Tesla Skunk Works

Tesla Skunk Works

It's hard to imagine the amazing things Elon and co. are working on (in secrecy).

I'm constantly reminded of this (Tesla's passionate drive for innovation / revolution) whenever the sell-lies advertisements for stagnant established big oil auto manufacturers appear in ubiquity.

Elon, what are you dreaming up today that will become reality tomorrow?

PorfirioR | 15 juni 2013

I was going to start a new thread but, since this is off-topic anyway, I will post here.

Rumor has it that another successful test of the reusable grasshopper rocket was conducted yesterday. This time up to 350m and for 70 seconds of duration. I have not seen any official in the news yet, so I could be off from the official report.

PorfirioR | 15 juni 2013

Oops, I heard now it was 325m.

I really like Mr. Musk's approach of "just friggin' do it", which is why I am so looking forward to next week's demo (whatever that might be).

olanmills | 17 juni 2013

I saw them all dancing out on the lawn beehind their factory. They're working on this revolutionary new hulahoop called the hyperloop. It will be able to oscillate around your body even if you're not good at dancing. You'll be cool at parties again.

ian | 17 juni 2013

Oooh, I need one of those! Never could hulahoop. Strange though because I've been told I'm a pretty good dancer.


Rte66 | 18 juni 2013

Hi Olan,

With a name like "Olan Mills" you have to provide pictures ;-)

Brian H | 18 juni 2013

The hyperhula? Oog.

ArieK | 18 juni 2013

@PorfirioR That would be great to see a new video of the incremental improvements made on Grasshopper. But I'm sure it will have to wait until after june 20th because Elon is a little busy and TM would not like the distraction.