ken | 5 august 2015

Elon says that they are producing several MX's each week from the assembly line for validation.

ken | 5 august 2015

Elon said the MX may be "the most difficult car in the world to build, but it is going to be amazing".

eric.zucker | 5 august 2015

I am a little more prudent. I would consider myself very fortunate if I can configure my car this year. I have sequence number 3276 (Europe)...

I wish Tesla is able to really ramp up production quickly, assume by the end of Q4 they produce 500 MX per week. 2K per month? Three market regions, means 10K MX need to be built so I get mine - 5 months.

Assuming they can get to and maintain a pace of 100 per day... And that all regions get equal priority.

Am I misunderstanding something?

I will hold on to my Q7 until I hear otherwise... Too early to sell it just yet.

ken | 5 august 2015

Production level will be 1600 to 1800 vehicles per week and may reach 2000 per week, per Elon.

ken | 5 august 2015

He just said that the production would probably be 60% MX's and 40% MS's because the MX reservation holders have been waiting so long.

ken | 5 august 2015

Goals is 1,000 MX's and 1,000 MS's per week in 2016, per Elon.

ken | 5 august 2015

Goals are

lifesaver | 5 august 2015

Autopilot on Aug 15 for few and then full roll out in 1-2 months.

ken | 5 august 2015

So that should mean that deliveries of MX will probably have it day one.

ken | 5 august 2015

Configuration of MX in two or three weeks, initial delivery later part of September, per Elon.

lifesaver | 5 august 2015

Configuration of MX for some customers in 'few' weeks and then deliveries late September.

ken | 5 august 2015

Outside of US manufacturing in maybe 3 to 5 years out, Asia, Europe and others in US, per Elon.

ken | 5 august 2015

Biggest supplier concern with 2nd row seats, Falcon Wing door not a problem, some trim items maybe a concern, per Elon.

ken | 5 august 2015

Factory shut down was for MX and some MS items, the paint shop can do about 10,000 per week. Some production controls and inventory control during that time.

jordanrichard | 5 august 2015

He said that the MX Design studio will up and running by the end of this month. I am sure though that some reservation holders will be called directly, in advance, to make their design specs.

ken | 5 august 2015

The next two weeks will be very exciting for some, if not all, MX reservation holders.

ian | 5 august 2015

I thought I heard him say that the "online configurator" would be live by the "end of the month". This sounds like August but I wouldn't put it past him to have meant September.

ian | 5 august 2015

Gah! jordanricherd beat me too it! ;-)

ken | 5 august 2015

He said in the next two weeks, and that would be August.

ken | 5 august 2015

If taken by his exact words, that would mean design by the 19th, and deliveries a month later. We will see. But time is getting short until we see what we are going to be buying. | 5 august 2015

Don't worry. Be happy. For a very complex undertaking the Model X development has slipped very little in 3 months. That's a great sign. Elon seems worried that some "unlucky" supplier may run into a snag that could halt progress but with the project management tools available today critical path issues should become visible quickly. The hope is that they can be resolved quickly.

Elon exudes confidence in how great the X is: "Better than any other SUV by far". The Model S is an existence proof of a great car. I'm excited about the continued progress with the Model X and am looking forward to getting mine some time in 1Q16.

Red Sage ca us | 5 august 2015

So... Everything's fine. Cool.

Lucythesplainer | 5 august 2015

Dude doesn't know what month it is. I think this is what happened the last time he promised configuring open in July. Prolly his assistant(s) handle all those pesky details. I. just. wanna. see. the. MX.

jacksiart | 5 august 2015

I finally figured it out. The delays have been to not only perfect the car, but to prod the various government agencies to allow autonomous driving on public roads.
With that under their belt the cars will then deliver themselves!

Iowa92x | 5 august 2015

Elon today said the X is likely the most difficult car in the world to build. It will be a damn masterpiece.

ken | 5 august 2015

Remember, it is going to be well worth the wait. Only a couple of weeks and we will know for sure. Now the countdown.

rbi | 6 august 2015

have there been indications on whether europe deliveries start after US?

gerardP | 6 august 2015

Well with what he said about second row seats, I am afraid nobody will want to sit in the first row ;-))

Shelmire | 6 august 2015

Seems a lot of you have short memories. I have ordered a low ish number Sig X and I will feel lucky getting it this year. Harken back....

eric.zucker | 6 august 2015

What is interesting is that they anticipate to make even more MX than MS... I heard close to 40k MX have already been reserved. Wait until MX will have been revealed and presented in showrooms? People will queue in line to reserve.

