"Who Killed The Electric Car" Full Documentary Now On YouTube

"Who Killed The Electric Car" Full Documentary Now On YouTube

There have been all kinds of previews and excerpts, but not sure about the full version. One has been in YouTube since January.

A must see for anyone interested in the subject. A demonstration that innovations is not just about ideas (Elon was not the first with the idea), but about execution.

Watch it before they take it down...

tesla-rick | 6 april 2014

The sad thing is, it could still happen again.

Timo | 6 april 2014

Not really. Technology has advanced beyond it and big oil et co have no control over that part of the industry.

DAVIDD8000 | 7 april 2014

The dynamics are very different. In the case of the EV-1, it was an established car company (GM), with an existing system (gas engine), with a dependent selling model (dealers) and with a runaway industry (petroleum).

Opposition and all that could still happen; tax incentives could go away; etc. etc. But the train left the station long ago.

Brian H | 7 april 2014

Like Audi, etc., they never actually sold the cars, just leased them (really as compliance demos). Tesla is not playing that game.