Total Lifetime Costs: ICE vs Tesla Model S Performance 85 KwH

Total Lifetime Costs: ICE vs Tesla Model S Performance 85 KwH

Just ran the calculations of lifetime ownership costs. It's actually cheaper to own a Tesla Model S Performance 85 KwH vs a $55k priced ICE. This includes the 10k for replacement battery but also assumes that you own your own business and can deduct mileage. Those with smaller batteries may do better.

Here's the link and spreadsheet. Enjoy!

rlpm | 26 januar 2013

Great work! Thanks!

mcptwo | 26 januar 2013

Seems to me like it would be difficult to find a comparable gasoline vehicle for under $75K. It is difficult to define, but what are the dollar cost of polluting the atmosphere? Also, the average price of gasoline over the next 8 years will certainly increase to $5.00/gallon, plus. European gasoline is already $8-9.00/gallon. My conclusion is that the lifetime cost will be about 25% less for the Tesla Model S.

jchangyy | 26 januar 2013

Not if you drive camry hybrid 2012...cheaper.

brooklynrab | 26 januar 2013

I originally got seduced by this math, until i realized that for the tesla math to work, you must hold your car for a long time. Many of us don't keep cars for 8-10 years, but instead for 3-5 years, especially if the business is helping pay for it. Are you going to want to hold it for that long if the Model S Mark III comes out in 5 years with revolutionary technology, and which smoothes out some of the bumps in the current model?
I am not saying the Model S today with a normal ownership cycle is a bad deal, because it isn't. Just don't fool yourselves into thinking it's the bargain of the century. Its just a GREAT CAR that you should be comfortable paying up for.

Objective1 | 26 januar 2013

@rwang - Your estimation depends on 400 wh/per mile electricity usage by the Model S Performance.

That seems a reasonable amount for report Wh/mile from various drivers. But does it take into account charging inefficiencies, vampire load, etc?

Also, it seems that one needs business expensing to close the deal.

Brian H | 26 januar 2013

brooklyn, objective;
Check out the info at . 5 yr comparisons there, and matches with every known model and make can be done.

Brian H | 26 januar 2013

The spreadsheet is un-enjoyable, because it's locked.

rwang | 26 januar 2013

Brian H

thanks. google code issue. try now. it should work.


rwang | 26 januar 2013

Objective 1

400 wh/mile means you have a lead foot, hence the comparison with a 20mpg on an ICE.

Not sure about the vampire loads yet. will find out with my next electric bill.


rwang | 26 januar 2013


You are right. you do need to keep this car at least 8 years to break even on the 85 kwh performance version.


Chuck Lusin | 26 januar 2013

@ Brian,

Your link was bad, this is the one you wanterd:

rwang | 26 januar 2013

Okay link back up.