Research and development

Research and development


I would like to contact the Tesla Research and Development department. I would appreciate any information you can provide.

Thanks in advance. | 29 juni 2014

Got a world-changing idea that you want to sell to, er, share with, Tesla Motors, hmmm? Good luck with that.

Timo | 29 juni 2014

Couple of guesses: windmills capturing airflow charging the car and/or alternators on wheels to generate electricity from car movement. And variations of those.

Just in case your reason to contact R&D of Tesla is one of those, know that those wont work.

jgreelis | 30 juni 2014

Free electricity (Nikola Tesla's concept) would be ideal for Tesla Motors EVs. Not just at recharging stations, but anywhere the EV is parked. But the real big 'knock your socks off' application that would end selling gas automobiles permanently is teleportation. Teleport passenger and EV to anywhere (stay out of the water though) drive it at the new destination and teleport back. Use teleporting as a rapid (instantaneous) transits system and still have your vehicle too.

But is teleportation real today? Yes per, a U.S. Air Force Teleportation Report in August 2004 by Dr. Eric Davis -

He states its real, just by paranormal means, disagree - believe Tesla opened the door to teleporting and we do have the technology (slightly modified) to perform this application today. I do have a couple of Powerpoint video's explaining this potential. It does need more research, however, the possibility of development success it quite high, based upon how it solves the many mysteries and unexplained events happening in our world today.

It is believed this concept came from Nikola Tesla, although not entirely provable, but definitely not mine. I found it during the 20 year researching for the book I am authoring.

Timo | 30 juni 2014

But is teleportation real today? Yes per, a U.S. Air Force Teleportation Report in August 2004 by Dr. Eric Davis -

You have typo in that sentence: No per, a ....

Have you read that report? Nowhere in that it says that teleportation today is real.

Also, free energy by Nikola Tesla is not "free" as in comes out of nowhere, but free as in you don't pay for it. Go ahead, change the society to moneyless without greed, ignorance or laziness and you have succeeded at that.

Dramsey | 1 juli 2014

Timo, don't waste time trying to argue with this troll.

curiousguy | 2 juli 2014

Tesla doesnt do R&D

Timo | 3 juli 2014

They definitely do R&D. How else you think they have managed to design and develop Model S.

curiousguy | 3 juli 2014

i wish there would be an edit function here.

typically, in the battery industry, research pertains to the discovery of new materials and chemistries. this work is done by phd's in these disciplines. results here can be rather random since its purely discovery. projects are funded based on the ability of the scientists to sell their results in house and outside through publications and conferences. only the big companies typically spend money on this (think Toyota, GM, IBM, BASF, etc - they often also fund university startups with the same goal).

once anything has been validated with a potential use for a battery the early stages of development starts with testing of these materials in rudimentary cells (custom cells, then coin cells, then pouch cells... etc). This work is also done by PhDs. in my company (cant say who :) )this process takes somewhere around 5-7 years after which if no progress is made the project is scrapped and a new one is started.

if a project makes it past this point, it goes into advanced development. This is all engineering. Typically nothing new is added to the technical foundation, just a laborious process, most likely by combinatorial methods of squeezing the most out of the technology. This is another 5-7 years or so and it typically involves testing at the pack level.

if a project makes it past this point then it gets judged about going into production. from start to finish, a new technology typically spends 20 years in this chain before it makes into the market.

So, R&D typically refers to the first and the second part of the chain, typically conducted by specialists with PhD degrees. Tesla does not create or tries to develop new materials or groundbreaking technologies. According to Elon Musk it is employing high quality engineers to develop existing technologies. In a nutshell, what they are doing is called "advanced development" which is the last step before production.

sorry for the long reply but i figured it might be useful for this community to learn the meaning of these terms.

jgreelis | 3 juli 2014

Tesla Motors concept makes sense, actually makes dollars. They are not inventors, they manufacture EVs.

DTsea | 3 juli 2014

I find the teleportation delusion hilarious. Because... if we could teleport... why bother having a CAR much less teleporting it????

DTsea | 3 juli 2014

Curiousguy, there are a number of definitions of R&D. Yours is rational.


if you look in any annual report of a US public company, "R&D expense" means any expense to develop AND BRING TO MARKET any new product. So fundamental research may be included (or it can be a separate category); but engineering, testing, even sometimes prototype construction can ALL be considered R&D. This matters because R&D is a charge against earnings IN THE YEAR SPENT.

Capital expense (tooling and buildings) is generally not included (because it can be expensed over depreciation period as a pseudo-recurring expense- better for taxes).

Likewise, equipment such as robots may be charged to other categories like inventory, or capital expense (depending on how long it lasts) or recurring expense. Its under 'property plant and equipment.'

So by the legal definition, Tesla does a LOT of R&D. Emphasis on the 'D.'

Red Sage ca us | 3 juli 2014

DTsea's version is what I think of when I consider R&D at Tesla Motors. Essentially, they do internal Research to consider what they should Develop into a finished Product. It is that process that determines what items they Patent. If they find something that works, but then abandon it (because something better is discovered), they Patent it, so that someone else can get use out of it. If they find something that works, and they can use it themselves for a measured, real world advance, it goes into 'The Secret Sauce', until something better comes along.

jimglas | 31 december 2018

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andy.connor.e | 25 juni 2019

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David N | 25 juni 2019

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By the way, save your time, Tesla isn’t interested .