Daniel_L | 6 august 2015

Erin.zucker - where did u hear about 40k model x reservations... TMC states around 30k and 26k including theoretical cancellation?

eric.zucker | 6 august 2015

Tesla Rep on the phone, on one of my numerous calls. Maybe two weeks ago.

pvetesla | 6 august 2015

Tesla reps are not known to have any additional info. Actually my experience is they usually know less.

ken | 6 august 2015

As stated earlier in this post, Elon said that they would be making 60% MX's and 40% MS's, because to quote him, the MX reservation holders have been waiting a long time for their X's. One thing that I thought was very encouraging was his statement that they have been making several MX's per week from the assembly line (he didn't say for how long) and that they were now starting to run them through the new paint shop. He further said that all MX's would be painted in the new paint facility, and some, but not all, of the MS's. I happen to think that we will be seeing the Signature reservation holders using the design studio by the last week of the month based on what he said in the Q2 news conference.

johnse | 6 august 2015

More accurately, about 37:15 into the conference call. Elon: (answering if it was going to be 50%/50% Model X/S production at the beginning of 2016), "It does, although I wouldn't put too much precision on that because what we're going to try to do is to push the production slightly more in the direction of X because people have been waiting for a long time for their cars. In any given month it could be 60/40 one way or the other. If you look at worldwide demand for SUVs and sedans it's almost dead even at 50/50. In some regions sedans are favored, some regions SUVs are favored. But generally on a worldwide basis it's 50/50. It is difficult for us to say exactly what the X/S demand ratio will be until the car is out there and people are experiencing it and we see what the relative order volume is. But we have so many advance orders on the X that this is certainly not going to be an issue in the early days, and we are going to try to get people their cars as fast as we can." [Various ums, ahs, etc. removed].

He goes on to say that they are setting capacity at 1000 X and 1000 S per week, but that capacity and actual production volume are not the same. Stoppages for tooling and other things will impact production which is why they are guiding 1600-1800 cars per week averaged for the year.

Red Sage ca us | 6 august 2015

johnse illuminated, "...that capacity and actual production volume are not the same."

Yup! Just as I've said for about a year or so now. Capacity, Production, and Deliveries are different metrics. Each is important, but they should not be used interchangeably. That is part of why those who continually insist that Deliveries are a measure of Demand are absolutely incorrect.

scotttilson | 7 august 2015

Red Sage, based on the most recent conference call what is your latest prediction of weekly ramp up in X production?

Red Sage ca us | 7 august 2015

I think it will be very fast. I got the impression that Elon expects the release candidates built during August will become the demonstrators used at Tesla Stores. He seemed to be indicating his hope that production issues would be worked out with those early builds. So, I expect them to begin doubling production week after week until the beginning of December. Then they'll try to maintain the rate attained through January/February 2016 to fulfill existing North American reservations during Q1.

vperl | 7 august 2015

Any real delivery after the first of October. A few before just to satisfy the remarks.

"Coming soon"

Red Sage ca us | 8 august 2015

The goal post reads 'Summer'. September 22, 2015. Customers, who paid their own money, will take delivery of Model X on that date or sooner. That is 'real' enough for me. Whether they are Founders, Signature, or Demonstration units.

vperl | 8 august 2015

Believe as you will, your fairyland is not real. A few to pass as they stamp "summer" on the deadline.

Silly stuff, I now know sage is overrated, I will throw it way from my kitchen cabinet, old and utterly wasted.

Red Sage ca us | 8 august 2015

A 'few'... Whether half a dozen, or six score, will not satisfy Naysayers in the slightest as being in any way significant. But it will certainly make the new Owners of the Model X very happy indeed.

It is not wise to do away with sage, even in the interest of thyme, for the sake of saltiness, my dear Rosemary.

ian | 8 august 2015

Sounds to me like you two are saying the same thing. Why can't we all just get along? ;-)