tune in and slacker internet radio are decreasing their stations (especially sports). does tesla support sirius/xm?

rich | 28 april 2015

you can stream Sirius/XM via the online app through bluetooth, considering that Sirius/XM audio is so compressed and low bit rate, you lose practically nothing in terms of quality..

longlakeis | 28 april 2015

When ordering, XM radio antenna is only compatible with the All Glass Panoramic Roof with the Ultra High Fidelity Sound Option. I learned this the hard way. I didn't get the All Glass Panoramic Roof thus no Sirius/XM selection under the Radio option screen.

Eletrek | 28 april 2015

I think the real answer to you question is Yes. MS comes with a built in ss Sirius/xm radio that you then just activate with Sirius/xm and you are good to go.

ashworthb | 20 september 2015

My Model S (90 D) has Sirius XM SATELLITE RADIO, but I'm confused about how to tune in stations above channel 250. Sirius XM channel guide has stations up to 800+, but the tuner in my car stops at about 250? Is this a problem with the Tesla implementation?

mr.numbers77 | 20 september 2015

It's a bit confusing but the old XM channel lineup goes into the 900's. Newer SiriusXM tuners (post merger) go into the 250's.

GHammer | 20 september 2015

Anything above 250 is Online Only.

schuyleur | 20 september 2015

I find the interface of Sirius/XM on the Model S to be one of the worst I've encountered in a car. Very hard to navigate through stations. I also find that reception is an issue. | 18 juli 2019

Looking at 2015 90D with pano roof, but seems to have only Standard Audio (at least Tesla Used listing does not state that has HF sound option. Does this mean that no "built-in" Sirius XM? Streaming only via bluetooth?

rickrparker | 18 juli 2019

I use Sirius XM with no problems. New 2019 model S delivered in June. I think if you have the selection you press 0 on channel button if you have the XM displaying in Music. You'll see your XM radio ID button. Call Sirius give then the ID number and your good in less than 5 min.


EVRider | 18 juli 2019

@don: One of the previous (old) replies suggests you need the HF package to get XM, but I don't know if that is correct or if anything changed during 2015 regarding XM.

To be sure, you should contact the seller.

rxlawdude | 18 juli 2019

@don, a 2015 without the "Ultra Hi Fidelity" system specified does NOT have XM.