Tesla seats are made in Melbourne Australia

Tesla seats are made in Melbourne Australia

I read that MS seats are made in Melbourne Australia by

I wonder if they are connected with the MX seats?

Anyone in Melbourne want to look over the fence?

I will actually be passing through tomorrow but won't be able to spend the time.

Ross1 | 17 september 2015


80 Turner St, Port Melbourne, 3207 Australia

P + 613 9644 4222


Madatgascar | 17 september 2015

The MS next ten seats are made by Recaro. I think Futuris makes the MX seats.

grant10k | 17 september 2015

@tbouquet "The MS next ten seats are made by Recaro."

Who makes the ten seats after those are made?

carlk | 17 september 2015

Not sure if they are made in Australia. Futuris used to have a shop set up inside the Fremont plant to make the MS seats but they moved out later to I believe surrounding areas.

deeageux | 17 september 2015

Futuris is an Australian automotive supplier that manufactures seats and some interior trim pieces for Tesla at 6601 Overlake Pl, Newark, CA 94560 near Tesla's Fremont factory.

Next Gen seats are manufactured by Recaro, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Controls of Glendale Wisconsin.

Ross1 | 25 september 2015

Here is a picture of the leather arriving at Futuris for the white seats....they are sent as livestock and slaughtered locally.

madodel | 25 september 2015

Are those vegan Roos?

ian | 25 september 2015

You mean those are synthetic Kangaroos? Wow. They look pretty real to me. ;-)

Ross1 | 25 september 2015

No capital needed for roos and kangaroos.

Yes they are vegan. Roos are not carniverous. When they attack people, which they may do when threatened at close quarters they will rip a person open from top to bottom with one foot. Still vegan though.

Anything not made in USA you guys would consider synthetic. The report meant to say "imported from Australia"