simplesolarinc | 24 september 2013

Fabulous! Love to see young entrepreneurs out there chasing their dreams. I was once a young CEO (22) and still one of the younger Tesla owners at age of 30.

I would say get the Black with 21 grey wheel. Cant go wrong with the black on black look.

jbunn | 24 september 2013

Hi Max,

I have the blue with tan interior and 19 inch wheels. When I first got the car I lived in a location that received snow, and the 21's would have been a poor choice.

As it is, the 19's worked out very well. They ride a bit better, and are less fragile in the pot holes and off the curbs.

I like the standard interior better. I find the black with red piping on the P to be a bit (ahem...) gaudy. I'll probably get run off the forum for that.

I like the pano roof, leather, tech package, and air suspension and would get those options again. In fact, I would not be willing to skip one if I had to order again.

I chose the 60, single charger, and the standard audio system. It suits my driving patterns and I mostly listen to NPR in the car.

I also chose the supercharger option. I live in California, and when I'm not driving within 50 miles of my house, I'm out on roadtrips, and I use the supercharger network on the road.

Good luck. Stay focused on your business. Don't get anyone pregnant. The car will come when it comes.

MaxB | 24 september 2013

@simplesolarinc - Awesome to hear, thanks for your input! I agree, I think black on black rocks (and probably suits my age group a little more.) At the same time, I think the Blue Model S is classy, and kind of screams quality especially with a tan interior added to it.. Whatever I end up choosing, I know I'll love either :) - That's good to know about the 21 inch wheels.. I live in Ridgefield, CT and it can get quite snowy up here at points in the winter, so 19 inch wheels might be the way to go. (At least for the colder months.) I thought your comment on the panorama roof were interesting.. I wasn't planning on ordering one with a sunroof, but It's something I'm going to look more into now.. I think I might upgrade the audio system, as a young driver, blasting my music is definitely something I do and quality is big for not only me, but my rides that will be riding in it. Thanks for all your advice, I particularly liked the last line :)


timmsteiner | 24 september 2013

piano black on black interior with performance seatsis what I have, and it looks awesome. The alcantra accents on the seat and the tan alcantra headliner make it look classy. I don't care for the red piping, but don't notice it anymore.

MaxB | 24 september 2013

Looks like black on black is what I'm starting to lean towards myself.. After reading further it looks as though the Blue exterior and tan interior both need a lot of work to keep clean, where the black on black might be a little easier to hide some filth so to speak.

Thanks again for all your input! Looking forward to eventually being apart of these forums as an actual owner and answering questions potential buyers may have. For now, I just have to ask the questions..


tes-s | 24 september 2013

I suggest waiting until you have had your license for a year - it is an awesome car and it will be hard to resist giving your friends rides.

Have you taken a test drive? White Plains told me the minimum age for a test drive was 25.

reitmanr | 24 september 2013

Warning re: black exterior- high upkeep to keep clean. Gorgeous when clean, but when I was first looking at early MS at Santana Row in San Jose, the staff repeatedly warned me how often they needed to clean fingerprints and smudges from the car to keep it looking great.
Is it luxurious? Yup. Big time. Just be prepared to be wiping it off pretty often. Best of luck in your ventures. Have a fun safe adventure.

BillPlanoTexas | 24 september 2013 the blue/tan/21/carbon setup since Feb and I love it ! When I'm in a line of Tesla's in the area car shows, I still think my combo looks the best although its really everyone's preference on the color as they all look sharp. I do strongly believe that the 21 inch turbine wheels are massively better looking than the 19 inch. But be forewarned....don't be scraping the wheels against curbs (which is easy to do) and get ready for the tires to last only about 10k miles before they need to be replaced for around $2k.

bjm | 24 september 2013

Why is it that this thread makes me feel so uncomfortable?

A 16 year old buying a $100k+ car?

Parents allowing their child to buy a car that is dangerously fast?

A threefold increase in the chance of having an accident and a fourfold increase in the chance of death attributable to teenage brain development compared to an adult?

The disconnect between a teenager who does charity work in Guatemala (with >50% of the population below the poverty line) who plans to spend $100K on an automobile? | 24 september 2013

Speaking from experience, I am not sure either black or blue are a good choice to try an keep clean.

