Thoughts on Premium package?

Thoughts on Premium package?

When it comes time to configure, the only thing we haven't decided on is the Premium package. The auto opening front doors will probably be a pain and deactivated (I can't tell you how many times I walk past my car in the garage and the handles present on the S, I can't imagine if the front door opened each time). I don't care about LED lighting (don't have it in the S and don't miss it). The only thing I kind of want are the air cooled front seats (even though I can cool the cabin with the App). I just don't know if they are worth $4,500. I also wonder about resale without the premium package. What is everyone else planning on doing?

madodel | 29 november 2015

My opinion is probably not worth much as I will be getting a Sig, but if I were ordering a production version I'd get that package because of the air cooled seats. My wife would kill me if I didn't. It is the one feature she wishes she had in her Lexus, and the one feature that impressed her about the X. I agree about the self-opening doors. I will try them, and it is a neat trick to show off to people, but over time my guess is it will be more annoying than not. The LED lighting is something my wife mentioned today. She assumed that was going to be in the X. I'd probably want that also, but not for $4,500.

NumberOne | 29 november 2015

The cornering LED headlights are also quite handy. More so than the interior ambient light, and the air filter is also a good thing. Sometimes I feel like I am driving through a cloud of noxious fumes, but it is probably one of the kids (who naturally deny everything. (The auto presenting door is something I could live without, but it may come in handy.) The air cooled seats are a definite plus.

vincent.taylor | 29 november 2015

I wonder on the air cooled seats specific to the non leather seats either base seats or white seats.

I currently have that feature on my Lincoln and love it but would it be needed if you didn't have leather seats...?

The cloth has to breath significantly better and with preconditioning the interior temperature...

teslagiddy | 29 november 2015

My thoughts exactly. The Model S, which I also own, does not have air cooled seats and it's fine (even in the FL summer). I don't care about resale because I tend to run my cars until they literally die. I'm sure my wife would like the HEPA air filter, but not at $4500. I'm gonna pass on the premium package.

Claudedohrn | 29 november 2015

I'm ordering it for the HEPA filter and the ventilated seats. Everything else, meh.

elguapo | 30 november 2015

Is the power trunk in the Premium Package like it is in the S? If so, it's a must for me. I use my S power trunk all the time.

NumberOne | 30 november 2015

I believe the power trunk is standard.

rdalcanto | 30 november 2015

If most people order it, not ordering it might delay production of my car....

carlk | 30 november 2015

Auto open front door could be useful because you won't need to worry about it bumps into the car parked next. That would make life a little easier for us that wife's X will be parked next to my S in our pretty tight garage. I don't think I would need the cooled seat though. The black leather seat in my S never gets hot after I installed PhotoSync window tint film. I do like the ambient lighting even that I paid $1000 for my S.

socalsam | 30 november 2015

4500 wasted on this package. Not getting it when I eventually configure.

aljjr2 | 30 november 2015

Not sure at this point.

Not mentioned: What is the premium interior upgrades? Is this something that was on the Model S?

Also says "lower dash". Not really sure what that means. Is it a different looking interior dash from the S?

Not looking for the auto opening doors, and haven't used ventilated seats in some time. I had them on my Audi A8, but seldom turned on.

Remnant | 30 november 2015

Auto open driver's door can become a hazard in case of a rear wind strong enough to blow it open all the way and into the car parked next.

A semi-latched open or unlock-only option should then be available. Is there such an option?

AlMc | 30 november 2015

I will probably get it. I hope they will allow the ability to turn off the 'front door open on approach' feature. If early reports say this is not an option I may pass.

mcurimd | 30 november 2015

Only useful part of the package is the cooled seats. I have it in my infiniti and it is nice, but if I can pre-cool the car, for sure it is NOT worth the $4500, I am going to pass on the premium package.

rdalcanto | 30 november 2015

The other issue with the perforated seats is that dirt and crumbs gets into them, especially with kids in the middle row. I have 7 days to change my mind, but we are passing on the premium package for now....

timf2001 | 1 december 2015


The premium package is not available with the base cloth seats, presumably since they can't be perforated to allow for ventilation.

Mel. | 1 december 2015

Do we have a choice of color,on the base cloth seats?

ian | 1 december 2015

Not yet. Just black on the base seats at this time.

jdb | 1 december 2015

Getting the package because skipped the performance version so have $20K saved up, going with all options other than performance. Sure that my wife, the driver to be, will like ventilated seats.

lraverett | 1 december 2015

does the P90D have driver seat and mirror "memory" feature, so two different drivers can push a button to return settings to their preference?

rdalcanto | 1 december 2015

My S P85D does, so I would assume it is standard or comes with the Autopilot tech package.

martin | 1 december 2015

i am getting this and all options. why are we even discussing this?

MyXinTx | 2 december 2015

@martin...cause not everybody can justify spending on unnecessary features. We are all thrilled that you can though...thanks for sharing.

