Useable Battery Capacity 85Kw

Useable Battery Capacity 85Kw

Has anyone been able to determine what is the actual useable battery capacity for the 85kw battery at both standard and range charge. I know it is less than 85KW but how much is available?

rbeninati1 | 26 januar 2013

I drive a Signature S #175 85KW. I drive from Jacksonville to Tampa 202 miles and have about 20 to 40 miles of range remaining. That is with some cargo that weighs about 200 lbs driving mostly highway at speeds of about 70 to75 mph. Due to the Florida heat I use AC is on the whole trip. That's on a full charge or 268 miles of rated charge or the max charge. Hope that helps.

Flex | 26 januar 2013


Have you noticed what has been the most KW/hours you have up?

EVTripPlanner | 26 januar 2013

With normal LA driving (70ish on freeway, some traffic) I've averaged 350 wh/mi or so. Since "rated" is 300 wh/mi, and "distance charge" is 275 miles or so, that would amount to 82.5 kWh. In the end, what matters is efficiency and range. I created a spreadsheet that has reference charts and has calculations for stuff like this at

Flex | 26 januar 2013


Thanks for your worksheet. Nicely done and interesting. I saw you estimated 82.5 kWh of battery available. I thought I saw somewhere in the forum that the standard charge only charges the battery to 70.6 kWh and the range charge to 81.3 kWh. Wondering if anyone can confirm these numbers.

JackB | 26 januar 2013

It appears to me that 95% (80.8 kWH) is available. You can access the rest by driving beyond zero miles remaining, but the car progressively restricts the power and eventually forces you to the side of the road in order to protect the battery.


schoendp | 26 januar 2013

You cannot drive past 0 miles. The car will just stop.

Brian H | 27 januar 2013

wrong. Various people have done so, with the results Jack describes.

svein.erik.aarland | 7 oktober 2014

Regarding actual battery capacity, you might want to have a look at this one (and the comments to it)