Specs on the Charging Outlet

Specs on the Charging Outlet

I had an electrician come to give a quote for a NEMA 14-50. He asked questions that I could not answer, such as:
- Should it be two- or three-pronged?
- Should it twist to plug in?

There were a couple of other questions that I cannot recall.

Where do I get the required specs for the outlet?

mkh1437 | 2 januar 2013

The NEMA 14-50 is 4 pronged. It does not (should not) require any twisting. Just plug in. This page should give them everything they need:

Tâm | 2 januar 2013

Hi Bennett:

Please refer to:

The document has a photograph as well as a diagram.

It has 4 prongs and no twisting!

mike_f | 2 januar 2013

A NEMA 6-50 (3 prongs)will support 240V 40A service and was told if you are having the HPWC installed, this is the way to go.

jat | 2 januar 2013

If he is asking those questions after you gave him the NEMA 14-50 requirement, I suggest finding a new electrician :).

@mferrazano - only if you get the 6-50 adapter for the mobile connector. It isn't listed as included and you can't buy them yet, but there have been reports of people getting them if they asked. I didn't want to risk not being able to get one, so I paid the extra $50 or so it cost to run 3-conductor wire rather than 2-conductor wire.

Oliver in Seattle | 2 januar 2013

I got the 6-50 plug since I had a HPWC on the due bill. Best to stay in contact with your delivery specialist on this issue.

Bennett R. | 2 januar 2013

Thanks for your responses. That's exactly what I need. On the website, when I clicked on the link that would supposedly take me to the information sheet for the installation, it just took me to the home page.

mike_f | 2 januar 2013

I was told by Solar City yesterday that they are scheduling installations of HPWCs this week.

mallynb | 2 januar 2013

Bennett R. I'm with You need a different electrician! 14-50 is a NEMA Standard and should be all he needs to know.

jackhub | 2 januar 2013

@Jat, +1