Will Superchargers be available to non-Model S owners?

Will Superchargers be available to non-Model S owners?

I've heard it said two ways.

"All Model S owners can charge for free" does this mean "only" model S owners. Meaning not X or gen III or later models ?

"All Tesla owners" can charge for free. This sounds pretty simple, if you have a Tesla, regardless of Model, then yes.

I thought I read that Supercharging is a $2,000 option on Model S.
If someone did not opt for the option, I guess they cannot use a Supercharger, correct?
So, not ALL Tesla Model S can charge for free, correct?

If it is not for ALL Tesla models(future), do you think it will be available for a charge "per use". Swipe your credit card and get a charge(assuming your have the ability to supercharge)

It would be interesting to ask Elon or JB what they envision in the next 10 years concerning supercharging. For Tesla and non-Tesla cars. I'm sure they have thought this thru already.

Do they see a 10-12 minute charge in our future?
Do they see installation at all Rest Areas on the major Interstates and Turnpikes?
Do they see the Big Gas Stations (Sheetz, Truck Stops, Pilot) adding Superchargers ?


NumberOne | 1 december 2013

The Superchargers will likely be available to all Tesla Vehicles with a range of at least 200 Miles. The reason that Elon mentions Model S only, is because the other vehicles do not exist yet, and the Roadster is incompatible with the SC technology.

Big gas stations will not likely add Superchargers, since there essentially nothing in it for them. It will be long time before gasoline demand goes down so much that they will care.

Finally, Tesla needs the SC network as a marketing tool for future models, so there is no way that it will cost Model X owners more, since they have to have the equipment installed during the manufacturing process. If Tesla decides to charge for the electricity in the future, then I am sure original SC participants will get some type of card to continue free access.