What's the DEal with the $2,000 for Supercharger

What's the DEal with the $2,000 for Supercharger

My first post, so please cut me some slack. I'm considering ordering a MS. Is it true that the 60 allows free lifetime charges from superchargers, or does that come with the 85 only?

J.T. | 15 juli 2014

Included with the 85. @2000 option for the 60 before delivery. $2500 add on after delivery

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 15 juli 2014

If what ever configuration you are buying does not include Super Charger access you will be given the option to buy the access. Historically there was a 40 KW, 60KW, and 85 KW. I think the rationale for not including SC access to all was to keep the price down on the smaller battery cars since it was more likely it would be an around town vehicle and therefore not need access. So it became an option. There will never be an infrastructure associated with the SC that will allow for fee collection (it is always Free) so the up front fee is the share towards build out and maintenance that is included in the 85 KW series automatically.

SCCRENDO | 15 juli 2014

@JT +1

Depending on how much traveling you are going to do, it's a serious reason to consider an 85 over a 60. This changes the price difference to $8000. While some on this board have successfully done cross country trips in a 60 and have really learnt the art of hypermiling you will have less range anxiety in an 85

SCCRENDO | 15 juli 2014

Also battery warranty is 8 years unlimited in the 85 but has ac125000 mile limit in the 60

Grinnin'.VA | 15 juli 2014

@EdwardG.NO2CO2 | JULY 15, 2014 wrote:

" There will never be an infrastructure associated with the SC that will allow for fee collection ... "

Never is a very long time.


EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 15 juli 2014

@Grinnin, yah I thought about that. Two things could muck it up. Huge power rate increases and other manufactures joining the plan with the cost being modified some how. Don't want to think about a couple other possibilities!

Red Sage ca us | 15 juli 2014

Even Zombies will get to charge for free.

Brian H | 16 juli 2014

The 40s wouldn't have range to get from one SC to the next, and no other mfr makes an "EV" that could (making SC access kinda pointless for them, absent new rangier models).

But I still prefer to think of the SCs as a much cheaper and highly functional alternative to a TV advertising budget. I wonder if any other mfrs will ever clue in to that.

tes-s | 16 juli 2014

@Brian - why not? Simply double the number of SC locations. Need to double the capacity to handle the growth, so can expand existing or build more.

I do think the slow and frequent charging would be a showstopper for trips though. 85 is enough of a challenge.

Brian H | 20 juli 2014

Ya, the math sucks. It takes as long to charge a 40 by 50% as an 85. U get half as far, then have to do it again.