@bjm: I think its actually cool to see someone young and motivated to go build something cool. If someone does the work, they should get to choose what they do with the rewards--and we don't what else Mr Beaumont does with his time and money, so lets not jump to conclusions.


jbunn | 24 september 2013

Even with the tan interior the floor, back of the rear seats, the frunk, and the basement are black carpet. It's murder to keep clean. It's like Velcro for filth.

It is also a well known scientific fact that black cars preferentially attract white dirt. Unfortunately, white cars attract black dirt. I might be interested in buying a dirt colored car, but I'm probably the only one.

(OK, I might have made that scientific fact up)

I do think it's a good idea to go get a beater and crash it a few times before you get a Tesla. Accidents are a virtual certainty for males your age. And with a Tesla you'll probably kill the other guy, since it goes through other vehicles like a hot knife through butter. The male brain does not really develop until about 25 as far as dangerous behavior is concerned. (My wife might argue for 53.) So be careful. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

Eryx | 24 september 2013

Hey Max!

Glad to hear you are doing so well! I hate to be the bearer of bad news....maybe the voice of logic is a better description, but you are so very young I would say neither option is in your best interests! Take that 100k and put it into your businesses or invest it into something you feel secure in.

I am in a very similar position, and I am forcing myself to put my money into a down payment on a house, rather than a Model S.

As others have mentioned, the car will come in time, no need to rush it. Best of luck to you!

NomoDinos | 24 september 2013

Max - congratulations on accomplishing so much at such a young age, that is very impressive! A few thoughts for your consideration:

1. When I was 16, I had a 95 hp Buick Century, and nearly killed myself a few times. I'm pretty sure I would have finished the job with a beast like the P85+ (despite its amazing safety rating). Please be incredibly careful and respect its power if you do end up getting it.

2. It must feel like you have all the money in the world right now, but consider how much $100,000 will be worth to you after having invested it in your business(es), or even in the market. If the money keeps flowing, that's wonderful, but it's dangerous to put a big chunk of your net worth into a car of other non-investment items (no matter how awesome). I had a buddy in college who had a successful side business and got hot in the stock market. He made a couple million, but ended up blowing all of it and then some on vacations, cool toys and impressing girls at clubs with overpriced bottles of champagne. A million dollars is not as much as it sounds like.

3. Please try to stay grounded. It sounds like you're doing some great volunteer work, and I certainly believe it's ok to enjoy your money as well... but no one likes a "punk kid in a white Ferrari" (*ahem*, Justin Bieber). At least you can't cause a noise disturbance :) Good luck, and keep us updated.

Mathew98 | 25 september 2013

Max - At 16, it is a great achievement to be able to afford a MS purchase. I know that it is very exciting to buy a toy that you love without any hesitations. However, desire sometimes defy logic.

As any experienced drivers can tell you, it will take several years to become a good and safe driver. It took me years to learn all the nuances of driving and interacting with other drivers on the road.

The MS is really a very big car for new drivers. Gen 3 will be a smaller car that may be a better fit for you.

The overwhelming urge to floor a beast like an MS will most definitely results in tickets, suspensions, or worst, accidents.

Like others have mentioned, it would be wise to either reinvest in your current business or pay for college (if it isn't in the plan already).

Congrats again on being a successful self starter at such a young age. You should be proud of your achievements without the need to show off to others by owning a gadget on wheels at this stage.

mjs | 25 september 2013

@bjm - Foul!!

Regarding the disconnect of Guatemala and a $100k car:

The fact that Max chooses to help people in Guatemala doesn't mean he has to give everything to them. Is he not giving enough? That's not fair for us to say.

Or try these 2 scenarios:

1) A kid earns enough money to buy a great car, and we say "Great job!!"
2) A kid earns almost enough money to buy a great car, and gives some to charity, but we say "Gee, that's a disconnect"

I do acknowledge that that there may be safety issues related to lack of experience, and the car's power, but I am specifically commenting on the charity aspect.

MaxB | 25 september 2013

Thank you all for all your comments and thoughts.. I have thought a lot about this, and am going to be rethinking how I will spend this money. A Model S is such a tempting car to buy, but I am seeing alternatives and possibly better ways to make even more money and buy the Model S when I really am ready..

