Tesla shuns canada

Tesla shuns canada

Wow, Tesla Opens a supercharger in Canada in BC. That will allow Americans, god love them, to travel into Canada. There is a map of coming superchargers, but few are in Canada. I do wonder why, when Canadians pay well over $1.20 a gallon more for gas than Americans, with 880,000 people that make over $100k a year, why Tesla has virtually shunned Canada, its nearest neighbour. I mean seriously, we have the same problems that the USA has, and govt. Subsidies for EV's'. Why has Elon turned its back on us? I am at once, hurt and miffed by his apparent ignoring of us. What can they be thinking?

Pleas support superchargers in Canada! (And i don't mean just as a token, i mean real coverage)

DTsea | 26 juli 2014

Actually the Squamish supercharger allows travel from Vancouver to whistler.

Didn't you see the post from Tesla outlining the plan?

apsley | 26 juli 2014

I think that the opening of several Superchargers in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor is imminent.

babstude | 26 juli 2014

vgarbutt - whatcha talking about ? (err aboot) ;-) tesla has announced the opening of more superchargers here in canuck - they are putting in sites between vancouver and calgary and the 401 corridor in ontario is supposedly coming online next year - patience man

vgarbutt | 26 juli 2014

Have you seen the 2015 map of superchargers? By 2015 we should have almost 30. Well whoopdy doo. Compare the SC MAP FOR USA and Canada coverage. That's all I'm saying.

Don't get me wrong, a few superchargers are better than nothing, so i dont want to seem ungrateful, but seriously, Canadian superchargers are a bit of an afterthought. We've got a big country here and we need them by 2017-8.

Not a great way to treat a super friendly neighbour. If you think 30 chargers are enough for a country of this size, then , well i haven't the foggiest what to say to you.

By contrast by 2015 there may be up to hundreds in the USA, Europe, UK even china will have more!

No its plain to me that Tesla just couldn't care less about its neighbours to the north. Maybe there are not enough sold here? But when the model 3 arrives that will change.

Just sayin ...

babstude | 26 juli 2014

I think its all about how many sales have been, i think there are only a couple thousand model s here so far. I have a feeling the gen III is going to sell like crazy at which point they will supercharge us accordingly, i.e. The entire length of the trans canada would be my guess to focus on next

DTsea | 26 juli 2014

Vgarbutt don't turn it into an international incident. Fact is Canada is really big and doesn't have many people. Each SC is paid for by about 350 sales (50000 sales total, 150 superchargers.) Canada is a big country but a small market.

But the ceaseless complaining.... doesn't help.

DTsea | 26 juli 2014

Baby tube has it right I think.

DTsea | 26 juli 2014

Babstude. Phone spell check sigh.

vgarbutt | 26 juli 2014

@ DTsea

Hmm how sympathetic dude. Ever hear the phrase " its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease". Is the wheel complaining?

Complainers, protestors, outers, journalists, and whistle blowers have an important place in the world.

I guess that if you lived in barrie, ontario or north in alberta you would be saying, "Go Vic!"

Those that have, have, those that dont have, speak up.

There are many viewpoints in a discussion, and even yours has merit.

DTsea | 26 juli 2014

I don't know where barrie is but I would not have an EV as my only car if I lived there, no, assuming it's far from everything. But I wouldn't whine about the consequences of that choice either.

And yes I have grown tired of the sadness posts and this one.

Al1 | 26 juli 2014

"I think its all about how many sales have been, i think there are only a couple thousand model s here so far".

Canada celebrated 1000 model S sold about a few weeks ago.

Tesla plans are well known. I think lobbying with local authorities with permits would help a lot.

Al1 | 26 juli 2014

"I guess that if you lived in Barrie"

I know where Barrie is. It is about 2 hours drive to the North of Toronto. Great way to save on mortgage and have a bigger house, but daily commute is a big pain and gasoline is big expense item.

That's where Tesla should help a lot. But then you need to have a garage and not forget to refill your battery daily to a certain level.

How would a Supercharger help however? I would not count on it for my daily commute.

vgarbutt | 26 juli 2014

Well it could make your commute fuel cost free. It actually pays you to wait 20 minutes. But you may not need the free fuel, but its there if you ever need it in a hurry and can't wait 4 or 8 hrs for your home charger. Plus you can pay off the car sooner with the fuel savings. Or spend more at Victoria secret's website. (For the wife of course)

I'm going to get in trouble for saying free fuel, but if i dont have to pay at the charger, to me, that IS the definition of free.

vgarbutt | 26 juli 2014


Im not complaining, i am raising awareness and seeking support. I am looking for intelligent feedback, strategies, anything that can fix this 'oversight'.

