Signature price increase over general production? Guesses on Price for 90D?

Signature price increase over general production? Guesses on Price for 90D?

Is the 132,000 price for the model x and increase over a general production P90D? Because this seem to be way over the price of a MS P90D?

Also, what would you expect the 90D model x to cost?

Thanks for any input

aesculus | 2 september 2015

An analysis was done over at TMC and it showed that there was only a $1000 difference between the S and X for the same features.

You are mixing apples to oranges here. Go run the S configurator and choose the same options that the signature S has and you will see. A few places you will have to guess features as there are not the same thing on the S such as towing, but that's an option anyway. | 2 september 2015

I got a call from my bank. There is a small pile of money that is heating up and threatening to burn a hole through the vault. It is my stash for the X that I figure is going to cost $100 K before trade in. Just a regular old X90 with 3 rows of seats, no cold weather equipment, no ludicrousness, no tow, no air suspension, no premium seats or entertainment system. Premium paint and tan leather, though and 20" wheels.

carlk | 2 september 2015

The price looks very reasonable and is somewhat lower than what (~5~10% above S price) I expected.

TonyInNH | 2 september 2015

An S90D costs 88,000, based on the falcon wing doors, bigger size, and perhaps larger motors I would guess

X90D ~ 93,000

Let me emphasize, it's JUST A GUESS!!!

ernie | 2 september 2015

@george...etc. Did you inexplicably launder your money in a petroleum based solvent instead of water making if susceptible to spontaneous combustion? Although water is the universal solvent, sometimes we who are no longer jogging can make mistakes.

I am going to have to think about the premium seats as my wife and I get sore in the hind end and lower back during longer trips. Otherwise, I think I too should eschew the insanity and ludicrous modes…although they are tempting. I have spent more stupid dollars than that on structures which sit in and displace water which also consume prodigious amounts of ca$h. Last year I had the second happiest day of my life when I found someone else who wanted to experience the joy of ownership of the vessel of their dreams.

carlk | 2 september 2015

$5K over similarly optioned S. Elon has just twited.

Not sure if the sculptural work of art 2nd row seat is an option though.

TonyInNH | 2 september 2015

Called it :)

Daniel_L | 2 september 2015

Thanks, that's great news! Would you expect that 5k price increase to be the same on canadian vehicles as well? | 2 september 2015

Definition: boat: hole in water filled with money

Good guess @Tony. You have established yourself as a clairvoyant. What else is Elon thinking?

SD in the OC | 2 september 2015

Does anyone know the answer to the first question? How much more (if any) is the Sig. X versus the production X with the same features? When I went this on the S, the 85 was around $5k more and the P85 gap was a little less apples to apples.

Red Sage ca us | 2 september 2015

Choices, timing, and badges. That is what a Model X Signature purchase buys you.

White interior and Signature Red exterior. Ludicrous or not. Towing package or not. Winter package or not. So, not much choice.

Delivery prior to December 31, 2015 in North America -- maybe, assuming there is no significant delay from a supplier of the winter package. So, timing is hurry up and wait -- some more.

The script for the word 'Signature' is really, truly pretty. So, it's up to you to decide if a $40,000 up front charge is worth it.

My guess is that with Multicoat Red paint, Ludicrous mode, towing package, and winter package applied to a standard issue general production reservation... You may not get the car until March 2016 (if you believe Naysayers)... So the difference in cost is mostly time, because the price of the car itself will be about the same. What is that worth to you...?

ernie | 2 september 2015

I can't get my mind around a white leather interior, won't tow, won't haul 7, need winter package, need all the tech items, want better sound, don't need several of the things that seem to be on the Signature series. I had the opportunity to be about 1200, passed it up and do not regret it.

Red Sage ca us | 2 september 2015

Don't worry. Tesla Motors will probably sell around 30,000 of the Model X in Los Angeles County alone over the next year.

eric.zucker | 3 september 2015

I don't care much for the prestige of the Signature label, even though I expect to configure my MX close to that.

90kWh battery, 7 seats, subzero, towing, premium sound, interior and lighting, tech stuff, 20" winter, maybe 22" summer if it can be done.

Ludicrous ? not sure. Those 10k could be put to better use elsewhere, like solar panels to recharge the MX.

vandacca | 3 september 2015

I find the Signature choices too restrictive for me. I would get the Performance option in a heartbeat if it didn't impact range, but since range is more important to me than performance, I definitely prefer the X90D configuration. Also, I really like the looks of those 2nd row seats, but if they don't fold and provide me with a nice large cargo area, I may have to opt for the cheaper seats. And I don't really care for the Signature Red colour or the white interior, so missing out on those is easy.

Otherwise, I plan on loading it up with all the remaining options. In my opinion, a Signature reservation holder shouldn't have any disadvantages over a regular reservation, but there is clearly a disadvantage if one wants prefers a more practical utility vehicle.

