Valet mode

Valet mode

How do I disable valet mode?

prp | 24 august 2015

It's in your manual

J.T. | 24 august 2015

From the 6.2 release notes that you can find under Software Updates on the My Tesla page:

You can enable Valet Mode from the Driver Profile drop-down on the
touchscreen or via the mobile app (v2.5). You will be asked to establish a 4-
digit PIN, which you will use to disable Valet Mode in the car. If you forget
your PIN, you can use your My Tesla email address/password to disable Valet
Mode and clear out the existing PIN. You will be asked to establish a new
PIN the next time you enable Valet Mode.
Note: Your car must be in Park to enable or disable Valet Mode.

lengerardo | 24 august 2015

Tesla App. Left top there is a dropdown. Valet mode.

alex.sanders | 24 august 2015

Let me guess, you are at the Christmas Tree at the local drag strip?

Maksimminer2017 | 28 juni 2019

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