Some software update suggestions from a new buyer

Some software update suggestions from a new buyer

I recently bought Tesla S and found some of the below changes help in my driving capability

Suggestions for improvements:
1. GPS: I cannot change the direction of the display. In all GPSs I am able to change to show the driving direction instead of showing always pointed to North.
2. Rear View Camera: It would be really beneficial to have the rear view camera show the lines indicating how far you are from the "thing" behind. Telsa is a large car and having those lines Red/Yellow/Green in the rear view would greatly help
3. The controls for controlling the Air conditioner is very low. Probably the low bar can be placed in the middle of the screen though it might cause problems when users want to see full screen mode. At that time, those controls could move to the top or bottom
4. When I click on a control, it stays there even after I have made the changes. I think there should be a timeout of say 15-20 seconds after the last click on those controls so user does not have to click the x sign to close those popup windows
4. I could not find a way to make destinations as favorites.

firerock | 21 august 2013

Only have answers to #1 & #2...

1) It's fixed in the 5.0 update
2) Not possible due to some hardware limitation

hammy16 | 21 august 2013

There is an extensive thread on this site for desired software additions
You can do a search on

I think there is a a similar thread on the tesla motor club site

hammy16 | 21 august 2013
Captain_Zap | 22 august 2013

#1 The GPS map is always head-up. The new update will allow you choose your orientation on the 17" internet based display.

#2 I never heard that guide lines had a hardware limitation. That surprises me since they were able to adjustand refine the camera's display angle.

#3 I have issues with the climate control buttons at times too. The buttons seem small for my fingers. The icons and text can be hard to read on the fly becuse of its size.

I like your first suggestion #4.

I guess I don't understand your second suggestion #4.

mikefa | 23 august 2013

@hammy16 - oh my gosh, did you make that suggestion list for Tesla?

J.T. | 23 august 2013

@CaptainZap I think he means that if you go to driver controls to change the steering setting, the window should close after 20 seconds .

J.T. | 23 august 2013

Apologies CaptainZap, shouldn't post without coffee.

hammy16 | 23 august 2013

The list is called "Prioritized Software Enhancement List" and is "moderated" by Rod and Barbara.
It happens to be just below your forum input at the moment. I am assuming since you are
an owner that you can view the private forum inputs.

If you are an owner and not able to view the private inputs you need to call Ownership and
have them enable it... | 23 august 2013

You can also see a list of desired features (hardware and software) over at:

You can add new ones or vote for your favorites.

#2 Parking sensors has the distance in feet/inches from an obstruction. When backing up it also shows this under the rear-view HD screen (if you're within 4 feet or so), with v5 software. The camera by itself has no sensors for distance, so there is no way to implement it without new hardware sensors.

#3 one reason for a fixed location of controls is you can almost guess where to press for a specific option. For example, I can always hit the "Controls" button in the lower corner without looking. I think Tesla was dealing with the complaint about so many car touch screen systems where menus constantly change and move around is difficult to get to what you want quickly since you have to "find" the button first. A fixed location solve this (but not your concern of the low location). You can also get to some climate options from the Steering wheel right scroller. Press down and scroll to Climate. Might be an easier way for you.

#4 (first one) - You may not be aware, but you can tap anywhere outside a popup box to close it. You don't have to press the "X".