Will an AWD Model S variant will be announced in 2013?

Will an AWD Model S variant will be announced in 2013?

According to Elon Musk, there will be several new variants of the model S in 2013:

"There are a few other variants of the Model S that we'll come out with next year that I think are going to be pretty exciting, in addition to, of course, really getting into the Model X and starting the initial design work of the 3rd generation mass market vehicle."

It would make a lot of sense to offer a feature which would have commonality with the Model X plus being able to compete with the premium BMW, AWDI or Lexus sedans offering AWD as many drivers living with ice, snow and steep hills are unwilling to use a RWD car no matter how low the centre of gravity.

I am betting an AWD Model S is in the cards for 2013.

Electron | 14 januar 2013

I'm betting no. For one thing, that would diminish a unique feature of the Model X.
For another, it would push the Model S into a higher price range. I think that's not
a direction they are interested in right now.

DouglasR | 14 januar 2013

I think it might be something like a sport suspension package.

cprenzl | 14 januar 2013

I would think it would be a new performance version, Elon has a special setup going on in his car.
I would hope that Tesla would not include anything that sets the Model x apart, AWD, more space. Probally more options and new console. These speculations are just as tricky as Apple rumors.

olanmills | 14 januar 2013

They could have different body styles on the same platform like a wagon or a coupe.

SMahindra21 | 22 januar 2013

The model X is a disaster. They should of just skipped to the third gen. The S is already too expensive so why add another expensive vehicle. Go to the cheaper one with a better design since the X sucks when compared to the S.

jbunn | 22 januar 2013

No AWD S in my opinion. Wait for the X if you want that.

Jolinar | 22 januar 2013

I have to disagree, I like Model X and I fairly believe there is a lot of others who like it too :-) not so many as for Model S though... Their plan was to produce 20k of Model S and 10k of Model X if I am right, and so far it looks there will be enough demand for that numbers.

Jolinar | 22 januar 2013

I bet on AWD and sport package as Elon's anounced new verisons of Model S.
-AWD because Model S uses same platform as Model X.
-Sport package because it was shown on Musk's personal car.

Vall | 22 januar 2013

Making AWD an option for the model S will in no way harm the sales of model X, and even if it does, who cares, they will cost the same anyway. The new E63 AMG has 4matic AWD, all Audi S6, S8, RS6 etc have AWD, and at the same time both mercedes and auid are selling a lot of SUVs. Porsche panamera has AWD, while the cayenne is their best selling model. Panamera turbo S with AWD starts at $175k. Even BMW is offering xDrive on all its models, except the M sedans. Adding a motor at the front should be comparable to adding the performance inverter, 10k extra. A performance AWD model, an option which will be available on model X, will surely be more expensive than the performance model S. The two models are not separated by price, one is a sedan, the other a crossover, two distinct classes of cars. Fearing price overlap is unfounded, judging by the sales of every other manufacturer. Now when a Gen3 sedan laded gets as expensive as a mid range model S, then we may have a problem. The last concern tesla should have is their models getting too expensive, who cares how expensive they are if they can sell them and make a profit. There obviously seems to be a demand for AWD in the model S, especially in canada and norway it makes sense. People who want an SUV will get an SUV, people who want a sedan will get a sedan. Counting that people who want AWD in the sedan will just get model X is risky, they might as well get an audi S8 or porsche, even if they are not electric.

Vall | 22 januar 2013


If they could go to Gen3 right now, why even bother with model S or the roadster for that matter? But they can't, they are yet to turn a profit, and they have decided the fastest way to make money fast is to sell relatively small amounts of high value models, which simplifies distribution and keeps capital expenditures in check. Not to mention that they are waiting for prices of batteries to go down. With current prices they will end up with something like the leaf or ford focus EV, low range, low power, and still very expensive compared to a nissan versa or a standard focus. The simple truth is that those expensive luxury models allow for the cost of batteries to be soaked up easily.

ArieK | 22 januar 2013

olanmills | JANUARY 14, 2013
They could have different body styles on the same platform like a wagon or a coupe.

Or a Van or a convertible...

Hodne | 22 januar 2013

I am confident Tesla will announce an awd option for the S this year. Hints are already out there..
It would give a huge boost to their sales to northern european countries.

DTsea | 22 januar 2013

They are doing X because it is easy to do from the S- a derivative.

patp | 22 januar 2013

Hi hope they do so. Model X and Model S are quite different beasts. I would trade my RWD Model S the day Model S AWD becomes available. I have 3 friends waiting for Model S AWD before ordering.

Hodne | 23 januar 2013

Same here. 4 I know of waiting for AWD.

FLsportscarenth... | 23 januar 2013

@SMahindra I personally do not want a Model X but am glad they are offering it. Why, with a certain number of common components the X will add to the economy of scale for the S - which is not overpriced for what it is - a luxury sedan. That means less price increases in the future for S and less expensive replacement parts...

More options mean more happy customers with different needs and wants and more converts from BMW, Audi etc. Tesla (the american company) can eat their lunch and the buyers get a better value for their money.

A wagon, convertable and AWD make a lot of sense and would fit the S image as the best sedan ever made. I do not think an AWD variant would hurt the X, the X offers more room and serves a different purpose than the S, a lot of people are buying both to meet different needs.

A van (model V?) to compete in the Sprinter segment would be interesting maybe in 2016? I would buy one for my company...

S coupe does not make sense to me... The new roadster will fill that niche... hopefully in 2015??? And a Super roadster (Veyron killer) to follow... oooo super cool...

Brian H | 23 januar 2013

Yes, the 'both' buyers almost universally seem to be the X for the soccer moms, with their multi-kid-toting priorities. A H.U.G.E. market in the US. Apparently not so in Europe.(?)

Hodne | 29 januar 2013
Captain_Zap | 29 januar 2013

Very similar discussion here a year ago. This is turning into a time warp.

Hodne | 30 januar 2013

Which is probably true for most topics.

Brian H | 30 januar 2013

Floods of new owners are coming; brace yourself!

Benz | 30 januar 2013

What you say sounds very logical to me.

Brian H | 30 januar 2013

I wonder if installation of another assembly line will start this year.

Brian H | 30 januar 2013

Will there be Sig GenIII's? Cabriolets?

Flaninacupboard | 30 januar 2013

S Cabrio would be cool. I guess easier to do than a regular car as well since the "skateboard" is so strong/carries most of the weight. Would get round some of the "limitied rear visibility" qualms! And even with a roof now folded up in the trunk, you still have the frunk! What cabrio can compete with that??

torst1 | 30 januar 2013

Possible solution?

In wheels...