seating capacity

seating capacity

the description online says 5 adults and two kids. This must be a typo. Or please show an inside the cabin photo or diagram. I have 4 kids, so am very interested in something that can hold that many!

Ceilidh | 24 august 2010

It is not a typo. The plan as stated is to have a traditional 5 passenger compartment with the option for 2 rearward facing jumpseats for kids looking out the back hatchback glass. = seats 5 adults and 2 kids or 7 total passengers. your reading skills are up to snuff and so are Tesla's design skills :)

jburts | 25 august 2010

Like the previous post mentioned, the final 2 seats to get to the total of 7 are to rear-facing seats in the back. In one of the videos on YouTube, Elon Musk indicates that they are of a size for kids up to about 10 years old. Another YouTube video shows the rear being opened up.

One thing to mention is that the prototype that is being driven is not built on the Model S chassis, and the powertrain is not the same (so the space in the back of the car is going to be somewhat different-- but the prototype has a *huge* trunk!!!). A video by the same guy at this first video was from going on a ride in the prototype. He asked quite a number of questions on interior details and finish, and the answer was that the prototype was a good indication of the external look of the car, but the interior was going to have quite a number of things that would likely change.

TslaFan | 6 september 2010

Will it fit 2 car seats in the back? We've would be selling our 3 series to move into this car. With 2 kids, I'd love to know this.


Timo | 6 september 2010

You mean that you have five adults and two kids? Then I don't know.

This whole idea to have kids in this awkward position in the car is a bit dubious. If they are small enough that they need constant attention that is a bad place to put them, and if they are old enough that they do not need attention they will want to get out of that tiny class prison.

I'd rather have two massive bass loudspeakers in that space.

Brian H | 7 september 2010

Now, Timo. Jump seats (in this case for ~10 yr. olds and younger) are a long-standing tradition. I remember riding in one as a child; loved it!

Brian H | 7 september 2010

People with big bass speakers in their cars are hoodlums.

Roblab | 7 september 2010

People with 2 kids in the jump seats won't be able to hear the bass speakers anyway. Yeah, it's sad. We always opted for the four inch sound insulated wall behind the back seat....

Dan5 | 7 september 2010

Back in the 80's early 90's when I was a kid, my parents had a station wagon like that. I was a rather tall child (5 ft in 5th grade), and I fit comfortably back there (at least for a road trip from southern NJ to Canada- I think I was in 5th grade). So if it's the same design as the ones in station wagons, they should be able to fit two 3rd graders back there comfortably

Airman.Williams | 22 september 2010

Are there safety concerns for the children in the rear facing seats, say in the event of a rear end collision?

Vawlkus | 23 september 2010

Tesla's cars are subject to the same standards for car safety as any other being developed for the road.

Thus, they have to meet safety requirements before they're allowed to be built. Just like the roadster, the first couple prototypes will be used in crash tests, and the rear facing seats will be tested in a variety of crash scenarios.

For the record, several minivans already use rear facing seats, and old style British taxi cabs have been using them for decades. I think if there was a serious issue, it would have been determined by now.