Touch screen washout

Touch screen washout

I was just wondering if anyone with a panoramic roof has any concerns that their touch screen might wash out. I know the glass blocks most of the UV, but still... I've seen screens that were exposed to the sun for long periods of time and they definitely show the effects. And the ones I've seen were inside an office building with the reflective tinting, so I'm assuming most UV was also blocked.

EdG | 11 september 2012

Early reports elsewhere on this forum claim no adverse impact on screen visibility any time of the day (meaning at any angle of the sun) in California test rides.

TikiMan | 11 september 2012

I test drive one back in June with the pano roof option (closed position), in full summer daylight, and the touch-screen always remained very clear at all angles, and at all times.

Brant | 11 september 2012

not an issue when I drove in the California sun

Teoatawki | 11 september 2012

If, as I read it, you're concerned about damage to the display from long term exposure to sunlight, I strongly suspect this will not be a problem even in sunny desert locations with a non-garaged car. The Tesla engineers and designers are very smart and surely have taken this into account. Office displays are designed for interior use usually under fluorescent lighting. Sunlight damage-- not so big on their radar.

Timo | 11 september 2012

I have to point out that all flat LCD/oLED/eInk/etc. techs are quite young, and they have got a lot better in very short time, if those screens you are referring to are five or more year old techs they are already paleontologic in computer science terms. I don't think Model S uses low tech approach in the screen.

Teoatawki | 12 september 2012

+1 Timo!

And another +1 for an apropos usage of the underutilized word "paleontologic"!