Supercharger network in Australia?

Supercharger network in Australia?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know whether Tesla is planning to rollout a supercharger network in Australia? Am moving there next year and considering getting a Model S, but a little concerned that the website does not even have a tab for supercharger, unlike the American and European ones.

I read somewhere on the internet about how there is a plan for one in Australia, but don't know whether how certain that is likely to be, especially with the lack of info on the website as mentioned.

SamO | 15 september 2013

Superchargers coming to AU by end of 2014. EM discussed in context of RHD.

Shouldn't be hard at all given that the National Highway System is fairly direct without many spurs.

Estimated you could cover most major highway with 120 Superchargers.

@$250,000/per, total cost of ~$30,000,000.

Brian H | 17 september 2013

Will the Aussies buy enough MS & MX to justify that? :p