Software Update .61

Software Update .61

Was running errands tonight when I got the software update notification. It's 4.5. 61 or so...
Noticed that:
1. No Valet Mode
2. No Map follows direction of vehicle...

Release notes talk mostly about better battery heating, cooling, new 2X shows better labels...

Always happy to get an update, but a little disappointed there wasn't sharks with frikin' lasers or other cool stuff... :-p

J.T. | 23 juli 2013


drakjr | 23 juli 2013

Just got an update message today and I scheduled to do the update tonight. Thanks for the heads up on what to expect so I don't get too disappointed tomorrow morning.

GeekEV | 23 juli 2013

If it's still 4.5 then it's probably just more bug fixes.

michael1800 | 23 juli 2013

^ Just installed it myself. That was the same patch notes as the last software version I had, so just a bug fix. I'll see if I notice anything different tomorrow.

Tâm | 23 juli 2013

I don't have the new version yet, but may be it's an update each time there's a newly active Supercharger.

Someone has to put those new Superchargers on the map right?

highfalutintodd | 23 juli 2013

Nearing 3,000 miles on my S 85. Still no sign of 4.5 in sight (any version). Curious.

michael1800 | 23 juli 2013

@Tam False. Since 4.5 newly activated SCs go on the map without software updates. It less clearly states this in the patch notes, but was confirmed in the forums when Normal and Centralia SCs showed up without updates.

markapeterman | 23 juli 2013

Got .61 today also - nothing noticeable yet.

David70 | 23 juli 2013

The release notes don't really mention anything that wasn't in 1.33.51.

sergiyz | 23 juli 2013

it looks like a maintenance release, but no errata is provided - hard to tell what was fixed.
release notes match what was in the previous release.

davidg11 | 23 juli 2013

Elon just tweeted "Sharks with lasers are will be provided on the next update."

jat | 23 juli 2013

Bluetooth broke after mine was updated to .61 this morning (it just shows a dialog "Bluetooth is initializing, please wait" forever). I'll try rebooting tomorrow, otherwise I hope it is fixed soon.

NKYTA | 24 juli 2013

Got .61 a couple days back. New SC's on the map, all car functions working as expected.

hademarco | 24 juli 2013

So Tesla does read these posts. | 24 juli 2013

I would guess that if there is sharks w/ lasers update coming soon, it is going to come around the earnings call on the 7th -- cool new features will help with the analysts.


mjs | 24 juli 2013

I don't think the bicycle thread will appreciate the sharks with frikin lasers release.

Bob W | 25 juli 2013

1.33.61 fixed the 17" display fan-stuck-on-high all the time issue. I'm very happy about that. :-)

I am 3146 | 25 juli 2013

I am not sure if a new setting appeared for me. Ubder Apps, Slacker now has a setting based upon cellular signal strength. My sound system sounds much better since installing the new update.

cb9 | 25 juli 2013

+1 highfalutintodd
I am still on 4.4 so I guess new bug fix roll outs will continue to those with 4.5 til it is stable, then go to the rest of 4.4 install base.
That actually makes sense to me. I know if I really wanted 4.5 I could call and get it pushed, Tesla knows what they are doing.

earlyretirement | 25 juli 2013

I was recently at a San Diego Tesla Club meeting and there was an employee from the SD Service Center there. Really nice guy and seemed very knowledgable and he said that there is a reason not everyone gets the updates at the same time.

He said that they monitor all of the prime and ideal conditions for you to get an update. Because sometimes you may not be ready for it based on what data Tesla sees. So it does sound like there is some controlled reasons for the updates.

He said that you can always come to a service center (with appointment) and get an update. It can take 2 hours. But he said it's best to wait until Tesla notifies you that you're ready for an update.

akikiki | 25 juli 2013

Got .61 today also - nothing noticeable yet.

Pulled into the office parking lot my usual hour+ before co-workers arrive. Was going to just sit in the S for the usual/daily 20-30 minutes that I do, just enjoying the car. So, what the heck, started the .61 update. Only took 8 minutes with 4 bars. So I guess the update message that states it will take 45 minutes is just standard formatted message.

