SF to LA Memorial Day weekend

SF to LA Memorial Day weekend

I have yet to use the superchargers and am planning to head to LA next weekend. I'm a little concerned about having a back up at the chargers. Anyone else making the trip next weekend? Any thoughts by those who have done the journey? Appreciate your posts. Have three kids coming along, one 8 months

Brian H | 17 maj 2013

Backups seem to be rare and brief.

carlf9121 | 17 maj 2013

I took the Cupertino to LA / OC and back 2 weeks ago. Going down on a Thursday, no Telsas at the SuperChargers. But on the return on the Sunday, a backup at the Hawthorne SuperCharger. Waited 30 minutes in the queue. The far left charging bay was not working. Also, depending which bay is open and if another Tesla is sharing the power grid, then the charging time is much longer (lose almost 1/3 of the advertised 150 miles in 30 minutes. You should plan between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to your driving time, each direction.

At the Hawthorne SuperCharger, there is only a trailer for restrooms. Very clean though. What is very cool about the Hawthorne SuperCharger is that it is outside of Tesla's R&D facility where they have a mock of the Model X and a map of the current & future SuperCharger location. If you can arrive during business hours, that will be an experience for you & the kids.

Also, the SuperCharger & Tesla's R&D facility is on the backside of Elon's Space X campus. You can see parts of rockets as you drive on in.

At both the Tejon Ranch & Harris Ranch, there are places to eat & relax.

Enjoy the Drive & the Experience using the SuperChargers!

negarholger | 17 maj 2013

Memorial weekend will be the first real test after the Harris expansion. I would better my chances by driving unusual times. Let us know how it went.

SonomaDriver | 17 maj 2013

Memorial Day weekend will be very busy. If you drive during "prime time," you will be waiting.

Aleksandyr | 17 maj 2013

How many bays are there? I was thinking of hitting gilroy early and then holding out until
Tehon ranch. I think it should make it. I only have 60 miles from there.

rwang | 18 maj 2013

While it's tempting to go 75 to 90 on I5, just keep in mind the faster you go, the least efficient you will be and the more time you'll need at the charger.

wE took the car to LA on delivery the first day we bought the car. Some of the chargers were offline but we were lucky enough to get the SuperCharger support team to have them turned back on.

backups were bad at Harris Ranch and Hawthorne but that was before Harris Ranch expansion.

Good luck!


CraigW | 18 maj 2013

We picked up our Model S 60kWh at the factory 17 Jan and drove it home to Los Angeles. First stop was Harris Ranch and we had problems, but it seems they were because we had never charged the car before. Overall I wouldn't worry about chargers, but you may have a wait in line on Memorial Day weekend.

Big difference between averaging 60mph and 75mph - we averaged 75mph on our drive home down I5 with a 60kWh, but I would not advise this if you are fearful about the car.

negarholger | 18 maj 2013

@Aleksandyr - Gilroy to Tejon is 235 miles via 152. Via 101 and 198 or 46 close to 260 miles. I know 152 and the hills will eat quite a bit of your miles. I would at least plan to add some miles at Harris... there are now 6+1 SC stations.
Gilroy has 4 bays and can fill up very quickly with the additional Monterey / Carmel traffic on weekends, but you should be fine in the morning.

Earl and Nagin ... | 18 maj 2013

I know it will probably be rough to find Supercharger bays but what a glorious weekend it will probably be since I suspect there will be more EVs on the road than have ever been in history!
There are a lot of EV friendly RV park backups along I-5 but I suspect it would be better to wait for a Supercharger.
Here's a brief list of the exits with EV friendly RV parks if you get desperate:
- Jayne Ave and I-5
- Lost Hills Rd (CA 46) and I-5
- Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area Near Taft Hwy and I-5 at intersection of Enos Ln and Union Rd.
. . . and if you are in LA and need a faster charge than the 30 amp J-1772s don't forget the Nema 14-50 at Home Depot in Downey: 7075 Firestone Blvd., Downey,CA 90241,, and offer the best information on public charging station.

Aleksandyr | 18 maj 2013

I wish the version 4.5 would get pushed soon so the chargers are within easy access to the map.
@kleist - I have driven 152, now that you mention it, hills would eat quite a bit. will have to stop at harris for bit I guess, maybe skip gilroy?

Anyone else making the trip next weekend?

negarholger | 18 maj 2013

Super chargers are on Google maps - just search for Tesla Superchargers. Also they are listed in the nav system... again just search for Tesla Superchargers.
Harris is hard to miss - there is nothing else around. Tejon I haven't been.

celtrog | 18 maj 2013

Just did that trip.
There was a slight backup at Gilroy......charger is next to Sony store.
Charger can be expensive's at the outlet mall!!

Caution fom gilroy don't use took us through Hollister......way way too long.
Be sure to take hwy 156 ( or is it 152....don't recall)

Harris ranch was one other car (charger right in font of the restaurant)

Tejon Ranch there was nobody at all.......
It's next to yogurt land
Have a great trip

Aleksandyr | 20 maj 2013

Anyone else making the trip?

EDH AL | 20 maj 2013

Made the trip on Easter Sunday (03/31/13) and both Harris Ranch and Tejon Ranch were "crowded" (only the original supercharger was available at harris Ranch at that time). Three days later, no holiday and no waiting. Since then, 6 superchargers, of course, have been added to Harris Ranch but so have 4,500 (+ or -) Model S added to the on-road fleet! | 20 maj 2013

@celtrog Take 152 from 101 to 5. 156 works, but it is 20 minutes longer. 156 is a good alternate if 152 is closed (as it was several weeks ago due to a major crash).

Brian H | 20 maj 2013

The bulk of those 4500 were already on the road then. Perhaps 1500+ were added since Easter Sunday. All across the country. Waiting for new SCs to appear!

Aleksandyr | 21 maj 2013

My wife and I decided not to take the Tesla this memorial day weekend. We will scope out the chargers and note how busy they are, but we really don't want to be waiting in line with our three kids, one of them 8 months.

jjaeger | 21 maj 2013

Did Bay Area to San Diego this past weekend. No one at Harris Ranch or Tejon Pass on the way down. Stopped at Hawthorne just to see it and have it understood/location if ever needed. Was 1 other car there when we arrived and another joined as we left. North bound trip on Monday 5-20 stopped only at Tejon & Harris. No one there for either charge. You should go for it.