What is Tesla's build prioritization?

What is Tesla's build prioritization?

Obviously P90D>90D>70D, but after this, do they go with reservation number first, or pick up location first?

I am in Fremont and the guy who called me said that my car (P90d) should be ready midJanuary- early Feb, which is great if true but sounds too fast. My reservations is in the 8700s and my config will confirmed tomorrow.

aljjr2 | 15 december 2015

Great to hear. However, it is anyone's speculation on how they are prioritizing beyond the Model Type. So let's speculate:

It may not be to far off that your estimated delivery is earlier than thought. It depends on how many P90D over 90D and 70D's were ordered. I struggled with the added $20,000. I suspect many have. Guessing by comments -- not scientific -- 20-25% ordered P85D (following Signatures and Founders). That may mean the 90D's will be earlier than anticipated. Unfortunately, there isn't enough data in ModelXtracker to help.

Build/Production by Reservation Date has already been stated. Production holder invites to configure was based on reservation date. I would guess, to a large degree, Tesla will try to build and deliver based on when people reserved. First-In First-Out

Geography make sense -- Batching deliveries/shipments make sense whether shipping by Truck or Rail. Rail is cheaper, so I would speculate outside California, there will be some batching. This may change the "reservation date" priority to some degree. In the 2nd Quarter Conference call, Telsa Stated they would be looking at more efficient means of build and delivery. Since then we have seen "batching" individual features into "packages". Shipping by train-car load to geographical locations is another potential savings.

Beyond those above, there may be some manufacturing economies that would save cost and streamline building -- not sure... motor and battery production (thus P90, 90, then 70), possibly painting single colors... not sure with the new "state of the art" paint facility. Seats -- is there a benefit of producing 6-Seat configs or 7 seat configs in batches.

All speculation -- based on some logic. Congrats on the early initial delivery date -- I am 9100, so HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT!!

carlk | 15 december 2015

Another factor is when you placed the order. It's a little strange that they would call you even before you finalized the configuration. Are you sure "the guy" actually works for tesla? ;) This is great news if true though.

MyXinTx | 15 december 2015

Agree with comments above...I hate to be the voice of negativity, but follow this logic...

- assume 1/3rd of the first 9K non-Sig orders placed are for P90D, that's 3000
- at your number, you would be about the 2500+th vehicle produced

There is no way your vehicle will be on the line in the next 6 or 7 weeks,

Even if there are only 10% or 1000 P90Ds ordered, you'd still be one of the last to receive.

As stated, there is no way to predict the potential production rate...

Somebody made an error if indeed that was a TM rep who contacted you, which is very poor customer relations

..So unless the Jolly Red Fellow has his own production factory going on in the North Pole...

Sorry Dude, please keep us posted, as we all want to believe...

aljjr2 | 15 december 2015

It would seem the math may hold. Tesla just moved Model S orders from 6-8 weeks -- mid January to mid February. One speculation is they are leverage Model X to reduce the backlog and angst. Another is they are giving employees time off in Jan. Who knows which.

But let's assume that they have built, but not delivered US Signature X's awaiting some part(s). At any rate, assume they have ability to produce 500 X's a week (50% of the stated capacity), and with the 3000 XP90D backlog, they will have built Production 8700 car in six - 7 weeks from now. No shipping time. Allowing for a week from Xmas to New Year, six weeks would be early February. They just began allowing some Sig in Canada to the Design Center, so that is now in the mix.

I am P9100, so eagerly watching. I have to do some planning, selling my current Audi, transfer money, etc. If here in Georgia are looking at February, I got to get BUSY!.

Darn -- Be careful what you wish for!

henry | 15 december 2015

We were told they will all be delivered by truck to expedite shipping.

Mark Z | 15 december 2015

At TMC, a photo and video of Model X being driven at a SoCal service center after unloading or parked outside for delivery in Fremont is encouraging. The only date I get with a Signature VIN in the teens is "by the end of the year" for the SoCal delivery. That could be this week through December 31st. My hope is it is sooner than later to get clear bra protective wrap installed.

Our OC Tesla group would love to take a ride in Model X at our next meeting. Delivery would have to be soon for that to occur on December 20th. If I can wait 46 months, they can wait a bit longer too.

Red Sage ca us | 15 december 2015


DarthB | 15 december 2015

I guess I will know after tonight (12/15), when my order will be officially confirmed. If the status changes to in production immediately, then it's a good sign.

The guy who called me was responding to an email I sent during the config process. February (let alone January) sounds too good to be true, and I will believe it when I actually see the car.

I wish he's right though :)

aljjr2 | 16 december 2015

Keep us posted @DartB. Living vicariously on the Telsa site.

Docrbajwa | 16 december 2015

I confirmed my order for P90D on Dec4th. I have not heard anything about delivery yet. My orginal reservation number was 1004.
@DarthB I hope you are talking to right people.

aljjr2 | 16 december 2015

Yea, I don't expect to hear anything for a few weeks at least. I was confirmed yesterday 12/15 (California Time). So no much could have happened to the order in a few hours...

I am still anticipating February/March for a P90D.

keeping watch.

Ross1 | 16 december 2015

I doubt if there are enough trucks in Ca with drivers prepared to deliver far and wide.

Even a train can only hold so many. 100?
What a sight.

I mention this because if MXes are stockpiled awaiting some part, they can't ship them anyway.