Why save the battery?

Why save the battery?

So I keep reading that we shouldn't 'max' charge the battery all the way to 300 miles worth of charge unless we really need it as it could decrease the life of the battery.
Isn't the battery under warranty? Don't I WANT it to wear out in the next 5-6 years so I can potentially get a new one under warranty?

Before you beat me up, keep in mind I'm not doing anything inherently wrong to the's supposed to hold 300 miles of charge so why wouldn't I be allowed to put 300 miles of charge on it all the time?

Tâm | 25 januar 2013

Welcome to the wonder of human behavior!

Most people don't want to be robbed , beaten, abused or in car crashes just because they have great insurance/warranty.

Most people won't use Max Range because of the warning of premature battery death.

However, all of us are not all alike, so very few of us will go ahead and kill off the battery as soon as possible in order to get a battery replacement as quickly as possible.

Timo | 25 januar 2013

AFAIK battery warranty doesn't cover loss of capacity from normal usage. Warranty says "8 years, unlimited mileage" but doesn't mention anything about capacity loss.

gregv64 | 25 januar 2013

Since Tesla will have a complete record of how you charged from the computer, I imagine any degradation of the battery for be considered normal for your usage and not covered by the warrantee (which doesn't cover "normal" degradation). .

bp | 25 januar 2013

Just got my car two days ago and the "full" Standard charge never gets "full", but stops a few miles from full.

Is this normal?

[Just got the 4.2 release last night - so don't know if that will change this behavior.]

July10Models | 25 januar 2013

bp your full standard charge will vary as battery management uses some of the battery after the car has stop charging and is highly depending on the ambient temperature. This morning when I got in my car, the standard charge range indicated 220 mi. with a cold battery. After driving 17mi, the car indicated 210 mi range. The battery was still cold.

timdorr | 25 januar 2013

The warranty covers battery failure, not battery degradation. Hell, the warranty even points that out:

The Battery, like all lithium-ion batteries, will experience gradual energy or
power loss with time and use. Loss of Battery energy or power over time
or due to or resulting from Battery usage, is NOT covered under this New
Vehicle Limited Warranty.