I'm still a big fan and will be up until I get to one day own my own Model S! I didnt really think a lot about most of the recent comments posted here, and I most certainly dont want to come across as someone whos "spoiled" or be this flashy with the things I own right now. I'm just an enthusiast and love the cars and Elon Musk's vision and wanted to be apart of the wave of excitement, and own arguably one of the coolest gadgets on the market. But I dont see these cars leaving the market anytime soon, so for now I'm going to wait it out and reevaluate when Gen 3 comes out.

I guess just owning TSLA stock at the moment will have to do :)


suratchai | 25 september 2013

Congratulations Max the blue might be the way to go but 21 inch rims gets worse range and I herd that the 21 inch you will get a lot of road feel. If you are getting 21 inch rims just for its looks you should get the 19 inch turbine instead. Also the air suspension is a great thing to have and the tech package too. Again congratulations Max!

pylt | 25 september 2013

Hi Max,

I'd consider starting off with a MS S60 or S85 first. Seriously. As a teenage male some decades ago, I find that I was dangerous with a 45hp VW; the power of MS P85+ isn't something for new, inexperienced hands!

Second, this is NOT the story you'll hear from your parents, family, teachers and coaches, but DO NOT get the leather interior. It's remarkably BAD news for the planet, the animals, and for you. See:

My parents, family, etc. didn't mean to lie to me when I was growing up--they just didn't know any better. And the cycle repeats . . . .

Fortunately, now we know the truth.

Thus, when you get your MS, order it to be cruelty-free and enjoy driving it, but don't go for more than the regular MS 60 or MS 85. Doing so would likely get you in to trouble!

Best of luck to you.


NomoDinos | 25 september 2013

Max - good for you. Taking the long, smart view will set you up for life and put you in a position to do... well, anything you want.

BTW, I love the philosophy you're using for your social networking site. Data collecion including the capability for facial recognition, is becoming more and more commonplace; privacy and personal rights suffer for it. Keep up the good work, I fully expect to see you on Bloomberg TV in 10 years talking about how the first billion was the hardest to make (and your stable of Model S 2.0's and Gen III roadsters).

tes-s | 25 september 2013

Buy the car for your mom.

DigitalSavant | 25 september 2013


Reading your post made me grin from ear to ear. Don't listen to the nay-sayers. Follow your dreams and your passion. If you're responsible enough at this stage of your life to have figured out how to earn the funds for the car, then I say go for it! You are apparently intelligent and ahead of your years, and this is a good opportunity to set an example for your age group and demonstrate that not all 16 year-olds are just a bunch of wankers. Break the mold and the stereotype. And yes, when you get your car, please be careful. Even for a 44-year-old, the urge to put the pedal to the metal is nearly impossible to resist!

If you're looking for a classy dark color, you might consider brown. It looks really classy, and you won't see many others like it on the road. Otherwise, the blue will probably suit your taste as well.


Brian H | 26 september 2013

Impressive projects and initiatives, Max! Your skills and creativity and drive are your real assets. The money, at this stage of your life, is trivial. Do what you want with it.

If you want eventually to invest in and follow something that would transform the planet's economy via energy generation, have a look at . It would sweep away so many problems and controversies and conflicts that a listing would sound utopian. But it's close to success at the most critical stage.

terebhaimaibhid... | 22 april 2019

During Andrej Karpathy's (car path....can't make this up) section of the FSD event (the best part IMO) he mentions that they take data from human drivers to help learn how to traverse turns and problem areas.

It sounds like "we" need to start driving manually during sections of road that we notice AP struggles with. This provides data to Tesla to help with that exact segment of the road in the future.

reed_lewis | 23 april 2019

A year ago there was an intersection that EAP always messed up on. I would always take control of the wheel to let it know that it messed this intersection up. It was a place where there was a fork in the road and while the numbered route followed to the right, normally you travelled to the left. After on software release, it finally navigated that intersection correctly.

I always let the car attempt the maneuver, but take over if it fails. That way Tesla gets information about how it is failing.

revrev4ruach | 24 april 2019