Rapid Wall Charger supply

Rapid Wall Charger supply

After several discussions with Tesla customer service reps over the past week, it seems that the UL certification of the Rapid Wall Charger is far from complete, and these units will not be available for shipments until perhaps December, at least.
Solar City, Tesla's recommended installer for these units in our garages, seems to think it might be a different issue, and not just a UL listing issue.
I'm curious as to how Tesla can charge those of us that are reservation holders, once the car is ready for delivery, for a $1500.00 accessory that is not available, but part of your accessory selections. It seems that Tesla is avoiding the issue at the moment, and recommending a temporary solution until the Chargers are released. If you need more than one, say for your second home, best of luck getting that any time soon, as per customer service.

Please let me know if you have any other information on this issue.

Alex K | 25 september 2012

A few days ago I asked Tesla the following:
I'm planning my electrical install for the Tesla HPWC (High Power Wall Connector) and would like to get some information regarding how it is mounted on the wall. I have read some references citing that a double gang electrical box is required, but I would like to know relative to the HPWC where the box needs to located. I realize that the HPWC will not be available until November time frame, pending UL approval or something, but surely you must have the mounting/attachment information available now.

I got this response:
Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors. You are correct about the timeline for High Power Wall Connectors and due to its pending UL certification, the formal installation guide is also under review and cannot be released. In terms of entry points for wiring, the High Power Wall Connector has access on the center rear of the unit (with a slight left-side bias) and on the left side. Therefore, we recommend all wiring be done to the left of the unit. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

I followed up with the following, but have not gotten a response yet:
I would like to have my wiring hidden, so I don't want to have wiring to the left of the unit. Do you have any dimensions for the unit and the position of the rear access relative to the unit's dimensions? Is the access area centered both up and down? I'm sure you guys have a template of some sort. Can't that be made available?

Brian H | 25 september 2012

A schematic would serve your purpose. But it reads as though they are "enjoined" from providing specifics prior to certification. :(

Alex K | 26 september 2012

@Brian H | SEPTEMBER 25, 2012: A schematic would serve your purpose. But it reads as though they are "enjoined" from providing specifics prior to certification. :(

I was looking for something simple like a back panel template which would not really be an electrical specification or schematic, but an illustration as to where I could place the wiring in the wall relative to the charger — a simple piece of paper I could place on the wall where it said, "Drill/cut here."

It's not that critical for my right now because my car (P#8766) probably won't get delivered until March to May timeframe, but I was planning on getting the electrician out here to clean up some of the various outlets, panels, and chargers and wanted to put a recessed 100A service panel and flush mount all the exposed outlets.

Brian H | 26 september 2012

I mean they may be prohibited from encouraging anyone in preparations to install, and taking certification for granted. Even physical specs.

hammy16 | 26 september 2012

My rep sent me a one page document titled "installing a temporary 240 volt outlet."
It shows a double gang box with a NEMA 6-50 "temporary" connector mounted directly below
it. They say to leave a foot of wire in the box to eventually connect to the HPC which according
to the diagram would totally cover the dual gang box and also the as the HPC
cord management bracket has sufficient width and length to cover the 6-50 outlet.
They stated they would provide the adapter to the 6-50 connector if the car was delivered
before the HPC was available. My delivery time is end of Nov.

Kevin Glassman | 27 september 2012

They will not release an electrical schematic until the UL listing issue is resolved. I've tried a few times to get this PDF from Tesla, and it's not available yet. Solar City, their recommended installer of the HPWC, has a good idea of what needs to be done, and is using independent local electrical subcontractors to do the work. Some have experience with these devices, others may not.
As for paying for a device months before it's available is disconcerting, and should be deducted from the delivery price, in my opinion, if it's not delivered with the car, of before it arrives.

Brian H | 27 september 2012

So, write 2 checks (cheques), one for the car, one for the HPWC. If it doesn't arrive with the car, say you will turn it over on receipt, like COD!

jbunn | 27 september 2012

This is not rocket science. Box size is determined by number of conductors, and conductor size. Double gang boxes come in varying cubic incn volumes. You dont need to worry about that. Your electrician looks in a table, or runs the formula. This is rough-in work, and has nothing to do with tesla. Look at the charging picture, and guess how high you want it. Probably about waist height or just above. Placement will be abour + or - 6 inches in eiether direction. Leave one foot wire. Boom. Thats all you need for rough in.

Alex K | 28 september 2012

Got this response from Tesla regarding installation template:

I know we have a template in the works but it is unfortunately not ready for distribution. From what I’ve seen on the unit, the rear entry is centered up and down but has a left side bias on the “X axis”. I am terribly sorry I can’t provide more detailed information but our pending certification applies to our manual and guides as well which prevent their distribution.

I guess I'll wait until the template comes out, because the wall I'm installing this on is rather narrow and I'd like the HPWC to be centered.

jbunn | 28 september 2012

If you are mounting the box in the wall, you may have framing in the way, and not have much choice. If the box is surface mount, the electrician can enter the box by changing the last section of conduit.

Alex K | 28 september 2012 | SEPTEMBER 28, 2012: If you are mounting the box in the wall, you may have framing in the way, and not have much choice. If the box is surface mount, the electrician can enter the box by changing the last section of conduit.

