RFID card for public chargers

RFID card for public chargers

Does Tesla S come with an RFID card for public chargers ?
I know it's not free, and not talking about Tesla's own SC.
Wondering if they are providing one for convenience, like some other EV manufacturers/dealers do.


krogers | 15 oktober 2012

Each charging station company has different access cards and some are very inexpensive to obtain. for example, the ChargePoint card cost $4.95 to obtain, then you activate it. Many times there are events that the EVSE companies attend and sometimes they give the cards out for free. You can check with your local EAA chapter (Electric Atuo Association at, we (Silicon Valley chapter at were given many ChargePoint cards for National Plug In Day for our members. We might have extras.

sergiyz | 15 oktober 2012

Thanks, I'll definitely check your web site.
Plenty of time to get the card, was just curious whether or not tesla does it.
Chargepoint stations is what I have access to primarily.

CarlE_P439 | 16 oktober 2012

On the subject of ChargePoint, it seems that most of their chargers (at least on the east coast) have a maximum amperage of 30A which is way too slow to be useful on a road trip (a 300+ mile road trip anyway). I contacted them asking about any plans to install chargers with greater amperage and this is the response I received: "ChargePoint is open to all manufacturers of charging stations. While ChargePoint the company) does not currently have plans to manufacture a charger that supports 80A charging, we are ready, willing and able to support any manufacturer that does. Currently Siemens, Leviton, Eaton, and Fuji manufacture ChargePoint compatible stations with another 5 manufacturers in development but not announced. We would love to add a manufacturer/station that supports 80A charging to that list. The best thing you can do as a driver is to contact manufacturers of 80A stations and encourage them to get on the ChargePoint network."

So I think we electric car drivers need to either contact manufacturers or ChargePoint to let them know we need chargers with more juice!!!

space09 | 16 oktober 2012

I have a Blink Network card which works well:

I like Blink because they don't require a monthly fee. It is rare I need to charge on the road, but I have it for the cases where I do. Many of the Houston libraries have Blink chargers.

These are the guys that control the airport chargers in Houston but I don't have their card because it is minimum $19/month:

krogers | 16 oktober 2012

Comments about many of the currently installed EVSEs being 30A are correct. IMHO it was short sighted given the early EVs on the market at the time (instead of looking ahead 12 months). However, there are EVSEs that are capable of more amps, perhaps future EVSE installations will be more capable. Tesla Roadster chargers are capable of 70amps. So my plan on road trips: using SuperChargers and keeping a good list (really an updated app like recargo, share point, etc) of Tesla Roadster locations (that's why I configured with the twin chargers, and plan to buy a roadster to Model S adapter).