Dont be so serious all the time.

Once does not make something incessant.

Expressing an opinion and pointing out a fact is not complaining.

DTsea | 27 juli 2014

Shuns is an emotionally loaded word.

Two hours is 1) too far to commute and 2) within easy range of a 60. Seems like no need for a supercharger for that route.

1000 cars sold....3 sc ' s paid for. 1 in sqyamish. Where would you like the other two?

vgarbutt | 27 juli 2014

Don't worry I'm often tounge in cheek.

But i would not be dissapointed if "seeking alpha" picked it up and did a story! They love that shit.

I have the right to complain anyway. Canada does not seem to be on Teslas planning map looking at 2015 SC locations. Thats a fact, and a sad one from my perspective. Well hell, at least we get more than Mexico!

Should we be grateful and give thanks? I'd rather complain!

But i never meant this thread to be discussing whether or not i should express my dissapointment, or if I'm complaining, or whining.

Lets agree to give the forum members a break on this tack.

DTsea | 27 juli 2014

Well, the coming soon map has a bunch showing for canada. But there won't be 100 sc in canada without a lot more sales.

vgarbutt | 27 juli 2014

Yah, that will hurt sales of gen 3. Too bad, so sad.

Red Sage ca us | 28 juli 2014

Sun. Country. Highway.

There's your problem, right there. Those charging stations are rather ubiquitous across Canada, and are compatible with the Tesla Model S and Tesla Roadster apparently. The grand majority of US roads that the Supercharger network has been rolled out on had... nothing.

Maybe Tesla Motors thought you could wait a while in Canada?

Brian H | 28 juli 2014

20 minutes at a SC does NOT pay as an alternative to home charging. You save about $5, and the time driving there and back must be taken into account, too. How much time will you take from your day for $5?

Me, either.

I think Sun Country kinda took a lot of pressure off TM to rush into the SCs; 70-90 amps (also free) ain't chicken feed. And it's coast-to-coast.

vgarbutt | 28 juli 2014

When i get mine in 2018, i will need these chargers. I won't be able to plug in at home so i want the fastest charger as close as i can get one. So if i have to drive half an hour to a highway to get to a supercharger or a sun country, ill just have to, period.

My case is representative of many peoples situation.

Yes sun country even has some in the USA. They are a private company dedicated to making EVs a reality. Again, another business model which offers free charging. Hopefully, similar people, corps and socially minded millionaires will do the same for urban dwellers, where most of north America lives. Free transportation for the masses ! Hoot hoot!

Sun country also have 'sponsor a charger' program. Cool.

DTsea | 28 juli 2014

You are going to trash your battery supercharging very few daya. That's not the intent of superchargers.

DTsea | 28 juli 2014

Every few I meant

DTsea | 28 juli 2014

Gotta say it vgarbutt if you aren't looking at buying a Tesla for four years I don't know why you are so exercised. The whole system will be built out by then. Maybe if you and others that are waiting bought model s now it would go faster. If canadians all say they won't buy until sc infrastructure is there, it won't happen. SC are paid for by sales and follow sales.

vgarbutt | 28 juli 2014

Oh that's a scary thought. I do believe that there will be lots ôf Canadian buyers of model 3, so i hope that changes.

DTsea | 28 juli 2014

All it means is there won't be a giant unused network. It follows. Europe is a special case due to other factors.

Brian H | 28 juli 2014

Elon has said you can Supercharge routinely without concern; overfilling is problematic, fast filling is not.

vgarbutt | 29 juli 2014

A little embarrassed, not being a reader of the model S board, i see that on July 11 Tesla commented on the forum. Apparently it was the only time so far, anyone from Tesla did that.

That tells me Tesla is serious about Canada as a market, but not particularly ready to develop this market. The level of planned chargers is still a far cry from other countries, and right now Europe, the UK china, etc. are where Tesla is focussed. Tesla has stated that markets it targets need service and infrastructure prior to deliveries, as in China. (Bigger i know).

I suppose I invite Tesla to create a plan for Canada, and let us know what it is so we can prepare for 2017.

We deserve hope too!

DTsea | 30 juli 2014

That's right VGB. Europe has 300 million people and small area and expensive fuel. Canada is huge, has low population density away from the proposed supercharger corridor, and relatively cheap fuel. Continental US is smaller than Canada and has 300 million people.

So.... Tesla has a rational and appropriate approach seems like.