CoolAir | 2 december 2015

We were very disappointed to find the Premium Package components were not available with the textile seats. I understand the perforations and air cooled portion may not be applicable though it seems those features designed to enhance leather seating could be excluded on a textile version. We contacted Tesla and were just informed it was not available. Did you receive any additional information? I would like some additional information as to the reason of the components not being available just due to textile seating.

lckiii | 2 december 2015

I just confirmed my Mom's Model X. Premium upgrade and sound we did not opt for. All the features sound nice, but after the price crept over 100,000 we really had to ask ourselves how much we would miss any of those features. At the end of the day, this will be her first new car ever. Her first luxury car ever. It is awesome (we hope!). Got the high amperage charger because we were afraid of future proofing against future charging obstacles. She did not get tow package as she never tows anything now.

speyerj | 2 december 2015

Future proofing against charging obstacles? In a hypothetical future where you need to charge even faster with the hypothetical destination charger that might be there as opposed to charging just fine overnight?

Still not sold on the 72A charger. It's not that pricey sure, but seems like a waste of money to me still.

timf2001 | 2 december 2015

I haven't been in contact with Tesla as I'm still a couple weeks away from being invited to configure. As with many of the features, I would prefer if the premium features such as ventilated seats were offered on an a la carte basis rather than being bundled together, but that's adds complexity to the production process and is not how Tesla decided to do it. For the most part I feel like I could do without the premium package if I got the textile seats, but would want ventilated seats if I go with leather. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.

Claudedohrn | 2 december 2015

I guess not too many on this thread drive through the Holland or Lincoln tunnels in NYC. I'd expect more love for the HEPA filter if they did.

Claudedohrn | 2 december 2015

Whoops. Wrong thread ^^

GoGreen1 | 3 december 2015

will pass this option.

aesculus | 3 december 2015

Probably get it because I will regret it later if I don't. I think the bundling and value are questionable though and would prefer to be able to cherry pick the features.

rossRallen | 4 december 2015

I would have bought the Premium Package anyway, and didn't have a choice as it is standard on the SigX along with another option I want: active air suspension.

I would have passed on the third-row seats and premium sound system.

jpcompetello | 9 december 2015

ditto on passing on this. Configured my X90D and could not justify the $4500 for what? Silly opening door, and ventilated seats? No way....configured a obsidian black with white seats and black headliner. total cost less than $110k--not bad since I will probably get $60-70 for my P85 (2014).

aljjr2 | 10 december 2015

For those who want actual information on the Premium package, see the following post in TMC

A Founder allowed @TrilsOn to look at and sit in his X. He comments in detail and compares the X Premium upgrade to the S premium upgrade in his comments. There are views outside and even a short exterior video of the X. He did not take pictures inside the X, since the owners personal affects were there.

Take a read, it may be helpful in the decision process for the Premium Package -- I place it in my order.

ian | 10 december 2015

Something else to consider is that the ventilated seats have been said to be the seat bottoms of the front seats only. This was reported by a member of TMC that asked inside sales about this.

Triggerplz | 10 december 2015

I'm not trying to brag but now I'll have 2 Premium Packages

Triggerplz | 11 december 2015

@JP How did u get a P90D for under $110,000 when the base model is $115.500???

kittylitter | 11 december 2015

He said 'X90D' not 'P90D'.

kittylitter | 11 december 2015

@Triggerplz - You should concentrate on reading the posts correctly and stop thinking about how well that 2nd premium package is going to perform.

MyXinTx | 11 december 2015

@Kittylitter Put them claws away Girl (sorry, just an assumption)

Most ventilated seats are just the bottom cushion, but I have seen a few that are up along the back.

There are two type of ventilated seats, Ventilated and Cooled.

Ventilated just circulates ambient air through the seat while Cooled actually diverts A/C output through the seats, much more effective and satisfying in the summer.

The other consideration is the force of the fan, for if you have to concentrate to determine if you feel the airflow, as in my 2012 Lexus GX, then not worth a dime.

However, if you instantly know that the fan is engaged, as in my Cayenne and in my daughter's Kia Sorrento, then it is worth the price especially if you live in the summer scorch areas (Az, Tx, NM, etc).

Having said that, in any vehicle that doesn't allow for remote engine start and or cooling (Tesla), I place great need on cooled or ventilated seats, but since I put a Viper remote in my Cayenne, the need is less of an issue.

For those of us with a higher number so that a good chance we can get an eventual demo of this option prior to build/purchase. For the rest, just another leap of faith with regards to assessing value of "vaporware".

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*

Claudedohrn | 11 december 2015

My wife's Range Rover allows 3 steps of cooling and 3 of heating for each of the front seats. You can direct the air to your bottom, back, or both. If you're going to do it, why not do it well?

Triggerplz | 11 december 2015


Triggerplz | 11 december 2015

@KITTYLITTER i tried to back you when they got on you about what they thought was a racist comment from you when the system got hacked, now u coming at me with stupidity.Dont be a pain

kittylitter | 11 december 2015

@triggerplz - It's all in fun, bro. No disrespect intended.

@WaitN4myX - Tom cat all the way.

CarlE_P439 | 11 december 2015

Premium= leather seats, so that was a no-go. #173 (original res. number- Production model) already configured.

Triggerplz | 11 december 2015

@Kittylitter My bad for jumping to conclusions it's all good..

MyXinTx | 14 december 2015

@CarlE_P439 Why leather seats a no-go? Vegan?

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*