while we are waiting the last hours...

while we are waiting the last hours...

... it's a hard time- the last days without "S"... there is a black hole around teslas newsstream and it's getting kind of boring, while at the same time it's get hot and we all get very nervous.
Maybe we can bring in some fun in the meantime and post cool-Tesla-Videos-which-are-new-to-the-community..
I'll start with this... ok, it's a roadster BUT against a Lambo...
please fix me with your thrilling videos here:

Volker.Berlin | 22 juni 2012

There should be a behind-the-scenes-getting-ready-peek live webcast ... just so that we can start the party. :) (prash.saka)

There is. Precisely NOW. :-)

toto_48313 | 22 juni 2012

And the Tesla model S hit the road !!!!


Mel. | 22 juni 2012

Brian h , what did you think of the sig red with the grey wheels

Brad Holt | 22 juni 2012

Great show! I love how loose and (dare I say) disorganized these press events are. Tesla is so gosh darn adorable and approachable! Love it.

Brad Holt | 22 juni 2012

CHARMING! That's the word i was trying to think of. :)

Brian H | 22 juni 2012

Actually, I did a bit of that tweaking on the last few, after reading your discovery of the "client-side clock" dependence.

I notice now, just after deliveries have begun, that the Countdown Clock didn't switch to a Count-Up Clock. It's stopped and greyed-out at 0:00:00:00. Oh, well.
Heh; so, I just backed up an hour in time, to see what would happen, and here's what it showed:

Time Travel Is Us!

toto_48313 | 23 juni 2012

Model S is the future already in action... that's the way Tesla do the time travel machine.