Tesla Statement on the Model X

Tesla Statement on the Model X

I think this is new news? If not, please delete.

"We expect to have production design Model X prototypes on the road by end of year and
begin volume deliveries to customers in the spring of 2015."

Bottom of page 3'13%20Shareholder%20Letter.pdf

ian | 19 februar 2014

Yup. That's news. I just read that in the Q4 2014 shareholder letter too. Damn, really don't want to wait another year+ for an X. Ugh.

Let's see if I'm allowed to link the letter...'13%20Shareholder%20Letter.pdf

ian | 19 februar 2014

Nope. Oh well.

vandacca | 19 februar 2014

Thanks for posting the link, it worked fine.

NumberOne | 19 februar 2014

Maybe this will be disallowed, but I figure lets try. The above urls do work if you copy and paste.

Shareholder Letter

NumberOne | 19 februar 2014

Well, if you hover over the link it does get underlined, but it does not work. That is ok too.

I was hoping to get my car by the end of the year, but it looks like I will have to drive my F150 for at least another year.

vandacca | 19 februar 2014

@LeonardD, copy and paste the link, it worked for me. And I too will need to be driving my '98 F150 for another year. Was really looking forward to the MX arriving around now.

TechGuy | 19 februar 2014

Disappointed, but not surprised. :(

ian | 19 februar 2014

And I'm now really hoping Washington state renews it's moratorium on EV sales tax due to expire July 1 2015 as it's looking less and less likely I'll get one by then. Ugh.

gerardP | 20 februar 2014

Quite disappointed, the more so that in the questions conference call, I believe I heard it said that a second line was being built that would be able to produce either S or x's.
I wonder whether there are last minute impediments to the X model...

gerardP | 20 februar 2014

as an X model buyer, I an disappointed be the wait time...
as an investor, I am happy by the way TM is run...
May be to soothe things, TM could offer to convert our prepayment into shares, The more we would have to wait, the best our shares could end up.. ;-)

barrykmd | 20 februar 2014

Also disappointed, but not surprised.

Was hoping to avoid replacing the timing belt and getting new tires for my current SUV, but looks like I'll be owning it for at least another 10K miles.

Webcrawler | 21 februar 2014

I was worried this would happen. This is why I changed my reservation to a Model S in December of last year... (Still waiting)

I do have to give the guys credit who have had reservations for over two years now.... You are a patient bunch...

I still think it will be a great car and will look at them again in a few years...

primetime98 | 25 februar 2014

I agree the wait is tough. The payoff though will be worth it. Luckily I have an extended warranty on my car for at least another year. Still looking forward to seeing and getting it.

Good luck with your waiting! All the best!

erici | 1 marts 2014

The deliveries will begin by the end of this year?

How do I know that?

Tesla sent me an email on February 24th telling me precisely that.

Quoting the email:

"Deliveries will begin in 2014 and priced comparable to a similarly equipped Model S. More details will be announced as production nears."

I got that email from them in response to my plunking down $40,000 for a Signature reservation.

erici | 1 marts 2014

Same info on this page:


anton.arnesen | 3 marts 2014

Based on my understanding from reading and learning to know Tesla Organisation.

1) Tesla do not want to build up too much expectation that cannot be met. Therefore they warn buyers and shareholders on an early stage that production will be postponed. I think they informed us about this delay in June/July 2013.

2) Only a few Tesla X's will be produced in 2014. We are probably talking about less than hundred. It takes time to implement new models in a production process.

And for us that have reserved a Tesla X - yes, the waiting time is ..... I have now been waiting for nearly 4 years, and it looks to be another 18 months before I can park the car in my driveway.

Triciawade123456 | 3 marts 2014

erici- what sig number were you?

erici | 3 marts 2014

My sig #: 1,239

Paul Carter | 3 marts 2014


If we believe some deliveries in 2014 and ramp up in Spring 2015, then the longest wait will be just under 3 years. Not 4 years!

Don't get me wrong its a long wait. But I know it'll be more than worth it!

NumberOne | 3 marts 2014

Well, at this point I have been waiting nearly 18 months. For me the biggest deal is the fact that Federal Tax credit can only be taken the year after the car was purchased, so if you get the car in 2015, the tax credit cannot be claimed until 2016. However, that is not a big issue. The other reason why I would like to get the car at the end of the year rather than early next year, is the personal property tax that we have to pay in Virginia. The tax on a car like Model X with a possible base price around 70,000 is about 3,000 for the first year. It is a pro-rated tax, so if I get the car at the end of the year I only have to pay for one month. with the next year's bill slightly reduced by depreciation. If I get the car at the beginning of the following year, I will be taxed at the full cost of the first year, with no portion pro-rated. In the scheme of things, I have waited this long, and waiting a little longer is not so terrible, as long as I get my car before the next registration/licensing period. In Virginia there is a special BEV fee, and an additional licensing fee on top of the normal registration fee. Virginia has no incentives, so I do not have to worry about state incentives expiring.

Triciawade123456 | 3 marts 2014

ok- where is my letter??? :(