Am I the only person that gets to work and wishes I could turn around and drive away just for the fun of it? Am I the only person that just sits in the car enjoying and admiring the beauty? And can't wait for the end of the day so I can drive her again...

mlnewman | 25 juli 2013

@akikiki - you are NOT the only one. :-) I ask my wife every day, "Hey, do you have any errands you need me to run?" Just so I can maybe get a few extra minutes in the car!

I got notification to upgrade to .61 yesterday (and posted about it). No noticeable changes that I can see, as I was already on 4.5.

Happy driving, everyone!

wcalvin | 25 juli 2013

Update runs with no bars (sub basement parking). Is downloaded earlier, probably when you get the Set Time notice.

markhanso | 25 juli 2013

Tire Pressure Low - Red Exclamation Mark warning
Update installed last night.
Came up at second drive of the morning. Stopped and visually checked tires. All looked good.
Restarted with same tire pressure warning although it self corrected about 10 minutes into the drive.

TeslaLandShark | 25 juli 2013

I wish they would just re-release sleep mode. I hate watching 10 miles of range drain away every day. There's someone on the forum who's still on 4.l because they didn't want to lose sleep mode. When I got my MS it was already on 4.2 so I was SOL.

KWTESLA | 25 juli 2013

I had the same disappearing tire pressure warning . My car update again on 4.5 a few days ago.
Looks like a bug fix .

Laryrob | 25 juli 2013

I had same tire pressure warning issue-take it to a service center -it's a ten minute fix-apparently on some units the sensor wasn't in the right place-tire pressure warning hasn't gone on since

RZitrin1 | 25 juli 2013

I just got it and scrolled down. Didn't it deal with "vampire load" by saying if you keep it plugged in, charge comes from wall and not the car? Or was that there in the last 4.5 version (.54)?

Lush1 | 25 juli 2013

Dear akikiki,

Agreed, you're not the only one who hangs out in their Tesla. I do it a lot. I rarely eat lunch, but on days when I'm tired or just want to get out of the office, I'll move my car to a discrete corner of the lot, turn on the HVAC, recline the seat and rest. Most workplaces aren't conducive to napping and idling an ICE for an hour is irresponsible, even illegal in many places. Other times I'll surf the net, do some emailing or listen to music. At home I often take cellphone calls to my car for privacy. The Model S makes a great "cone of silence" (a "Get Smart" reference for you youngsters). We've been having a brutal heat wave in the east. The AC at home can't fully cool the master bedroom in our 4 story town house. I haven't spent the night in the car, but I often need to literally chill out there for a while or I won't get any sleep. Electric HVAC turns a car into a portable office, refuge, camper, private hideout, etc. Sorry for rambling off topic.

Back to the subject. I have 4.5(1.33.54) and an update (presumably 4.6.1) queued for tonight. My S was delivered with 4.2. in February. It now has some very nice features that came via various updates. What a great deal. Patches and bug fixes are appreciated too, though less exciting. Still, how many cars get upgraded, repaired or tweaked for free while they are parked somewhere? Are there cars, besides Tesla, that get any kind of free software updates over the air? If so, do any get new features this way? Sorry for rambling on topic. Just enjoying some "me time" in the car after work.
Thanks again Tesla, for everything.

J.T. | 25 juli 2013

I updated to the .61 in the a.m. and when I had a chance to drive it later in the day I got the tire warning. It came on, it went off for a mile then came on again. Since I was planning my first road trip, Long Island to Albany, NY, I figured it would be prudent to check. Every tire was 5-7 lbs. low.

I was going to ignore it because of all the posts about faulty TPMS antennae and sensors. Glad I took the time.

Anonymous | 25 juli 2013

They really need to display individual pressures. Hopefully it's just a software update.

Manta | 25 juli 2013

I'm on 4.5 (1.33.54) and I have update scheduled for tonight. I checked the Supercharger list, and the new Florida Superchargers were listed, so it looks like those are loaded independent of the firmware update.

