Tesla Buyback Program: is it worth the additional APR?

Tesla Buyback Program: is it worth the additional APR?

Hello everyone. I am less than two weeks from taking delivery of a new Model S. I have been approved for financing from both Aliant and TCU since I do not reside in the foundational stats covered by US Bank or Wells. My questions: is the Tesla burbank guarantee worth the additional APR in interest over the lower APR for traditional financing? What are the thoughts around the future resale value of the Model S via the Tesla network vs. individual consumers?



andrewm | 10 januar 2014

Of course, I mean "buyback" program, and not burbank and "states" not stats.

GeekEV | 10 januar 2014

I think it depends on your level of risk aversion. Personally, I think the Model S will still be a highly desirable car by the time the buyback comes due.

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Timo | 10 januar 2014
Haeze | 12 januar 2014

Any answer at this point will be pure speculation since the car hasn't been out long enough for anyone to take advantage of the buyback program.

Honestly, though, as long as demand still outweighs supply, used Model S cars will easily retain a very high value, since for some, it will be the only way to get the car in any reasonable amount of time.

Captain_Zap | 13 januar 2014

I think resale will remain quite high. Tesla cannot keep loaner cars in stock and the pricing structure is similar to that of the buyback program. They are going to have to change their rate of depreciation in order to keep loaners on hand because the cars are priced too low.

The buyback program was a show of confidence in the future resale value of the car. I went with the lower interest rates, but I plan on keeping the car too.

bethjlevy | 16 april 2014

I am trying to make the same decision now as my car is due to arrive in 2 weeks. What did you decide to do regarding the additional apr to get the buy back program? Also, does anyone know if you keep the car 4 years instead of 3 does that cancel the guarantee buy back figure?

s.grot | 17 april 2014

I think you only have to finance part of the vehicle price to get the buy back guarantee. I did only $30 k financed the rest cash

RPMTESLA.COM | 17 april 2014

Actually you're all wrong the only guaranteed buyback is if you finance with Wells Fargo or U.S. Bank only don't trust the other institutions there all misinformed asked test for financing it will tell you the buyback only applies their financing by Wells Fargo and US Bank.

holidayday | 18 april 2014

If you think you'll only have the car for the terms of the paperwork, then yes, it's worth it.
Then you get a new Tesla and do the same thing again.

Pros: You always have a nice new Tesla with the best options (probably).
Cons: You never pay off the car and have zero payments like you do if you buy the car.

Leasing historically has been a protection against cars breaking down as they get older. With Teslas, that fear is mitigated by the fact that there is just so much less to break. But some people really like the protection a lease gives, so they go with leases.

Anyone's situation could be different, and Tesla recognized that, and created a place where traditional leaseholders could get a similar deal. They'll pay more, but it can be worth it to them for the peace of mind.

mchawaii1 | 18 april 2014

Are you sure TECH CU doesn't apply to buy back garuntee? I specifically asked and was told that it does by the tesla rep.

Brian H | 18 april 2014

'garuntee'? Sounds gross. I guarantee nobody will like you if you go around garunting.

ICUFly | 14 oktober 2014

I was not considering the buyback program due to the larger APR. After last weeks announcement though and seeing what is happening to others, I am more prone to going that route. I would have to go through TechCU since I live in Texas. Doing the math it looks like a $1,000-3,000 premium depending on rate and term. Their site is listing lower rates that are nominally higher than DCU, but I do not know if that applies to the Tesla deal or not. We will see.

Has anyone else done this?

lahayne | 14 oktober 2014

My experience. In Washington you have to finance through USB or Wells Fargo AND you must finance a significant percentage of the cost, for me around 53K to qualify for the buyback. The difference in interest rate was minimally more and, if I decide to trade in for a Model X, probably worth having the option. Also, you must finance for 3 years in order to qualify. If you pay off the loan prior to 3 years, the buy back options goes away.

karmamule | 14 oktober 2014

I went with Tesla financing because 1: the interest rate was still decent (2.39%), 2: I'm lazy, and 3: I anticipated future improvements/options to the Model S line would make our value decline faster than anticipated.

I know how true #2 is, and after the 'D' I'm feeling pretty good about #3 too. They'll still no doubt retain good value after 3 years, but this way I'm guaranteed to be above water on my loan and I like knowing that is true and it will require no effort on my part other than buying my next car thru Tesla.

david_l_wallis | 15 oktober 2014

Any terms that are important to you, get in writing. The nice guy (or gal) at the Tesla store is not authorized to make verbal promises for the company.