Tesla at NY International Auto Show?

Tesla at NY International Auto Show?

Does anyone know for any certainty (10 percent will do) whether Tesla will be present at the NY International Auto Show set for early April '15? They were not present last year but now with the 'X' being 'seen' more frequently in some shape or form, this may be the DAY (WEEK).

Red Sage ca us | 2 februar 2015

My guess is that Tesla Motors will have their own event, either at Hawthorne or Fremont, to unveil the final Model X design in March or April. I would be surprised if they went to the New York shoiw to display it, having skipped Model X in Detroit. I expect first Signature deliveries to begin in July 2015.

timf2001 | 3 februar 2015

I wouldn't expect Tesla to be at NYIAS. They historically have only done NAIAS in the U.S. along with a couple shows in Europe and China.

Svenssons | 4 februar 2015

Tesla Motors will be at Genève Motor Show 2015 March 5-15. They got stand 4242, Meaning of life twice! | 4 februar 2015

The Philadelphia Auto Show is going on right now, and there is a P85D there. That's probably about all there is to the Tesla area, but it may indicate they'll have at least a little something in NY.

vperl | 4 februar 2015

No X at any car show.

Tesla will as most people have said, will generate their own event, probably in Fremont

jpcompetello | 1 april 2015

will Tesla even be at New York Auto Show next week? Even the new S will do.

vperl | 1 april 2015


timf2001 | 1 april 2015

Tesla does not attend the New York Auto Show. In fact, the only show they attend in the U.S. is Detroit, not even L.A. in their home state.

Dwdnjck@ca | 4 april 2015

One of the main sponsors of the NY Auto Show is Automotive Alliance. tesla is not a member. Their invitation to join probably got lost in the mail.

adj2ent | 4 april 2015

Model X definitely wasn't there. I was on the lookout for it. Even when the model S got car of the year or some sort of award or mention, Tesla wasn't present on the floor. Of course I decided not to go to CES this past January and they had the model x there.