Brian H | 25 juli 2013

They were probably even lower than that. Should be checked when cold, parked. Done on the highway they will be warm, and read higher than they "really" are. Check again, maybe in the a.m.

portia | 25 juli 2013

got my .61 notice and installed today, had .59 a few weeks ago. same release notes.

shilo_js | 25 juli 2013

Updated this morning. Traffic info in Nav much improved (severe update delays prior to update)...

J.T. | 26 juli 2013

@BH Thanks. I left the waiting part out of my post so it would be wittier.

stsanford | 26 juli 2013

@jtodtman - Me too, I just checked to be prudent and all tires were -10 low... Added air.

john3morton | 26 juli 2013

I am 3146 do you have the Sound package?

I have noticed my "non-sound package" is not very loud at all, sound is OK - i guess what I expected by not getting the upgrade... just quiet.

jnb | 26 juli 2013

Tire pressure posts are interesting. Got the update and the second day later had my first tire pressure warning. All of the tires were a few pounds under. filled them up and it went away. didn't imagine that there was a connection until reading this thread . . . .

Bob W | 26 juli 2013

I saw my first tire pressure warning well before install of .61 (was on .48). First time in six months. It returned a day or two later. Measured pressure was about 40.5 psi instead of 45. Filled tires to 45 psi and warning has not returned, so I guess it is working very well!

This is for the standard 19" tires on an 85.

nickjhowe | 26 juli 2013

Updating to .61 (from .59) as I write this.

bfranks273 | 26 juli 2013

got .61 tonight, Got .59 July 11. Quickest update yet. Will drive this weekend to see if any issues.

shop | 26 juli 2013

I could be wrong, but I think they added a convenience wipe feature with .61. ie. when you press in the button for windshield washer, it now does a pass, waits for a bit and then does another pass. I don't think it used to do that.

Xerogas | 26 juli 2013

Mine has always paused between windshield wipes, and behaves the way you described.

ddruz | 27 juli 2013

Just upgraded from 4.4 to 4.5 (.61) last night and my wipers definitely wipe more smoothly. Before they dragged and stuck even in plenty of rain. I was pleasantly surprised.

Pungoteague_Dave | 27 juli 2013

ddruz - seriously? TM can't change the mechanics of windshield wipers via software download. Methinks we are beginning to see phantom or placebo events as a result of the car's self-supporting software systems.

earlyretirement | 27 juli 2013

Just out of curiosity, when you order a new car and pick it up will it have the latest software update installed?

For those of you that picked up new cars lately, has it had the latest version installed?

Bighorn | 28 juli 2013

I received my car two days ago and there was a screen notice of a pending update. I allowed .61 to load last night without incident. I assume it had .59, but wasn't facile enough with features to have recognized it before the update.

billbaggy | 28 juli 2013

This was before the .61 update. After driving 7 months and over 13,000 miles, I was getting a TPMS warning, but only in the afternoon when leaving work and it would go away after a couple of mins of driving. Never in the am. Tires looked fine. I have had my 19" tires rotated and checked once at approximately 8000 miles.

Thought something else was going on, but decided to check the tire pressure, all were 40.5-41psi. Glad I checked. Put some air in and have not had TPMS warning since. I guess the TPMS did its job. Although I read it was not supposed to warn until pressure was down 25%. I am fine with it warning at 10%. I am assuming it was actually down a bit more than what I measured because I would get the warning after it was in a cold parking garage as opposed to my relatively hotter garage overnight.

JPPTM | 28 juli 2013

I got .59 at the Fremont SC on 7/19, and just got the OTA update to .61 yesterday. Sat in the car to watch--about 10 minutes of lights flashing on and off, door handles presenting and retracting, relays clicking on and off. No major changes noted yet, but presumably this is a bug fix (release notes apepar the same).

BTW, I had the well known TPMS warnings from day 1--issue with the location/position of the transponder. Fixed at Fremont SC and no new alerts.