Tesla not getting back to me about a test drive.

Tesla not getting back to me about a test drive.

Spoke to someone from Tesla a few weeks ago about getting a test drive. He said he was going to arrange a test drive but then I have heard nothing. I realize the company may be overloaded with requests for test drive but why would I make a reservation for a car that I have never driven?

While I would love to support Tesla, each day that passes makes me consider a less expensive option for my next electric vehicle.

Brian H | 25 februar 2013

Many thousands did exactly that. Test drives are now more common, but ...

negarholger | 25 februar 2013

Depends where you live... I went into the store and got a test drive slot (1 week later) on the spot. The person before me was a little more pushy and got it for the next day. They have to push back a little to test if you are serious - you just have to gently go past that. If you can't got to the store easily, then call the store. By the way... I never got a response from my test drive request via the web site.

yoelandtina | 25 februar 2013

I left vm for the local store and that's how I received a call back. I did also try to schedule through the web and haven't received a response. Either they are overloaded or the web form is broken. (Message states someone will get back to me within 48 hours -- they failed.) If the web form is broken, I wonder why such a cutting edge company can't afford to invest in a decent web developer.

The format of this forum feels very dated as well.

Brian H | 25 februar 2013

They overdid the KISS principle on this site, by using a stripped version of blog s/w, not a proper BB or forum package. Half the "allowed" tags below the Reply box aren't really, e.g.