Question about Navigation

Question about Navigation

Is there any way to set the Navigation to what I'll call "always up mode". On my current car's navigation the "car" always faces North and the map moves around it instead of the car facing up, down, left, right, etc.

TheAustin | 5 februar 2013

In a word, No...And it's one of the few quirks of the car that is just ridiculous that there isn't an option for it. However, it's such an easy fix that I'm sure it will be part of a upcoming software update. In the meantime, if you're using the navigation, you can get a forward-facing turn-by-turn overview up on the dash.

mlaiken | 5 februar 2013

As far as I know there is not a way to set it to point he direction you are moving. I think most people are hoping this comes soon as a software update. I don't have my car yet but I asked this question on my test drive a couple weeks ago.

I do have another question about the nav. Is it possible to enter a destination for turn by turn without 3G coverage. I know that the turn by turn is run by navigon and uses data on the car's hard drive along with GPS info. That being said I have only seen the ability to enter a destination using the touch screen which is google maps and it requires a 3G connection to work. Does any current owner know if it is indeed possible to enter a destination without 3G coverage?

Superliner | 5 februar 2013

Isn't it possible to have the left hand display in the cluster do this when Navigation is active? where the map orients to your point of view thereon? Or it that feature only on those cars equipped with the Tech Package?

nickjhowe | 5 februar 2013

@Superliner - yes to both questions.

MandL | 6 februar 2013

@mlaiken - Yes, the Navigon works without 3G. The question will be whether you get location info to make it useful without 3G. I had a problem where the 3G service stopped working and the car always thought it was at the location where it last had a 3G signal (home). So while I could enter a destination and Navigon would route with the map showing up on the left display, it started from home no matter where I was and didn't progress. It's probable that my issue was not entirely comparable to just being outside the wireless service area and that GPS location (and navigation) would still work just fine.

David Trushin | 6 februar 2013

You know, I was thinking when I first used the nav, "how do I know which way is north and what direction I'm travelling." My current car has a compass, why doesn't this car have a compass. then I realized that it had something better than a compass. It had a directional map. Now I really like that feature.

olanmills | 6 februar 2013

I like how the guage-area map rotates with the cars direction and the large main map is always oriented north.

I honestly find it strange that so many people want the rotating map. I thought most people would find it easier to understand their bearings if the map does not rotate.

Anyways, maybe I'm just used to understanding a space and my movement in it by using overhead maps from playing so many video games.

edlippjr | 28 november 2014

I'm not a fan of GPS that stays fixed north. Something in my brain just doesn't jive with "OK so I'm going 'down' so this right-looking turn is actually a left'. I'm planning on connecting the car to my 4G hotspot (iPhone or iPad depending on what's with me) so the data speeds aren't an issue. I'm guessing we won't get LTE built-in until a while down the road, if ever, because of the cost. Can't complain about free, right?

J.T. | 28 november 2014

Good thing Tesla's NAV doesn't stay fixed north. You can rotate to any direction you like.

Brian H | 28 november 2014

Depends on your brain which you prefer.

chris | 28 november 2014

Actually, if you press the orientation icon on the top centre.

First press centres you on the map, next press alternates between North Up and Direction of Travel Up.

I just got my car so, I've always had it. I believe it was added within the last year.