Tow vehicle

Tow vehicle

I own a Model S which is my wife's main driver. We both love this car. I'm interested in purchasing another Tesla car to tow behind my Motor Home. My wish is that the new Tesla SUV model will be towable, all wheels down vehicle.
These days most cars have all wheel drive, anti skid or similar systems that can not be towed all wheels down as purchased. After market add ons may be available to allow for towing but all are not allowed per vehicle warranty.
The Tesla electric car design could take advantage of being towable. For example, during breaking, the Tesla electric car signals the drive system to convert the stopping energy into battery charging slowing the vehicle. The same process which is used in the S Model when you let off the accelerator.
The same 50 amp charging circuit that we use at our home is available at all the camp sites we visit. Charging our Tesla while camping is no different than being at home.
Perhaps while dry camping (no electrical land line service) we could plug my Motor Home into my Tesla for additional source of power when the coach batters are low or when we don't want to listen to the coach generator running.
Hopefully Tesla marketing is listening and feel strong enough to allow the design engineers to consider this concept.
Bill Donley
Thousand Oaks, Ca

AlMc | 24 juli 2014

While TM does peruse these threads it would probably be a good idea to send TM an email. Probably to your DS and ownership.

Mr. Peabody | 25 juli 2014

An electric vehicle actively integrated into the braking system of the RV would be the ultimate toad. Not sure about the 5000 pound weight of the Model X...

I'm more interested in using the X to do the towing. We spent a summer in a 40 foot motor home towing an SUV. We would drive 2-300 miles, then stay for a week, exploring the area. I'm hoping the X, pulling a small travel trailer, will be able to do the same.

jtg | 25 juli 2014

I would second the request for an option to tow the Model X behind an RV. I'm sitting in our RV now and know how perfect a Tesla would work if it could be towed.

NumberOne | 25 juli 2014

All cars are towable ... on trailers. It seems like quite a big expense, but people who need to tow their cars behind an RV are really a minority. I am not being critical here, but because of the way the electric motor and the regen braking system works, it may not be as simple as one might think.

Red Sage ca us | 25 juli 2014

Because the motors are always engaged to the reduction gear, there is no true 'Neutral' gear setting on an electric vehicle such as the Tesla Model S or Model X. So no, you cannot use a tow bar, attached to the front of a Model X, to tow it 'wheels down' behind another vehicle. It is advised to use a trailer, flatbed truck, or car carrier instead.

Brian H | 26 juli 2014

Thought there was a "tow mode"?? I wonder if one MX could tow another, or an MS, "wheels down".

Red Sage ca us | 28 juli 2014

I think the 'tow mode' is really just to get the car on a flatbed or car carrier at less than 5 MPH. It isn't meant to be towed, wheels down, at 45-55 MPH. The Tesla Model S does not have the front attachments that a winch, tow bar, push bar, or cow catcher would use on other vehicles. I expect the Model X may offer the option, but I doubt a tow-behind application would be recommended, especially since there would be two motors engaged.

Brian H | 29 juli 2014

A Russian Leaf owner recharged on a rope tow behind a friend's pick-up, using regen. Big hit on the truck's mpg, of course.