SD in the OC | 3 september 2015

Red Sage ca us, that doesn't answer my question. I was an early owner of the Model S and had both reservations. (Sig and Reg) I am in the same position this time on the X. I did not want the Sig Red, so I cancelled my Sig res. and went with reg production P85 because it was less expensive with EXACTLY the same features. I am around 250 Sig and 250 Reg. reservation number (I have both), so the difference in delivery for me is not that great. I want to keep the original question alive:

Does anyone know the answer to the first question? How much more (if any) is the Sig. X versus the general production X with the same features? On the S, the 85 was around $5k more and the P85 gap was a little less "apples to apples".

Red Sage ca us | 3 september 2015

SD in the OC: As I said, "...about the same." I don't know the numbers for certain. I would expect the difference, if any, to be within 1% to 2% overall. Thus, a Model X Production model may cost $129,360 compared to a Model X Signature at $132,000 in a similar configuration. Even a 5% difference would put the Model X Production car at $125,400. Elon Musk said that Model X pricing would be in single digits difference from Model S pricing, and it turns out to be within 1%, when doubters expected as much as a 20% premium on Model X. So, in effect, I do not believe the actual dollar amount matters as much as getting what you want. If you don't need to get the car before Christmas 2015, and don't want Signature Red, drop your Signature Reservation.

johnse | 3 september 2015

Two data points:
1) Over at TMC they have attempted to back out the price and find that the Sig package price is very close (within a thousand or so) of a similarly configured Model S.
2) Elon tweeted that the MX would be $5000 more than a similarly configured MS.

Therefore, you may actually be seeing a little bit of a bargan with the Sig X.

SD in the OC | 6 september 2015

Rad sage, your answer is off. I just talked to Tesla. They understand my question. Unlike the Model S at this stage they do not know the price delta, and also, whether the white leather seats will be available on the general production X. You are not in my situation, so your input is not helpful unless you have specific knowledge, including the 1-2% comment. As a reference, the Sig. S was $5k more than the same feature gen. production S and the car was not $250-500k. I will update for those who care to know when I find out. Also, I can get a general production unit by Christmas as well since I am #250 on that also. If anyone finds out any real data on price deltas please contribute. BTW, johnse, I am not talking about S versus X, but Sig X versus gen. X. Thanks

Red Sage ca us | 6 september 2015

I wrote, "I don't know the numbers for certain."

Guess I'll shut up now.


johnse | 7 september 2015

You didn't grasp what I was saying. Try algebra:

Elon States: MX = MS + $5K (at same option level)
TMC worked out: SIG MX = MS + $1K or so (at same option level)
Therefore, a SIG MX seems like it may be a little less expensive than a non-sig MX at the same options level.

SD in the OC | 15 september 2015

Still no answer on price deltas from Tesla between Sig and en, but ordered the Sig since my wife wanted white leather and no confirmation it will be on the gen prod car. I would expect it will be the 29th at the earliest before we find out.

ian | 15 september 2015

You know it's not real leather don't you?

SD in the OC | 16 september 2015


ernie | 18 september 2015

Just my opinion...white will not be practical. Will not be ordering it. | 18 september 2015

White outside=good
White inside=not so good

ernie | 18 september 2015

Zactly carz are meant to be white outside...well for me. But, they do have a pallet full of palettes for different folkz.

Ross1 | 21 september 2015

The seats are reportedly being made by an Australian manufacturer. The white leather is from albino kangaroos.

There is an Aussie Xmas carol about them that goes: Six white boomers,
Snow white boomers....(kangaroos)

Here is a youtube of it:

tmaz | 21 september 2015

@sd in the oc - I need to call you out on your tone with red sage. IMO you were quite rude and unreceptive to this forums opinions because you did not receive a response that you already predetermined in your mind before even asking the question. NOBODY knows what a non sig wl cost, not even the employees that we can actually talk to. The best you will get is educated guesses. If that is not sufficient for you than perhaps you should have refrained from asking the question. However, if educated guesses from experienced forum members is what you were looking for, then please don't be so condescending when they try to help. Often times our guesses are pretty damn close to reality. Ok rant over

SD in the OC | 21 september 2015

Latest FB from Tesla is that Sig X prices will likely be a premium over Gen X with the same features. It could be similar to the Model S which was approx. a $5k delta on the 85 and a $3k delta on the P85. Also, the Ultra white seats are actually softer than the leather (like lamb or deer) and should be fairly stain resistant. No kids so this should work.

ian | 22 september 2015

Love the look of the ultra white seats in the white X. If that choice remains for general production I'm going to have a hard time NOT choosing it! ;-)

SD in the OC | 22 september 2015

I don't have any specific FB on Model X vs Model S pricing other than the $5k delta Elon Musk mentioned.