Supercharger Promises

Supercharger Promises

I am contemplating driving cross country in May of 2014 to attend a family wedding. San Diego CA to Tarrytown NY.

I took a look at the planned roll out of super charge stations on the website and they forecast cross country travel by winter of 2013?

I also noted that we are pretty much done with the summer of 2013 yet there is quite a difference between opened stations and planned stations. Are they behind plan? Why?

What do you think the over/under is on how many "non-supercharged" charges I will have to make to complete the trip in May?

I am hoping for zero but I have my doubts....

85 Twin Chargers S+

Haeze | 30 august 2013

Aside from speaking to someone at Tesla in charge of Supercharger station rollout, I think all anyone here could do is offer speculation and hearsay, unfortunately.

Vicelike | 30 august 2013

I agree. Speculation welcome in this case. Also, hoping Tesla monitors these forums on a regular basis as a way to measure sentiment, capture new ideas, etc.

Brian H | 30 august 2013

Also, people snoop out permits with "Tesla" in them, in likely (near map grey-dot) locations. That's detective work, not speculation!

Haeze | 30 august 2013

Well, by the fact that the promise of "tripling the supercharger network by the end of next month" which was announced May 22 or so, when they only had 9 stations... and here it is the end of August, and they still only have 20... I would say they are behind schedule...

Thing is, building supercharger locations does not follow a linear timeline (as you can see in Norway when 6 stations opened out of nowhere in one day), so we could see them all appear ahead of schedule, for all we know.

ian | 30 august 2013

Well, since we're speculating, I speculate that it is site contract negotiation and permitting that is holding up the "promised" build out.

Case in point: Woodburn Oregon. This site is actually on the "Fall" map from Tesla but was just officially opened yesterday. Why? I speculate that it is because the property owner is an EV enthusiast and a Tesla fan that has posted over at and has met quite a few local owners at Tesla events. Others have speculated that the site negotiation went something like...

Tesla - "We'd like to put a Supercharging Station in the parking lot of your business."

Property owner - "OK. Where do I sign?"


Seriously though, I'm sure not all sites are going to be this easy. Especially if the property is owned by some large real estate investment company that's run by a board of people who couldn't give a hoot about EV's. Or worse, they are actually anti-EV in some form or another.

Another case in point are the Norwegian Superchargers that ALL were built at the same time. Norway is a VERY Pro-EV country so it was probably quite easy for them to get permitted there.


David70 | 30 august 2013


You're right on that. Etographer has been on this site, and he owns the Elmer's franchise in Woodburn. I'm sure he has had a great dealer to do with that early installation.

Brian H | 30 august 2013

Bureaucratic permitting etc. is likely now the bottleneck; Elon said that the early difficulty in getting phone calls returned has flipped, and offers of sites are no longer an issue.

ian | 30 august 2013

Our fears have been confirmed. This was posted by texex91 in the Texas Supercharger thread over at

"PS - As you probably know already, Temple was not allowed because of permitting--the Congressman from that district is in the pockets of Tx Auto Dealers lobby and personally stopped it. Sounds like a politician to me. Anyone in that district don't vote for this guy!"

Lets hope this the only instance of this. Somehow, I don't think it will be though.

cwboylejr | 31 august 2013

I am trying to decide what type of battery to order. My daily commute is only 60 miles and I live in Atlanta. I do not see any supercharger stations hitting the Southeast, so I see not need for the P85 battery

markkiernan | 31 august 2013

A supercharge near a bar or cafe would be worth its weight in gold for local businesses.

David70 | 31 august 2013


Some Texans like to shoot themselves in the foot.
It's no skin off my nose. I've no reason to go there since my son moved from Dallas to Denver.

Have you heard of their intent to let some paved roads go back to gravel, since they're too expense to keep up?


Cafes and restaurants yes, bars no. We don't need any inebriated long distance drivers. Unless it's for at nightcap, of course. Then there must also be a hotel/motel nearby.

Brian H | 31 august 2013

?? An 85kWh battery and Superchargers have no connection. A 60 can also use them, if enabled. If you have any longer trips once in a while, a larger battery means more freedom, and more convenience.

Vicelike | 1 september 2013

So for grins and giggles I compared the Google map direct route from San Diego to Tarrytown, NY to the route I would need to take if I planned to recharge at each needed supercharger assuming no overnights.

The optimized Supercharge route took 53 hours versus 41 hours on the most direct route. Not including charging time. This is based on the winter 2013 map.

Importantly. Some of the supercharges in that plan seem to be more than 265 miles from each other : problems appeared in the low population areas on the west, east of the Rockies

Vicelike | 1 september 2013


henry | 2 september 2013

The map over at :

really should be updated - the "Today" slider location does not accuratly represent ->TODAY. Espciailly since it is now September, and "Summer" is over.

ian | 2 september 2013

Technically it's summer until September 21. ;-)

They do need to update the map though as it doesn't show the Woodburn Oregon site that went live last week. I'm guessing they're waiting as they have at least 6 more due to come on line in the next 3 weeks (2 or 3 in Texas, 2 in Colorado, 1 in Illinois, and 1 in Connecticut).


Baer | 5 september 2013

Looks like the map was updated - and most of the Summer promises on the east coast have slid into Fall...

Brian H | 5 september 2013

My quickie count shows 19 now, 51 scheduled for Fall 13, total 70. Requires about 3/wk, maybe a bit more (faster). Assuming 6 day work week, 1 every 2 days!

David70 | 5 september 2013

I could have sworn I had seen the Woodburn dot either yesterday or this a.m. Gone now though. At least they updated the count.

ian | 5 september 2013

Hmmm, I just checked and I see the Woodburn dot.

David70 | 5 september 2013

And I don't see it now (8:44 pm, PST)

I guess it's winking.

tvmolloy | 7 september 2013

So I had a thought while envisioning a long road trip in a Tesla. A 200 mile range will take about three hours to drive on an interstate highway, so most would be ready for a bathroom break and something to eat. Some may even want to stop for the night and give their car a full charge.
So why not plan for the future. Tesla owners are not going to be poor and would probably like a nice healthy meal as opposed to a grease burger. A restaurant with four or five easy to make Asian dishes,served over rice or noodles would be a good choice. The food can be prepared ready to cook in advance and if it is done in a wok, prep-time should be less than five minutes. As the "business grows" you would add more charging stations, more tables, and then overnight accommodations with some class. If both the rooms and the food are reasonably priced that can be an additional profit center that will also boost car sales.
The super-charging stations would then be like the Model X, the best of both worlds - a refueling station & a great place to eat while traveling.