v6.0 and Personalization

v6.0 and Personalization

OK, I just watched Elon's interview with Colbert and I'm curious...what could they do with "your car's nickname" in v6? I can think of a couple of simple things but the way Elon has talked about it in the past it sounds like it might be significant. Any ideas?

J.T. | 26 juli 2014

Once you name your car, when you call it it comes to you. :-)

bobrobert | 26 juli 2014

My Ionia calls me when she wants to go riding.

johncrab | 26 juli 2014

This clearly opened the door to another level of security. Whether they use it for this purpose or not, who knows, but it creates the possibility of a user/car name and password.

AlMc | 26 juli 2014

@JT: 'Once you name your car, when you call it it comes to you.'

Nice, like the Batmobile

J.T. | 26 juli 2014

@AIMc Good thought. Shields would also be welcome.

SeattleSid | 26 juli 2014

“It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to.”
― W.C. Fields

SeattleSid | 26 juli 2014

The best movie dissertation on names starts at about 1:30:

EDH AL | 26 juli 2014

@Seattlesid: +1 on the clip. LOL at "Elaine communicates with my brother and myself almost entirely by rumor." ;)