Solar City Installs - any alternatives

Solar City Installs - any alternatives

Waiting for Solar City to get back to me.

quote is in the 1100 range and it's going to be 2nd week of January
Looking for some alternatives in the bay area that are:

1. faster
2. better
3. cheaper

yeah.. tech guy here..

thanks in advance.


Electron | 9 december 2012

What are you installing? Any electrician should be able to install a NEMA 14-50 for you,
or even the HPWC for that matter. There's nothing special about Solar City.

rwang | 9 december 2012

Yep. looks like NEMA 14-50 for now. they were recommended for the high power install. I think they are just contracting out as well.

jjaeger | 9 december 2012

rwang - I received a Solar City quote but also had a local electrician provide one. At least for me (easy install since I have a garage 100A panel that has lots of open space/amps) the local quote was a fraction from Solar City. Completed last week, looks great and awaiting my delivery.

Velo1 | 9 december 2012

Solar City's quote to me was about the same as a local electrician. I accepted Solar City mainly since they do a lot of installs for Tesla owners.

shop | 9 december 2012

A nema 14-50 plug installation isn't rocket science. Find a 2 position space on a nearby panel, run 50a rated wire to the plug location. Wire the plug. Attach the breaker and wire it in. The only tricky question is whether or not you are close to maxing out household load. One way to make yourself feel better about that is to convert your clothes dryer from electric to gas. Voila you've eliminated a 40a load right there.

jchangyy | 9 december 2012

I got a quote from Solar city for NEMA 14-50. $450 if I install in garage, next to my main panel (outside wall). $650 if I get the plug on the other side of the garage with approximately 10-15 feet of wiring, going above the garage. My main panel supports upto 200A. I do have a subpanel inside the garage, but no open slots.

hope this helps. I called Romano electrician in Santa Clara, who quoted me $300-$400 depending on the job.

Getting Amped Again | 9 december 2012

I've had good luck using Yelp for sorts of things including auto body work and flooring installation, and I've found good service-providers every time. I plan to use them to find an electrician. Nothing beats reviews by real customers.

Some of my worst experiences have been with companies that are the biggest in the area, or advertise the most. Yelp is the way to go IMO.

noel.smyth | 9 december 2012

Installing a 14-50 myself. Ran the 60' of wire today, still need to hook to the service where my dryer used to be. About 250 in materials (also adding a 110 outlet ) and 50 in tools (which is a bonus anytime I get to improve my tool box! ). I'll finish it next weekend in plenty of time for my new S!

HiddenGems99 | 9 december 2012

Just outside of Seattle - NEMA 14-50, 3 hours, $360, right next to panel in garage. Was out of capacity in my panel - electrician had to re-arrange a bit in the box, but looks to be good to go. I do like HomeAdvisor to source locally reviewed contractors. Free service.

TikiMan | 9 december 2012

If you already have a 220 volt pannle, you shouldn't have to pay more than $300.00 for a NEMA 14-50 amp setup. Most licensed electricians should have no problem installing it.

cablechewer | 9 december 2012

I paid about $270 for wire, breakers, conduit, etc and about $90 for an electrician to do the final hookup and test it. I ran the wire myself, put the conduit in place and did everything but the panel. That got me a Nema 14-50 on the side of my garage opposite the panel. I needed the conduit because the ceiling and that side of the garage are drywalled (I didn't want to take it down and patch it after). My only regret is I overpaid for the wire because I overestimated the distance. Now I have about 10-12 feet left over. Still, I suppose extra is better than not enough :)

mrspaghetti | 10 december 2012


Where are you? Someone else on the board may buy it from you to get their outlet ready :)

DanD | 11 december 2012

To prepare for my new car.

Spending $5700 with my electrician and $42,000 with my contractor.

OK. So I'm having to upgrade the electrical from a 50 year old fuse box to a 200amp breaker box. Install new lighting and outlets in the garage. Reconstruct and clad an exterior 2 story wall for the garage. Insulate,drywall, paint, trim, panel, reseal floor, replace an existing garage door and add a second one. All this on a 2 story 40'x25' 115 year old urban carriage barn.

I think the NEMA 14-50 is now an after-thought.

adstein | 11 december 2012

Great Solar City Experience

They are mid job right now but work looks very professional and they have kept all of their promises. My job is a little more complicated and their original bid apparently missed some required work. When I asked why the final was so much more they realized their initial mistake AND offered to honor the original price. I spit the difference with them as it was an honest mistake and they were doing the right thing.

biwamura | 12 december 2012

I received delivery window of Dec. 15-31 and now scrambling to get the HPWC hookup. Called Solar City yesterday and within 24 hours have a install date for next Monday. I have only experienced great service from them and they maybe a little higher than getting your own electrician, but they have a repurtation to uphold and are recommended by TESLA.

viranjit | 12 december 2012

Positive Solar City experience:
SF Bay area
Received delivery window of Dec. 15-31. I had already contacted Solar City earlier, sent pictures and had agreed to cost of installation, expecting a Jan. or Feb. delivery.

When I emailed them yesterday updating delivery window to Dec. 15-30, they set up an appointment for the following day. This morning they showed up on time, installed a NEMA 15-50 outlet in the garage and will take care of applying for permits. When my HPWC arrives, they will swap out the NEMA 15-50 for the HPWC (so they wired the junction box for the HPWC in anticipation).

I am very pleased with their promptness and quality of work.

Brian H | 13 december 2012

Could you have written a better wishlist? Very impressive.

adstein | 13 december 2012

SolarCity just completed install. Perfect experience. On time, neat and even saved the grass for where they had to dig a ditch. They will install the HPWC for free when it is available. Go with them.

mlaiken | 16 februar 2013

Not sure if anyone still needs a good electrician but I found an awesome guy that was very cheap and he does amazing work. He is licensed and has been working for us for years. His name is Jared and his company is called Elite Electric. He covers sacramento area but will work from Reno to the Bay Area and his number is 530-913-0411. He installed my Nema 14-50 for just $200 and it looks great and works perfectly. Just figured it might be useful for anyone looking to get an install.