I don't have framing in the way, but if I did, I would block it off. I don't want a receptacle box on the wall. I have one for my current BLINK charger, and have regretted it. Everything (old/new) is getting flush mounted (other than the HPWC).

cmlaff | 10 oktober 2012

Sig 1013
After reading all the problems that folks have had with Solar City and the potential HPWC issues I sought another Southern California option. Found TREMENDOUS service from JP Electrical & Power. I can highly recommend them. Family run, responsive, on time, and cleaned up after the work done. Contact Janie at
Apparently they will work from Bakersfield down to San Diego.

Disclaimer: I have no family, friend, or vested interest in this company. I can't make any claims to the HPWC issue but I suspect that based on their service they will make it work to your satisfaction.

mohan | 10 oktober 2012

I was told 15 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide. Apparently, my contact was not allowed to photograph it.

Some other rep told me that there is one sitting on the wall at the Santana Row store.

murraypetera | 11 oktober 2012

This is what they sent me:

There are no specific ventilation requirements for the unit as it is fully enclosed and does not generate a significant amount of heat. However, we recommend mounting on a wall or a pedestal with some clearance on all side for ease of access and for the running of conduit to the unit.

Dimensions of the Unit:
Height: 20” (508 mm) (Includes cable hanger)
Width: 5.75” (146 mm)
Depth: 3.75” (95 mm)
Weight: 20 lbs

The High Powered Wall Connector has a mounting plate that you will attach securely to a stud in a wall or pedestal, and the unit attaches to the plate. We will provide you with a mounting template to drill holes.

The High Power Wall Connector can accept a 1" conduit through either the left rear or left side of the connector body, and we recommend either #2 or #3 AWG wire (2 live wires and 1 ground).

R3dStang66 | 19 oktober 2012


Just wanted to share some information.

I talked with Solar City yesterday finalizing my EV survey for the installation of the 100amp High Power Wall Connector. For my situation, it's $750 for the setup and installation and should be contacting me in 2 - 6 weeks for pre-installation. They mentioned that the wall units should be available in December. Tesla said they will ship my wall unit about 4 weeks before i recieve my car. Hope this helps.

pilotSteve | 19 oktober 2012

Seems like there must be a back story on why the delivery time has stretched out so far on the HPWC. I've heard "its not UL approved yet" but that was at least two months ago. Doesn't seem like the UL approval process should take so long on a design that should have been frozen a year ago.

I'm going to have to pay my electrician to (a) connect the 100A wires they put in my garage last year to a temporary NMEA 6-50, then (b) again in December? January? March? pay to remove the 6-50 and install the HPWC.

Its not huge but $100-300 more than I expected. No comment from Tesla on when/why (or even to confirm the mounting details) leave me asking myself "whats up?".....

All this has me searching for alternatives, such as a 70A J1772. Found this nice unit which mounts overhead in a garage and has built-in cable management. Hmmmm....

jerry3 | 20 oktober 2012

pilotSteve -- Doesn't seem like the UL approval process should take so long

UL approval takes just short of forever. There is always a waiting line of products pending approval.

Superliner | 20 oktober 2012

@ pilotsteve;

Checked out the link "" you provided. VERY interesting indeed!! The pictures on their homepage showing the individual climbing over a plowed up snow bank to access a public charger hit home (used to be home Minnesota) but I can envision many brain dead snow plow operators burying public chargers.

The overhead installation seems to have merit especially in my garage, subject to location (cable length) etc. may allow me to park in any direction or either side and still plug the charger to the car if need be for ???? reason/s.

The idea of not having the charging cord laying around on the floor of the garage when in use is appealing as well. Good looking out!

Superliner | 20 oktober 2012

@ pilotsteve;

Another thought on overhead installation .. It may have the benefit of keeping it out of reach of the inquisitive hands of children when not in use. Not for fear if electric shock but for not having it become a jump rope, or ray gun etc. in an empty garage on a rainy day lol!!

TikiMan | 20 oktober 2012

Yup, this is part of the reason why I decided to just go with the NEMA set-up. Being the price of the HPWC isn't any cheaper if you buy it later, it just makes sence for me to wait and see how it all works out.

Brian H | 20 oktober 2012

Yeah, that's nice looking gear. Don't know how those UL approvals relate to TM, tho'.

As to the plowing: imagine you're plowing a street. Up ahead you see a charging station. What do you do? Lift the blade at the critical moment and leave the snow on the road to avoid burying the unit? Really?

Superliner | 20 oktober 2012

@ Brian H;

Don't know where you live but in MN. they will plow anything in sight under lol!! Really though the more considerate plow operators will change the blade angle to 90 deg. relative to the sidewalk / roadside etc. until past the charging station or ?? then reset to 45 deg. etc. to kick the snow off to the side more effectively

I seldom got that cooperation when the plow passed my driveway though UUGGHHH!! These days I have to worry about the Sun Melting my driveway!! Welcome to AZ! anyone??

Superliner | 20 oktober 2012

@ TikiMan;

Yep +1 on the NEMA 14-50's

pilotSteve | 21 oktober 2012

I'm going to wait and see when the first HPWCs are shipped, and hopefully read about owner experiences here before accepting delivery of mine.

Has anybody deleted their HPWC from a current order? I don't want to burp my delivery date.....