Seach or FAQ for Model X?

Seach or FAQ for Model X?

Sorry, haven't been on the forums in a while, but are there no search or FAQ options in the forums? I'm trying to get pricing and delivery date info on a Model X, but can't navigate through all the various threads.

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ghillair | 15 juli 2014

Here is a user created search function (using google)

Pricing has not been announced. Some guestamates are 5 to 10% more than a Model S.

Announced delivery is to start in early 2015 (maybe a few signatures in 4th qtr of 14). There are over 15,000 reservations world wide, so a new reservation is probably late summer U.S. later if overseas.

These are just the humble observations of retire that has spent way too much time on the forum in the last two years.

tonhal | 22 juli 2014


elizabeth.gottfried | 25 juli 2014

do the "signature" reservations in other countries jump over (common-guy) reservations in the US?

Tâm | 25 juli 2014


If I was Tesla, then yes.

Signature all over the world pay good money to be first, so it's only fair that US Signature owners get them first, then the rest of Signature owners from the rest of the globe such as Canada, Russia, China, Europe, Australia... should get them next. Then, only then, US general production owners should get them.

Hey! But I don't run Tesla, so you know the answer :)

NumberOne | 25 juli 2014

I am not sure how it works, but however it works will have little impact on US production model reservations because there are not that many world wide signature reservations in addition to the US ones. Signature reservation holders outside the US will get their cars earlier when compared to Model S signature reservation holders.

Brian H | 26 juli 2014

Since the Paint Shop for the S couldn't do both Sig Red and Multi-Coat red at once without displacing another color, they produced all NA Sig Reds first. The MX situation is different, but likely all world-wide Sigs will be done up front, together.

USCRXDR | 28 juli 2014

would like to have a liquid silver or platinum white as an option, as well as special wheel design, in fact since those of us who put down the money for a signature edition it would be nice to have Tesla ask us for suggestions, ex: what colors would you like , would you like navigation directions( N,E,etc.) in the rear view mirror or on the dash, it would be nice for them to ask us!

Brian H | 30 juli 2014

Without a new Paint Center in the new line, the MX will share colors with the MS. With a new PC ...