"Search" window for the forums?

"Search" window for the forums?

that way I can search for a topic without having to duplicate it, if it has already been answered... or has this question (suggestion) been made before? I don't know because THERE IS NO SEARCH CAPABILITY!! Let me know and get back to me. Have my handler get back to your handler and we'll do lunch, Okay?
My main question is, why no sales center in WISCONSIN? Do I have to write a nasty-gram to my Senators to beat them into submission? We're run by a Republican majority for the time being, and it would (should ) be a good time.

Dramsey | 23 april 2015

Yeah, wouldn't that be nice? Forum members have been begging for a search function for years, but apparently proving forum search is one of the Great Unsolved Problems in Computer Science, like the four-color map theorem used to be.

Rocky_H | 23 april 2015

That is why there is a frequently asked questions thread.

Two sites have been made to search these forums:

Yeah, there are several states that don't have stores yet. There are stores in Minneapolis and several in Chicago, so you can go there if you want to see the car in person and do a test drive. Sorry, that is about as close as you can do for right now. Meanwhile, I'm not sure if you know what you can go ahead and order the car from home if you are ready to buy. That doesn't need to be done at a store. I've still never seen a Tesla store.

Brian H | 24 april 2015

Many had never even seen an actual 3D mockup before ordering the car online.

Red Sage ca us | 26 april 2015

"Great Unsolved Problems in Computer Science..."